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This “Palestinian” rioter accidentally set himself on fire when he tried to throw a Molotov cocktail.
GOOD ADVICE! Jerusalem Mayor tells Israelis to arm themselves with guns

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat urged Israelis to arm themselves at all times in the midst of two-weeks of unprovoked murders of Jews by Arab Muslims. Four Israelis were murdered but only 25 Palestinians were killed in retaliation. They need to increase that ratio.

FYI: This AJ channel is actually al-Jazeera. (via BNI)

This is the kind of crap Israeli Security Forces have to deal with on a daily basis.

Just shoot the bastard.

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7 thoughts on “Picture of the week”

  1. “Graphic” they said………not graphic enough say I.

    Enjoy the video of a few monkeys as they parade their bananas through the streets of Muslimville…….

    Lunatics, lunatic every single one.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


      One needs a break from the prolonged exposure to the psychopathy of the Muslim, watching all that 7th century barbarism and savagery takes a toll on the eyes and ears……….sort of when Mummy warned us not to stare into the sun…..

      Speaking of sun, here is a little musical interlude.

      Its a song called “Black Sun” performed by Death Cab For Cutie.

      I’m not a real big fan of the band but this song flips my switch.

      There is whisky in the water
      …….”And there is death upon the vine
      And there is grace within forgiveness
      But it’s so hard for me to find
      There is an answer in a question
      And there is hope within despair
      And there is beauty in a failure,
      And there are depths beyond compare
      There is a role of a lifetime
      And there’s a song yet to be sung
      And there’s a dumpster in the driveway
      Of all the plans that came undone
      There is whisky in the water
      And there is death upon the vine
      There is fear in the eyes of your father
      And there is “Yours” and there is “Mine”
      There is a desert veiled in pavement
      And there’s a city of seven hills
      And all our debris flows to the ocean
      To meet again, I hope it will”……….

      -Black Sun, Death Cab For Cutie


      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

      1. ONE LAST ONE………

        Roger Waters, late of the Pink Floyd fame, was one of my favorite artists, that was until his politics backed up in the great Marxist toilet at White Guilt Central.

        This song reminds me of a few fleeting moments back in the early 80’s…….for give the nostalgia…….mea culpa, mea culpa.


        Don Laird
        Alberta, Canada

        1. @SYMami

          I think we’ve all there, down that darkened side street where regret meets nostalgia on Memory Lane. In the quiet of the night, alone with a glass of brandy, watching the moon rise high and travel across a star strewn sky, you listen to the voices of the past, seeing the faces of those far away and those long since gone and all you have are your thoughts.

          “Three Wishes”, the desert, the dust, the burning sun, the heat waves obscure clarity of vision, the blonde, the car, the legs the lips, the depth of that kiss…….. the opportunity that knocked once and turned away, squandered chances, memories and stolen glances…….

          Mmmmmmm……the past is a wonderful place to visit, just don’t visit too often nor stay too long.

          Don Laird
          Alberta, Canada

  2. Meh? What are you gonna do when it is God’s will?

    I like the fact, that clearly, Palestinian schools are too busy teaching hate the Joozs that they forgot to teach stop. drop and roll.

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