Can Europe Be Saved?

UK: Newly arrived Muslim ‘refugee children’ gang rape teen for five hours at care home
Teenager claims she was gang raped by five young Syrian migrants: Girl, 18, ‘deeply distressed’ after being ‘subjected to five-hour ordeal’ at care home in Kent…THE MUSLIMISSUE
 Do you miss him yet?
Egypt to execute 188 Muslim Brotherhood supporters

I wanna see that. Obama is going to throw hissy fits.  John Kerry will continue to threaten Egypt….

Death penalty delivered for a 2013 attack on a police station near Cairo.–IBTIMES.CO.UK|BY LIANNA BRINDED

Secretary of State John Kerry gave direct orders to Egypt to cancel the death penalty verdict for 529 member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Or else!

Egypt’s response?

Eman Nabih  The Regime also condemned the trial of the Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohamed Badie and 682 others which she described as not according to essentials justice standards. Harf declared that such horrible and illogical acts of Egypt will force the US to make decisions in relation to cutting completely Egypt Aid in the future.

Marie Harf also condemned the trial of the Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohamed Badie and 682 others which she described as not according to essentials justice standards. Harf declared that such horrible and illogical acts of Egypt will force the US to make decisions in relation to cutting completely Egypt Aid in the future. (Not to worry, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have more than made up for it) (Barenaked Islam)

Egypt in an independent country ruled by the Egyptian constitution and by the power of independent judiciary authority of law and not ruled by the US impertinent interference in our internal affairs.  (BNI)

Europe must push families to have children and not take migrants, says Hungarian leader
Europe has been warned that it “cannot build its future on immigration …
NAZI Collaborator and financier of the Arab Spring, George Soros slams Eastern European countries for rejecting the hordes of illegal alien Muslim freeloaders and jihadists

Breitbart  Billionaire investor George Soros has confirmed he wants to bring down Europe’s borders, following the accusation made last week by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.


“His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle,” Mr Soros added. “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

A New Word – an obama:

A little history that explains much about the needful defence against the islamist hordes. And we are inviting them in by the thousands. Who won the war against the obliteration of Christianity? There is a modern day word that is used to describe a person who turned on their own. We call them quislings, which is the surname of a particularly vile traitor against his own people. I wonder if we might add a new definition into our lexicon of evil. We could coin a new descriptor – an obama. A person who pretends to be of one religion and world view while holding an entirely different set of values. That would describe an obama. – Dr. Jim Garrow –

Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk October 8th, 2015 Overpasses For America VIA POWERLINE It has been a short while since Barack Obama suggested that the Crusades were somehow on a par with, or even a justification for, 21st-century Islamic terrorism.—*VIDEO* #o4a #news #crusades #islam

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    Can Europe be saved?

    Yes, but now, after decades of brainwashing and Marxist propaganda patriots from all across Europe must rise in their individual countries and, looking their leaders in the face, call treason treason.

    I am always reminded of the film clip below whenever I think of Europe, North America, Australia and many other Western countries in their current state of conflict with the Muslim and its poisonous Islam.

    We can expect the Muslim to act as it acts now and to to as it clearly states it intends to do. For a Muslim, murder, criminality, domination, violence and chaos are its stock-in-trade, they are the currency it trades in, its what defines them, its what they live for now, have lived for for 1400 years and will continue to live for. Nothing in all of this should surprise us.

    What is surprising to a degree, is the cowardice of citizen patriots across the Western world.

    Men and women who see, know and can clearly understand what is happening. They see their cultures under attack. They see their countries under attack. They see their womenfolk and children being raped, robbed and murdered. They clearly see naked treason in their leaders, their politicians, their bureaucrats, their law enforcement agencies as they conduct themselves not only in constant deference to the Muslim, its crimes and demands but in many cases, in full support and avocation of the same. It is madness on a scale with sheer lunacy, psychopathy. It is criminal. It is treason. It is killing the West.

    When the citizen patriots understand that the time has come to act, and then rise up and act, clearly, decisively, and with an unmistakable sense of permanence and finality……until then,they will continue to be indecisive cowardice that quivers in the hallways across the West, quivering in the hallways while murder and madness play out unhindered.

    The clip below is powerful to be sure, and you can find in it, The West, The Muslim and the cowardice of Western Citizens.

    Food for thought, Catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    Can Europe be saved?


    But now it will require courage and bloodshed.

    Predictably, after decades of Marxist propaganda, citizens across Europe have allowed themselves to be placed in the shackles forged by a Theo-Politico-Totalitarian alliance between the Marxist and the Muslim.

    Now, more than ever, it will require the bravery of courageous European men and women to rise and with an accusatory finger, point to their leaders and cry “Treason !!” at the top of their lungs.

    Now more than ever, it will require the bravery of courageous European men and women to arm themselves and confront, the treason manifest in their politicians, in their bureaucrats, in their law enforcement agencies and in their judiciary.

    It will require the courage of Ulrich Wilhelm Graf Schwerin von Schwanenfeld.

    ……….”Ulrich Wilhelm Graf Schwerin von Schwanenfeld was the son of the German diplomat and a Christian. As a Christian, he found the Nazi government and its tactics loathsome but was drafted into service when World War II began. On July 20th, 1944 he was part of a failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. On July 21st, he was arrested for his involvement in the conspiracy.

    After being imprisoned for a month, he was brought to trial. When he faced the judge, his belt was taken away so he would endure the further humiliation of having to hold up his pants during his trial. Confronting certain death at the hands of his captors, Schwanenfeld explained why he had committed his “crimes.”

    Schwanenfeld did not parse his words. He called the Nazi’s crimes exactly what they were, murder, and held true to his convictions. Following his show trial, he was immediately executed, but his story has lived on, in history books if not the public memory. You can see the video of Ulrich Wilhelm Graf Schwerin von Schwanenfeld’s testimony below. It presents the image of a man resolved to give his life to make the world a better place, even in the face of certain death.”………………

    Germans, Belgians, French, Austrians, Hungarians, Poles and many many others, across the civilized world must understand what they are facing.

    They must understand that time is short and the window for opportunity in closing and closing fast.

    They must understand that in Anglela Merkel and many of the other EU leaders they face treason, mass murder and genocide in their alliance with the Muslim.

    They must understand that so too in America, in Canada, in Australia they are witnessing the destruction of their cultures and countries and the smearing of the excremental filth of Islam and Marxism on everything they hold dear.

    They must understand that like Schwanenfeld, they must rise, they must find their courage and their voices and they must, armed and with clenched fists, screaming at the top of their lungs, call their elected and appointed leaders and protectors exactly what they are…………TREASONOUS MURDERERS.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    Can Europe be saved?

    The other two videos and posts answer the question.

    But in answering the question and describing the course of action to be followed by citizen patriots, there rises the introspective questions that these same citizen patriots will and must ask themselves before they rise in defence of their countrymen, their cultures and their countries.

    In these quiet moments, when you look around you at the madness and treason that is unfolding all around you, you must ask yourselves hard questions. You must search your souls for the answers and then you must rise, plot a course of action and then act with decisive courage knowing full well that without that courage, your countries are doomed.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada



    Understand history, for as then, so too now,

    In many German occupied countries across Europe during WW2 it was the political and law enforcement infrastructure of those countries who were, in many cases, the overtly enthusiastic enablers and enforcers of Nazi policy and governance.

    As an example.

    In France during WW2, it was the French Gendarmes (police) who took French citizens away to prisons and concentration camps. It was the French Gendarmes who arrested French citizens and took them away to be tortured and murdered by the Gestapo and the SS. It was the French Gendarmes who not only collaborated with the SS and the Gestapo but they too themselves committed unspeakable acts of torture and murder against their own fellow citizens. The French Gendarmes, like the Nazis, were the enemy.

    In France during WW2 it was the French judiciary who, at Nazi request, sentenced innocent French citizens, patriots, to be incarcerated, tortured and murder in the prisons and concentration camps.

    In France during WW2, it was the French chiefs of police who directed their police officers to execute arrest warrants and send innocent French citizens and patriots to their certain miserable deaths in prisons and concentration camps.

    In France during WW2 it was the treasonous Vichy government who allied themselves with the Nazis and facilitated all Nazi directives to and expectations of, France.

    In France during WW2, it was the treasonous mass media who wrote glowing articles in full support and avocation of their new Nazi masters and at every turn, mitigated the unspeakable crimes of those same Nazis.

    So then……a few questions.

    Look to what is unfolding today across the West at the hands of the Marxist/Muslim alliance.

    Look at the acts of treason committed by those persons and agencies who, acting in support of the Muslim, oppress, incarcerate and kill innocent citizens across the West.

    Now ask yourselves…………….

    A judge sets loose terrorist Muslims amongst innocent, unsuspecting citizens. That same judge, in all way and at all times, errs in favor of the Muslim. That judge leaves his or her home and is assassinated for treason. Is this an act of patriotism or a criminal offense?

    Police chiefs and their police officers guard Muslims who are sworn to, and actively engaged in, destroying their host country. These police officers protect these Muslims from prosecution and ignore or mitigate the myriad criminal offences committed by the same. These same police officers hunt down, harass, falsely arrest, falsely imprison and brutalize innocent citizens who simply protest the crimes of the Muslims. Patriots walk up to police officers protecting a mosque and kill them. An act of self preservation and patriotism or a crime?

    Senior editors of from the bully pulpit of television, newspapers and websites constantly put forth propaganda that erases, excuses and or mitigates the crimes of the Muslim, the true openly stated goals of Islam and the conflict with Islam that is exploding around the world. A bomb goes off in a newsroom killing dozens of Marxist Muslim sympathizers. An act of patriotism or a terrorist crime?

    These same questions are asked of citizen patriots who face the criminal treason and the crimes of their bureaucracy, their law enforcement infrastucture, their judiciary, the academics, the Mass Media, and all of them, each and every single one, treasonous and in full support and avocation of the desires and demands of the Muslim.

    The patriot stands in front of a bearded Muslim mullah, a police officer or a judge with a weapon and must decide, if I pull this trigger, is it an act of patriotism and defense of my family, my culture and my country……or am I committing a crime.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  5. NO, it can not be saved !…too many followers of angela merkel and the dirty politicians like the british, Italian, French, Spanish…
    Too late , be careful US, change things quickly or you will be next !

  6. Abbott was sacrificed in favor of the new world order loving Turnbull. Watch our once strong border policies fall to pieces under Turnbull, it is only a matter of time until we get flooded again with the worlds flotsam.

  7. Don Laird: I guess you like using the Sheik’s site with its many subscribers as a platform to launch your own stuff from.

    I’ve got nothing against that, as long as you maybe put it all up on your own free blog (say, WordPress or BlogSpot) and cross-link the posts with a few enticing comments and the relevant URLs.

    But taking up page after page here? Please: get a grip, guy!

    1. @Ironside

      @Uncle Vladdi

      Strange, self appointed moderators of someone elses’ blog, almost as bad as the “hoggish river of commentary” thou doth protest about.

      I imagine, considering the number of times I have commented, should the volume disturb SYM, he or she or they will bring that to my attention. As of yet, he, she or they haven’t.

      I would think Uncle Vladdi, that with your multiplicity of comments on Vladtepesblog, Blazingcatfur, Pamela Geller, Jihadwatch, Gates of Vienna and a few others including your own blog that to, as they say in polite society, stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, paints you as something of a thin-skinned, opinionated busybody. This reminds me of the eternal Muslim who spies something he doesn’t like……….a CARTOON OF MUHAMMAD for example and instead of ignoring it, he loses his mind and wades in as a self appointed moderator. Uncle Vladdi, to quote an admirer of mine……..”get a grip guy”.

      To Ironside………………….

      Provocation and incitement are in the eye of the beholder.

      To quote you.

      “If something were to happen by some disgruntled reader”

      The reality Ironside is that until we become ” disgruntled” we will continue to be the laughing-stock of every mosque from Canberra to Calais. I know it, you know it…….and the Muslim knows it.

      Ironside, the reality is that we, the non-Muslims, are being slaughtered and butchered on our own streets, in our places of business, in our schools and all throughout our communities and if that in and of itself is not provocation to retaliate then I don’t know what is.

      Our cities, towns, our very culture is being dismantled brick by brick with the excremental filth of mosques, Halal and Sharia smeared on everything we hold dear by the verminous Muslim. And the Muslim continues these crimes with impunity specifically because it can!!!!!!…..because there will be not retaliations or repercussions for its monstrous, treasonous crimes. The Muslim laughs in our faces while it cuts our throats with the knives we sharpen and then give them.

      In our “communities” from Canberra to Calais the filthy Muslim builds its mosques with fevered abandon knowing full well that these mosques are a beachhead, that they are a symbol of power and intimidation, that they are paramilitary planning centers wherein acts of domination and terrorism are planned. It builds these mosques because it can and it can with absolutely no opposition.

      Speaking of the “community” that you hold in such high regard Ironside, is that the same community that simple shuffled off home after watching the head of Lee Rigby hacked off by a pair of savage barbarians?……is that the community you are concerned about Ironside?

      Speaking of the “community” that would be viewed unfavourably should one of its members find their spine, their voice and their courage, is that the same community that currently allows virtually hundreds of its little girls to be raped and sodomized by the filthy Muslims and are afraid to raise a single finger in defence of their defenceless children?

      Is that the community you quiver and wring your hands over Ironside?……..don’t make me laugh.

      The reality is that the Marxist/Muslim alliance finds provocation and incitement in everything save our complete and total capitulation to every single one of its demands and crimes.

      One single little complaint regarding their crimes is called “Islamophobia”.

      Every moderate book written by scholars and experts on the history of Islam and violence of the Muslim is called a “hate-crime”.

      The slightest bit of opposition to their destruction of our communities is condemned with shrill Muslim tongues as “intolerant-racist” and not “culturally diverse”

      Every refusal to allow our cultures and communities to be rent and torn by the Muslim provokes howls of indignation and accusations of “Islamophobic provocation and incitement of hatred, violence and racism”.

      I tell people to organize and arm themselves because that is what they must do to stop the Islamisation of their countries.

      I tell people to organize and arm themselves because they will need to defend themselves as their elected leaders, judiciary and law enforcement have committed brazen acts of treason and allied themselves with the Muslim.

      I tell people to find their courage, their voices and to rise and defend themselves, their loved ones, their countrymen, their country and their culture.

      You Ironside, tell them to pull down their pants, bend over and slash their wrists.

      I wonder who they are listening to now Ironside?

      Food for thought, catalyst for action.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

  8. Don,
    I think the content of some of your posts could almost be bordering on incitement.

    If something were to happen by some disgruntled reader and the authorities could link it back to Sheik it wouldn’t do the community any favours.

    I think Unc V is right.

    1. @Ironsides and Uncle Vladdi


      What if the West had responded to the Muslims’ aggression and crimes with as much zealotry, violence, rigid intolerance, passion and unswerving dedication as the Muslim uses to advancement its aggressive crimes?

      Where would we be now?

      No answer required…….rhetorical question.

      Obviously we have forgotten Newton’s “Third Law”

      Food for thought, catalyst for action.

      Don “Disgruntled Citizen” Laird
      Alberta, Canada

  9. Soros: “Our plans”

    Please George, who is this collective “we” that you speak of?

    Hungary and every other country should start by confiscating his materiel wealth in what ever country it can be found under treason laws and acting subversively against the state so to destabilize said governments around the world.

    That is basically what he is admitting too, he is seeking to destabilize the world.

  10. Soros once an informant/capo always a scumbag.

    How on earth did the underground miss this maggot.

  11. Lol. Here is Don’s Scotch review.
    Gates Of Vienna has called him a fraud.
    People who are familiar with him have called him “A Blowhard Bully” . And “An Alcoholic”. And stated that he was kicked out of the Canadian military. Plus, he has stated that he has written a book about Islam. After 4 requests for the title of his book, so that I could obtain a copy, he has never replied.

    Fraud, Fraud, Fraud.

    Don Laird

    November 1, 2015 at 1:38 am


    (A little off topic but what the hell…………)


    Seriously?, you really want to know how this scotch tastes?

    I’ll tell ya!

    Its bloody great!

    I won’t go on with a bunch of self-absorbed, arrogant and pretentious garbage like “it pairs with this” or “it pairs with that” or it has “subtle notes of this and that”, or smells like a whore’s drawers, quite simply, its just a goddamned good single malt scotch whisky.

    In fact, its a great phucking whisky if you can afford it, and I can!!!!! And more than that, it stimulates the creative senses and inflames the genitals and makes you want to rob banks and put the top down and go for drives in the countryside with law enforcement and gunfire!!!!

    It’s best enjoyed in the company of real men.

    Like you and a bunch of yer friends gathered on a glacier, surrounded by wolves or on the top of some really big goddamned mountain you climbed just for the hell of it in the midst of a blinding godamned blizzard, and there you are, just a bunch of cold crazed bastards, pouring each other a few shots to celebrate your manliness all while you sing Viking war songs.

    Or with that same group of real men, not flimsy flamboyant downtown fudgepackers, but really really real men with beards and scars and tattoos, some of whom really have robbed banks and plotted coup d’etat’s and stuff and done prison time, and some of the others have killed bears and mountain lions and shit, and there you are just you and the men, sitting around a campfire or a living-room filled with books and leather furniture and paintings of naked pouting big bosomed women and stuff and talking about war and global conquest and trapping wolverines or that spectacular woman who’s vagina you set on fire with the friction of your massive, manly, magnificent, mesmerizing man-meat and how, after you set her vagina aflame, you used those flames to spark up your Cohiba Robusto Fino Cameroon….and then sat back and watched her as she, still mesmerized, cooked you up a blood soaked filet Mignon all the while, clad in her skimpy panties, she kept refilling your scotch glass whilst she vacuumed the house, did the dishes, made you a samich for later and then she wrote a poem dedicated to your magnificent, manly, massive man-meat. And then you cracked open another bottle of this gift from the Gods, grabbed this naughty maid and, until the sun came up, banged her until she was cross-eyed, limping and speaking Swahili !!!!

    Oh yeah……… where was I?

    Oh right, Glennfiddich 18 year old??…..its a bloody good scotch, a little pricey, but worth it if you can afford it…..and best of all, Metrosexual Mangina’s hate it.

    All the bovine scatology aside, I’ve had a few bottles of this stuff and its bloody good!!!

    Go buy a quart of it now!!!!

    I’ll expect a full report later.


    Don Laird,
    Hater of Manginas, Metrosexuals, Fudgepackers and Muslims

  12. Don,
    The time will come until then we are at the mercy of the State/Powers that be. Until there’s a major uprising more work needs to be done to awaken the ones that slumber.

    I’m more than willing to fight for my beliefs but not throw away needlessly an opportunity for when the time comes. I know the true feeling of being hung out to dry by the authorities, by my Government.

    If something were to happen now it would only strengthen Islams position more in our society. There are so many young clueless idiots here in Australia who would be more than willing to push the bloodied wheelbarrow of Islam.

    Give them the rope, let them hang themselves, it will happen. Then it will be a matter of mopping up the treasonous remnants that are left behind.

  13. My heart aches for what the people in EU countries are going through with this horde of Muslim invaders.
    They must begin electing conservative leaders in order to pass the laws needed to first; expel all
    non-citizen muslims, second; close all mosques, third; put all muslims in their countries out of business
    and deny them welfare. If this doesn’t get accomplished within the next ten years, we will see the rise
    of a caliphate throughout the EU. Liberalism and secular feminism can’t defeat islam.
    It must be done by conservatives with the backing of Christians and Jews. Agnostics and atheists must also
    take part even if they have liberal leanings because they will be the first to be slaughtered.
    All independent voters must flock to the conservative side. Harden your hearts like muslims have hardened
    theirs against us. This all seems very harsh, but the only way to defeat islam (because there is no such
    thing as radical islam) is with harshness. People of the EU … FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

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