ABC idiot Fran Kelly on the “Allah Allah” killer: “it remains an enigma….”

Its an enigma!

Andrew Bolt

Initial reports noted that a man wearing black robes and shouting religious slogans (in fact “Allah, Allah”) had shot dead a police official in Parramatta. The ABC goes into its standard mode when reporting Islamist attacks.

The Turncoat gubmint blames Tony Abbott’s “divisive” rhetoric, talking about “disenfranchised” youth, negotiating with Muslim leaders and avoiding any criticism of Islam, and any debate of its role in a multi-faith, secular democracy.

Parramatta shootings. Fran Kelly, Insiders, ABC television, yesterday:

It didn’t immediately take on a terrorist tinge, this story, the way it was reported and it got a bit lost in the whole grand final cycle, but it remains an enigma.

Not helped by reporting such as this. ABC News website, Friday:

The ABC understands the incident is not terror-related…

Fairfax’s Mark Kenny describes the gunman, also on Insiders:

This dude.

There is no “interfaith” shmooze in any Mohammedan country:

Archbishop of Canterbury Urges More Interfaith Dialogue To Ease Fears Of Muslim Community

Archbishop of Canterbury Urges More Interfaith Dialogue To Ease Fears Of Muslim Community

Muslim group to hold workshops at Deakin University
Islamic Peace Conference

Waseem Razvi speaks at the Australian Islamic Peace Conference in Melbourne. Source: News Corp Australia

An extremist Muslim group are holding workshops at Melbourne’s Deakin University this weekend based on the teachings of Islamic scholars who have recommended the death penalty for homosexuals and apostates, promoted terrorism and preached hatred of Jews and Christians and violence against women.

Palestinian Authority Condemns Israel for Killing 2 Terrorists

Palestinian Authority Condemns Israel for Killing 2 Terrorists

James Woods Blasts Obama’s Response to Targeting of Christians in Oregon Shooting

James Woods Blasts Obama’s Response to Targeting of Christians…

SHOCK: LA Times Labels Black Oregon Shooter as White Supremacist!!!

SHOCK: LA Times Labels Black Oregon Shooter as White Supremacist

9 thoughts on “ABC idiot Fran Kelly on the “Allah Allah” killer: “it remains an enigma….””

  1. Dear SheikYerMami

    I posted a rather long comment, it was kicked out by the Securi Firewall, I had to post it in two parts………not sure if it was the length or the link that triggered the Securi Firewall…….it was a short comment but I do tend to go on……mea culpa, mea culpa.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

      1. OK,

        It was a long one posted in response to comment on a post pu made about 3 or 5 posts ago.


        Don Laird
        Alberta, Canada


    ………..”A sword’s crushing blow extinguished the life of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, on a cold December evening as he struggled on the steps of his altar. The brutal event sent a tremor through Medieval Europe. Public opinion of the time and subsequent history have laid the blame for the murder at the feet of Becket’s former close personal friend, King Henry II”………..

    Wither now King Henry?

    Wither now King Henry?

    There are many Britons who wager that never was there ever a traitor to England more deserving of the rapture of a British patriots blade than this vulgar, frocked, bespectacled little worm of a man, the wretched Justin Welby, who leads his flock to the edge of the Islamic abyss, whispers “the word of God” in their ears and then feeds these poor souls to monsters.

    Who but the treacherous and treasonous, who but the black hearted Muslim would weep were they to awake to media coverage of Justin Welby’s lifeless corpse draped across the steps to Canterbury Cathedral, his skull cleaved in two?

    They say “justice delayed is justice denied” and whilst the Lord sayeth “Vengeance is mine”, were justice given little worm Welby in the here and now, methinks certainly no tears to be wept in the Heavens and certainly none to be wept by me sayeth I.

    Wither now patriots of Britain, wither now?

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Funny. I see Don spout off against the U.S., the U.K. the rest of Europe and Australia. The “patriots” there do nothing against Islam. But he obviously believes that his country, (Canada for God’s sake) is some bastion against Islam. I believe you have your own problems, Canook.

    1. @Torked

      Read my comment, in two parts, made to one of SYM’s posts posted 3 or 4 posts ago.

      I have never said we are perfect, ever.

      Yes we have our difficulties, read my comments.

      Yes, we have traitors in our midst.

      But having the benefit of watching Europe and the United Kingdom slide into the Islamic abyss, we are taking the Muslim and its Islam much more seriously than all 3 of Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States combined.

      I could go on ad infinitum, ad nauseaum Torked but you know exactly what I am talking about.

      I will post with this comment, a video of our Prime Minister Harper as he speaks to the difficulties created by Islam and in such a fashion as unequaled by all the other gutless Western leaders, save the recent exception of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban.

      Watch the video and witness courage of conviction.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

      1. @Torked

        Further, our Prime Minister Harper, singular amongst all Western leaders, refuses to throw Jews under the bus……..or into the ovens for that matter.

        This is courage of conviction Torked, Canadian courage of conviction.

        Yes we face dire threat at the hands of the filthy, verminous, venomous Muslim, but we are rising to meet that threat.

        And while I disagree with our Prime Minister strongly on some issues, largely, i am thankful for his leadership and the leadership and stewardship of the Conservative party through some of the most trying and troubling times this world has ever experienced.

        Don Laird
        Alberta, Canada

        1. @Rita,

          I agree.

          Prime Minister Orban and his understanding of the Muslim and the cancer of its Islam in relation to the Muslim’s presence in a civilized country is what will save Hungary. It may well provide the badly needed leadership example to other less robust leaders of European and United Kingdom countries.

          Personally, given the role played by Poland in the defense of Europe in 1683 there must be an effort made to unite the countries of Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic and others in defense of the viral intrusion of the Muslim.

          My concern is the Islamification of countries like France and Germany that hold significant military assets. Once this happens you may see a new Reich in the form of a European Marxist/Islamic Caliphate. If this does happen countries across Europe would fall like dominoes. In this case, unlike the aid provided Europe by America and its allies in WW2, Europe would be crushed while the treasonous Marxist Muslim Obama turned his back on what would be a slaughter of biblical proportions.

          Thankfully, already there is now talk, openly across Europe, of citizens forming militias in defense of their countries. If this happens, if these militias can rouse the support of rank and file troops within the armed forces of each country then you would see a series of coup d’etat’s and the arrest, imprisonment, trial and punishment of treasonous leaders like Merkel and Hollande.

          It is with caution that I would support the removal of heads of state by a military coup d’etat as the balance of power can shift in the twinkling of an eye with horrific results.

          In any case, should there be the formation of militias and the turning of the military against its commanders in chief, I strongly recommend that all members of the political community, the bureaucracy, the judiciary and the law enforcement/intelligence agencies who have provided support, in any form, to the Muslim or Islamic interests must be arrested, tried in accordance with the rule of law and relevant statute and codes and, upon conviction, punished in a manner that speaks of an unmistakable sense of permanence and finality. To do anything less is to leave your enemies walking the streets and avenues plotting your demise.

          One last note. Never tread on the military to harshly as they have long memories and the wherewithal to affect retribution for injuries and betrayal they suffer that harms their comrades or their regiments.

          I am reminded of the French Foreign Legion and their famed, now disbanded, 1 REP.

          These brave men suffered the treachery of DeGaulle and their response very nearly led to successful military coup d’etat of France. It was only through an adroit, but panicked, manipulation of public sentiment that DeGaulle prevailed. In essence DeGaulle managed to rally the support of millions of Francais in opposition to the efforts of four French generals. It was called the Algiers putsch of 1961.

          In stark contrast to the citizen support DeGaulle enjoyed, look to the White House of today and the undercurrent of rage they face at the hands of the American people for what can clearly and only be called treason and the installation of a totalitarian government comprised of Marxist and Islamic elements.

          It would only take the efforts of popular American officers who command elite groups like the SEALS, Delta Force and other regiments to rally a force that, after rendering the Marxist Mainstream Media silent, would arrest and imprison the entirety of the White House administration and large segments of the Senate, Congress and the relevant sections of the bureaucracy and judiciary. Trials for high treason would follow with punishments of execution and imprisonment awarded accordingly.

          I can tell you that considering the crimes committed by Obama and his administration, were they to be arrested, they would have little or no support amongst Americans. What little support he may have could possibly result in civil conflict pitting American against American. In this case one could welcome a domestic conflict in America as it would finally hold the treasonous Marxists and Muslims that infest America to account for that treason.

          In closing, there are those who whimper and quiver at the thought of a military coup d’etat or a domestic civil conflict. I would remind those who would bridle at the thought of the imprisonment of Barack Obama to review his list of friends that regularly attend the White House.

          Two of Obama’s closest advisers and confidants are the convicted American terrorists, Bernadine Dorhn and Bill Ayers. Ayers and Dohrn were members of The Weather Underground and they committed hundreds of terrorist acts across the United States including the murder of a police officer. These are the kind of treasonous vermin Obama counts as his friends.

          In the video below can be found what Obama and his communists were and still are plotting in regards to their political opponents and those amongst the citizenry who are not capable of “reeducation”

          The video is very real. The intent of the Obama administration is very real. This is the face of Maxism and the face of those who hold the reigns of American power today.

          So ask yourself the question that is being asked by millions and millions of Americans.

          …….”Would you arrest, try, convict and execute politicians who were plotting the mass murder of over 25 million Americans?”……….

          Don Laird
          Alberta, Canada

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