The whole world is submitting to violent intimidation…

On 10th anniversary of publication of Muhammad cartoons, Danish newspaper submits: reprints original page without cartoons


The President of the United States, the Pope, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, and virtually every other Western leader has decided: the freedom of speech must be sacrificed to those who will kill us for exercising it. They have all told us that the proper response to violent intimidation is to give in to the bully and give him what he wants. That this will only embolden the bully and lead him to issue more demands does not bother them in the least. Those who dare to “provoke” Muslims and “poke them in the eye,” like Rose and Westergaard, must bear the consequences: ostracism, vilification, condemnation by all right-thinking people.

So it’s no surprise that Jyllands-Posten has surrendered now. Everyone else has. The defenders of the freedom of speech, those who understand that it is the linchpin of free society and that it is important to defend the freedom of speech even of those whose message one opposes, are few, embattled, despised and derided. A very dark age rapidly approaches. (More from Robert Spencer)

Controlled Media Blacks out German Mass Opposition to Nonwhite Muslim Invasion


The controlled media has deliberately blacked out mass German opposition to the nonwhite invasion of Europe, with the latest such example being the huge rally held in Dresden on September 21.


The rally, attended by tens of thousands of ordinary Germans, men, women and children—accompanied by a smattering of other European nationalities—filled the entire city center, but news of this possibly biggest ever public opposition to Angela Merkel’s treasonous policies was covered in a highly negative fashion by some German media, but completely ignored by media outside of that country.





The German coalition government has been shaken to its core by the announcement by Bavarian Christian Socialist Union (CSU) party leader Horst Seehofer, who is also prime minister of that state, that he supports Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s move to close the Hungarian border.

The CSU is Angela Merkel’s most senior coalition partner, and Seehofer’s open split with her on the topic is the clearest indication yet of a potential crack in the German government over the issue.

In an interview with the Ingolstadt Donaukurier, the CSU chief openly criticized Merkel, saying that “I would not have taken the decision to let the refugees from Hungary to enter Germany and I still maintain that. That was a mistake that must not be repeated.”

* It is estimated that anywhere between five and ten thousand nonwhite invaders are arriving in Europe every day now, following Angela Merkel’s announcement —calculated by adding those crossing from Turkey and those crossing over the Mediterranean.

3 thoughts on “The whole world is submitting to violent intimidation…”

  1. Breaking news: Shooter who the Media and US government refuse to name murders defenseless university students in Oregon.

    Shooter lines up students and asks if they are Christians and then executes students in the head.

    Barry Sotero, aka Barak Hussein Obama says this is a gun crime issue.

  2. People like Germany’s Angela Merkel are traitors to rationality and civilization!

    The only valid and legitimate purpose of any government is to defend it’s OWN constituents from disasters both natural and man-made.

    Such morons seem to imagine they were hired, not by their constituents and public, but by God (assuming they believe in one) to save everyone in the world outside of their jurisdictions, and at the direct expense of their own citizens.

    This madness must be stopped – they have clearly renounced their oaths of office and have simultaneously abdicated their positions.

    Having abandoned their responsibilities, they are no longer entitled to the right to the salary or authority earned by accepting those responsibilities.

    And there is no arbitrary, imaginary “line” between where private property rights (where neighbours band together to share the infrastructure (roads, etc) maintenance burdens end, and where some imaginary entity called “the nation,” the country,” or “the state” begins!

    When one’s ‘government’ suddenly decides to open the borders, they are destroying their own citizens’ rights to own property!

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