This government has no intention to protect its people from Islamic violence

After the killing: the usual suspects give us the  stereotypical nonsense from politicians and followers of the false prophet made victorious through terror at

Keysar Trad from the Islamic Friendship Association, said the radicalised gunman did not represent Muslims in Australia.


“My message is always very, very clear – that our religion promotes friendship and love and goodwill,” Mr Trad said.

F*%#@ you, Trad!

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Larry Pickering


A 15 year old Muslim kid commits an act of terrorism and murders a police employee. PM Turnbull said, “We must never blame Muslims for a tiny minority”. That’s polispeak for, “Please allow me to appease you further.” 

Bill Shorten aped Turnbull’s comments, protecting his critical, welfare-funded, Muslim electorates . Prior to his assassination PM Abbott said, “Muslim leaders should mean what they say”. That’s polispeak for, “You Muslims are a bunch of fornicating liars”.

But the word had already gone underground in the media, “Let’s agree to call this act a politically motivated event”. This is really forehead-slapping stuff. WTF do these galahs in government think is going on? How many poor little “radicalised” Muslims do we need to try to detect and “de-radicalise” when it’s the big Muslims in the mosques and book stores who are sending them off to kill us quicker than we can keep up!

The authorities admit these youths are not and never have been on their radar. When will they wake up that it is the big Muslims’ intention that they remain undetected until they kill Australians.

This Parliament is the weakest in living memory. 

It has no intention to stand and protect its people from Islamic violence. It has no intention to stop the proliferation of mosques which are at the very root of this evil. 

It refuses to close the Islamic book stores where Muslim youths are trained in the techniques of killing Australians. Our current Parliament will not stop, nor even stem, Muslim immigration which means the problem will only increase.

Abbott was right… Muslims cannot be trusted! When he agreed to take 12,000 refugees prior to being knifed, he was targeting persecuted Christians wasting away in camps, not the well heeled streaming north to Europe.

Bishop and Turnbull will now adopt the UNHCR demand that we not discriminate against Islam, so we can look forward to a constant stream of these “politically motivated events” in future.

Bendigo Bank might have a financial interest in promoting mega mosques but the average Aussie doesn’t. Billions are wasted on Australia’s multiple security Agencies that have no idea what’s going on! The first they know of a terrorist attack is when they read about it in the newspapers and it takes 24 hours before they call it terrorism or dare to utter an Arabic sounding name like Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar!

The mosque is at the very core of Islamic terrorism in Australia as it is across the world. It’s not rocket science! The violence is committed after Friday prayers for Christ’s sake, haven’t they noticed that? Illegal firearms are stored in mosques where police are unable to search.

Firebrand Muslim clerics preach in mosques where suitably dumb kids are taken aside and groomed in rooms attached to the main prayer area where women are not allowed because they might complain that their kids are being sent on suicidal errands. This is secret big Muslim men’s business.

Muslims build their own schools, heavily subsidised by Australian taxpayers and halal certification receipts, where kids cannot be sullied by Western principles. They have no intention to assimilate with us… that would be in direct contravention of their Islamic faith!

This 15 year-old Iraqi/Iranian kid came directly from a mosque where he was given a handgun to make his kill, yet our Parliamentary fools expect us to believe he was privately radicalised as a “lone wolf” on his laptop!

Meanwhile our embarrassed security Agencies’ resources are flat out trying to detect why they had no inkling of this kid or his intentions.

Bishop and Turnbull have today given notice of reaching out to further embrace Muslim communities in the hope they will dob in their radicalised youths,

… and that’s exactly the level of intelligent thinking that pervades our Parliament.

In other news:
‘Experts’ at universities and institutes that should know better deflect attention from islam to the ‘war on terror’ as a cause of islamic ‘radicalism’ (Perhaps the universities could find and fund some experts in the field of islam and its associated terror-striking, if such exist)

Psychobabble from “experts” that make you spew:  

Dr Anne Aly, an associate professor at Curtin University and the ABC/SBS go-to “expert” Greg Barton, Chair in Global Islamic Politics at the Alfred Deakin Institute:

In Australia, seeds of Islamic radicalism are sown early, say experts

More idiocy:

Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs Concetta Fierravanti-Wells says some muslim communities are feeling marginalised, disenfranchised and ignored – even as muslims continue to shoot, stab, bend, fold, spindle and mutilate those who do not submit to allah and its false prophet

Turnbull seeks to mend Muslim relations

If anything, it would be for Muslims to mend relations with their hosts. Instead, we see abject grovelling and shameless dhimmitude  at play. Our politclowns are literally on their knees.

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… ‘Practical engagement doesn’t mean attending a meeting for half an hour, giving them the government line and then expecting them to just work with you,’ Senator Fierravanti-Wells told AAP on Friday. …
More ‘practical engagement’ closely aligned with the practical engagement in Parramatta (which resulted in the death of an engagee and the engager) at Sky News thanks to Mullah, pbuh

9 thoughts on “This government has no intention to protect its people from Islamic violence”

  1. “Eight years ago, Dr Aly warned the authorities that Muslim children as young as six were showing signs of being disaffected and cut off from the broader community.

    Those Muslim children were growing up in homes and neighbourhoods where the overwhelming narrative was about the war on terror and whose parents felt the weight of community and media pressure, she said.

    Australia’s political rhetoric and “the most punitive and comprehensive” anti-terror legislation of all Western countries also contributed, Dr Aly added.”

  2. “Mr Barton agrees. “The only time I think we can say that we are doing as much as we reasonably can do is when we’re as good at getting alongside young people and befriending them – investing time in their lives – as Islamic State is,” he said. “They are more enthusiastic and more committed and, it would appear, harder working than we are.”

    I always wonder with these “experts” of how much of what he says above he does.

    Can Barton identify who he is talking about that he wants us to gets alongside?

    1. So Greg Barton, the preferred ABC “expert” on all things Islamic, suggests an army of social workers to fluff the pillows of young Mohammedans to prevent them from killing us? There is no end to this. Stop the world, I wanna get off!

  3. Islam is death. It is a dead end on all fronts. It is humanity’s black hole. It will consume all and end all unless we wake up and put an end to it. Spend no time, energy, words or efforts thinking, hoping, wishing, praying that somehow, by some miracle, that it will magically will change and be better. It won’t, ever. Spend all of your efforts destroying it, even in the smallest of ways. If you can do it in large ways, do that.

  4. Shorten is *mad* if he is pleased that Islam in Australia “grows stronger every year”.

    He should be asked point blank: does he want Australia to become 100 percent Muslim, with no Christians and no atheists?

    Or 80 percent?

    Or 50 percent?

    Because if something ‘grows stronger every year’ doesn’t that mean that it will eventually take over?

    Lakemba and Auburn are already majority Muslim.

    Does he want all of Sydney to be majority Muslim, with no Christians or Buddhists or Hindus or atheists?

    He must be confronted on this, head on. What does he mean by applauding the increasing strength of islam – numerical and political?

    Because everywhere in the world, both historically and today, that Muslims are in the majority, everywhere that Islam is strong, the resident non-Muslims, whether expats or indigenous, are not free or safe in any meaningful sense of the word.

    Wherever Islam is growing, the wellbeing and safety of the surrounding non-Muslims is *diminishing*.

    Does he want non-Muslim Australians to be like the non-Muslims of Bangladesh or Pakistan…or Malaysia…or Indonesia? Dwindling in absolute numbers and as a percentage of the population, year by year?

    Because wherever Islam grows, that is what happens to the circumambient non-Muslims.

  5. Being pleased that Islam ‘grows stronger every year’ is like being pleased, back in the 1930s, that the Third Reich was getting stronger. Or like being pleased about an increase in Mafia influence.

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