…but the real problem is “climate change…”

BREAKING NEWS: It comes after a dramatic siege in the French capital where 5,000 bullets were fired…

GOT HIM: Mastermind of Paris terror attacks ‘KILLED’ during siege in French capital

The media is saying the suspected architect of the Paris attacks was killed today, but nearly everyone knows the leader of ISIS is alive and well living in the White House.–EXPRESS.CO.UK

How many Westerners will leftists allow to die in order to achieve their utopian vision of a multicultural world without borders?

That’s the question of the day as leftists from country to country declare that a few days after 129, people were slaughtered wholesale in France, and the day after two suicide bombers blew themselves up in Paris, the West should refrain from “overreacting” to the threat of radical Islam.  (Breitbart)

ISIS Magazine Posts Alleged Photo of Bomb That Destroyed Russian Plane

The new issue of the Islamic State’s magazine Dabiq contains alleged photos of the bomb that destroyed a Russian Metrojet airliner over Egypt on October 31, killing all 224 people on board.

Reuters describes the image as “a can of Schweppes Gold soft drink and what appeared to be a detonator and switch on a blue background.” ISIS claims it was able to exploit weaknesses in security at Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh airport to smuggle the bomb aboard. (Breitbart)

China vows to bring ISIS to justice as Chinese hostage confirmed killed
The Chinese Foreign Ministry has confirmed that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has executed a Chinese national in the Middle East. The ministry has…–RT.COM
Grand Mufti gains political support for new statement on Paris attacks
The ABC swallows it:
“There is no justification for the taking of innocent lives”–he says. But he doesn’t tell us that there is no Mohammedan concept of innocents. It simply doesn’t exist.
Australia’s Grand Mufti is gaining political support for his new statement on the Paris attacks after clarifying his earlier comments.

Politicians are finally starting to admit a link between Islam and the excremists

Douglas Murray

And on the same day, later in the evening, her boss quite rightly says: ‘It is not good enough to say simply that Islam is a religion of peace and then to deny any connection between the religion of Islam and the extremists. Why? Because these extremists are self-identifying as Muslims.’ …

More on David Cameron and a few others appearing to connect the dots (at long last) at The Spectator thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Honduras Catches 5 Syrians with Stolen Greek Passports Headed to U.S.A…


News outlets across the western hemisphere are reporting that five Syrians with stolen Greek passports were arrested in Honduras. The Central American nation has historically been an integral segment of the clandestine journey from the Middle East and North Africa into the United States. All five appear to be young males. Another Syrian was caught previously in recent days, but authorities have not revealed any information about that individual.

The United Nations (UN) warned in 2013 that “irregular migrants” were traveling from the Horn of Africa to Central and South America and then utilizing the same routes that Central Americans and Mexicans use to illegally enter the United States. They referred to Mexico as a “global pathway” from the terror-laden region. (Breitbart)

4 thoughts on “…but the real problem is “climate change…””


    Its funny, whenever you hear a Muslim talk about Islam the thing that strikes one the hardest, for those with insight into Islam and the truth of the same, is the contrast between reality and the stunning lies that fall out of their mouths.

    In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary Muslims call their political ideology, Islam, a religion.

    In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary Muslims tell us of their love for the weakest amongst their own, and from the death and madness that reflects from that murderously obscene departure from the truth can be found another grotesque reflection, as through their clenched teeth, they hiss of their “love” for non-Muslims.

    Those Muslim lies, that poisonous black-hearted Muslim reality is, more often than not, reflected on those who bear the greatest burden of the poison of Islam, reflected on the faces of Muslim children.

    These faces, some as yet unstained with the harsh reality of Islam, reflect trust, love, mirth, wonder, expectation and the simplicity and joy of childhood. Unfortunately they will not remain this way for long, for in their future awaits a predator of the human soul, awaits the grotesque, awaits the mind numbing, awaits the hateful and the disfiguring, in their future awaits the love of Muhammad.

    These are the faces of children, unsuspecting and oblivious, children who will meet the purest manifestation of poison, of sickness and of evil………these are the children who will meet Islam.

    These are the faces of little girls who will spend their childhoods learning that they are worth less than domestic livestock.

    These are the faces of little girls who will learn that for a bodily function as normal as a heartbeat, their menstruation, they are the most vile, loathsome filth on the planet, reviled by even God himself.

    These are the faces of little girls who will lead lives of grinding poverty and servitude, lives completely devoid of one shred of joy, lives in which laughter is little more than a distant echo……..a taunting echo reminding them of innocence lost.

    These are the faces of little girls that, for the heinous crime of seeking the joys and wondrous enlightenment of education, will melt and burn as they are splashed with acid.

    These are the faces of little girls who, stunned and bewildered, will pack their meager belongings and be sent off to join the owners their parents sold them to.

    These are the faces of little girls who, at tender prepubescent ages will, in accordance with the dictates of the mass murdering pedophile Muhammad, be married off to men in their 50’s and 60’s………..where on their “wedding night”, miles from their villages, their screams will shatter the night air as they are violently sodomized and raped by grunting, drooling Muslim husbands.

    These are the faces, the bright shining faces of little girls who, as Muslim wives, leading lives of quiet desperation, will, for the crime of lacking in domestic skill or failing to bend over and hike their skirts fast enough for the Muslim master of the house, will be dragged outside, held down and have their ears and noses sliced off with a knife.

    These are the faces of little girls, little girls who had the misfortune of being born female in the world of Muslims, and they will pay for that mistake by running, from cradle to grave, a gauntlet of violence, depravity, misery, brutality, indifference, servitude, grovelling deference, illiteracy, malnutrition and premature death…..in other words….they will live their lives according to the sadistic will of Muhammad.

    These are the faces of little girls, little girls who will grow into women, and as women will, wrapped in suffocating cloth and scurrying like frightened mice from crevice to darkened alleyway, live lives as little more than life-support systems for vaginas and wombs, wombs become little more than arms factories.

    These are the faces of little girls, little girls who, having no place left to turn, having nothing left to give, having no spot on their bodies unbruised by the love of Islam, little girls who will douse themselves with gasoline and self-immolate and, if they are lucky, will die……….and if not, as reflected in hospitals across the Muslim world, will spend their last earthly moments in tortuous agony, praying every moment for the merciful release that is their death.

    These are the faces of little boys, little boys who will be taught that their sisters and mothers are little more than human garbage.

    These are the faces of little boys who, burying their faces in pillows and covering their ears, will still hear the crunch as the fists of Muslim fathers meets the flesh of their mothers faces, as Muhammad’s law is dispensed.

    These are the faces of little boys who will bear witness to their fathers and brothers as they mutilate the bodies and faces of their sisters and mothers.

    These are the faces of little boys who, through forced mind numbing repetitive recitation, will spend their days and nights being poisoned by the sickness of the madman Muhammad as reflected in the netherworld lunacy of the Koran.

    These are the faces of little boys that will reflect confusion as they are told to dress in women’s clothing and dance an erotic Bacha Bazi dance for the pleasure of leering Muslim pedophiles, for the pleasure of Muhammad and his men.

    These are the faces of little boys, faces that will contort in agony and beg deliverance as they are treated to a post-dance evening of rape, forced oral sex and sodomy as they are passed from Muslim man to Muslim man.

    These are the faces of little boys, faces of little boys that will render pink with their mother’s arterial spray as her head is removed for the convenient contrivance of crime of adultery or blasphemy.

    These are the faces of little boys who, with rumbling tummies, will be told the blackest of lies, will be told fabrications by the quintessential pimps of madness and hate; conniving mullahs and imams, truly, the blackest of liars to ever walk the face of the earth.

    These are the faces of little boys who will be told that a better life awaits them after death, a life of riches, a life of plenty and ease, a life filled with fawning virgins and sumptuous feasts, all at their leisure and simply for their pleasure………if only………if only………..they will perform this one small favour for Allah.

    These are the faces of little boys that will be beaded with sweat as, their nervous fingers fumbling, they close the locks and hasps of the explosive vest placed on them with expertise by their own fathers and mothers, all under the approving gaze of the leering reptiles; mullahs and imams.

    These are the faces of little boys, little boys beguiled with the hypnotic and soothing reassurances, little boys who will wander through the marketplace, the moment of their death, a cell phone, a cell phone held in the grasping hands of mullahs and imams.

    These are the faces of little boys, faces that will, in a deafening roar, in a blinding flash of light, in the sweetest agony of a life taking shower of glass and razor sharp shrapnel, as that number is dialed on the cell phone, simply evaporate, borne away on a river of blood and despair, borne away on a cowardly, murderous lie.

    These are the children of Islam, children who never had a chance.

    I had a thought, if I could grab every one of these kids, sweep them up in my arms and dash them off to safety.

    Ahhhhh what the hell, it was just a thought.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no joy in the world tonight, for the love of Islam stalks the streets and alleyways.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    When I said that our law enforcement and intelligence agencies were in full support of terrorism and your deadliest enemies, I wasn’t kidding.


    Read this paragraph from the article above.

    ……..”The Public Safety Minister said federal officials would conduct database checks and biometrics tests to verify the ID of all refugees, in addition to submitting them to interviews. To do the task quickly, some officials from other agencies are being seconded to the operation, including border guards”……

    These men and women will have blood on their hands, as it is impossible to fully vet these “refugees” before our Marxist government allows 25,000 Jihadists into Canada before December 25, 2015.

    You read correctly. 5 weeks to clear 25,000 Jihadists into Canada.

    There are no biometric databases or any other databases anywhere to research and investigate these 25,000 refugee’s.

    The RCMP and CSIS are lying through their goddamned teeth!!

    I have told you that your government, your police and your judiciary are clearly treasonous and seditious and are a clear and lethal threat to you, your families, your countrymen and your country.


    Start acting on your own on small groups. Understand that you are now the target of your government and police. Act accordingly.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  3. WHEN I TELL YOU…………

    I have warned and warned and warned and warned……..


    Below is a perfect example of the corruption of our governments and their highly classified datatbases giving full acces of the same to Muslims who them steal that information and transfer it to Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, IS The Muslim Brotherhood and many many others.

    This corruption also applies to law enforcement and intelligence databases.

    The fact is the police, most highly treasonous, are a clear and lethal threat to you and your family. FACT.

    Never, ever confide in the police, on any matter relating to national security.

    If you perceive a threat in your local area, gather in a small group, do your homework, and deal with the threat yourselves.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

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