Europe exists because our ancestors put up a fight.

Now we are culturally enriched out of existence.

German Schools Abolish Christian Festival to Avoid Offending Muslim Migrants
St. Martin’s Day celebration amended to “facilitate the integration” of asylum seekers.
German Priest Strips Church of Christian Symbols, Turns It Over to Invading Islamic Hordes

Christendom fought off Islam for 14 centuries. Much of the Christian world was lost to savagery, including the great civilizations that formerly thrived in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt and Syria, as well as a large part of the Greek world. But those victories for Muslims did not come cheaply. Many died valiantly defending civilization. Finally Islam was turned back by Charles Martel in France and at the Gates of Vienna. Until we succumbed to moonbattery:

A German evangelical priest has offered his parish church up to become migrant housing, but will be stripping out most of the fittings to ensure their comfort – including all symbols of Christianity.

Father Joachim Deterding, parish priest of the evangelical Königshardt-Schmachtendorf church in Oberhausen, western Germany offered his church to the city authorities this week, a suggestion they accepted “gladly”, reportsder Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. …

As well as clearing out pews, the altar, and the pulpit to make space for beds and kitchens, the church is also clearing out Christian symbols. This move has been calculated to make the migrants feel more welcome in their new home, reportsThe Express.

It isn’t just Germany…

Former churches, monasteries, and vicarages were turned over by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, the Archbishop of Vienna to predominantly Muslim economic migrants for their comfort. The Cardinal, who has been tipped to be the next pope, told other Catholic congregations in Austria that he expected them to do the same with their buildings.

Elsewhere in Eurabia,

Breitbart London reported in October on the world’s first openly lesbian bishop, Eva Brunne of Stockholm when she ordered a church in the dockyards of her city to remove crosses, make space for prayer mats, and mark the direction to Mecca.

Fortunately Brunne has no authority over that particular church.

By now the Muslim invaders must be experiencing an uneasy feeling that it couldn’t possibly be this easy. Maybe it won’t be. Europeans have shown a lot of character over the past two millennia. There is still time for it to reassert itself — although that time is running out.

Europe exists because our ancestors put up a fight.
German town of 102 forced to accept 750 refugees

Ezra discusses the small German town which is about to be absorbed by hundreds and hundreds of muslim invaders. (The only thing wrong is that most media has not updated to the fact that the town only accepted 500 of them. But this difference I don’t think effects Ezra’s points much, if at all. Daily mail article on the arrival of the 500 here)

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    The solution, for every man and woman, for every patriot, is to draw a line in the sand, select a course of action once that line is crossed and then when the line is crossed, have the intestinal fortitude to immediately commence the course of action.

    So, I suppose, as an example, in the case of those who are watching Angela Merkel destroy their country, they may decide, in the face of the current refusal to prosecute her for high treason, that the next 1000 Muslims that she turns loose in Germany, or the next German family that is thrown out of their homes for Muslims, that they will assassinate Merkel.

    This assassination may be a patriot appearing at one of her public functions or it may be a German soldier who attends an honour guard with a loaded weapon and simply waits for her to appear with her entourage and then he, or she, having selected a course of action once Merkel crosses “the line”, steps forward and executes Merkel and her entourage.

    Of course this would be an excellent time for that vacuum to be filled with a military government who would take power and immediately provide a swift and effective solution to the Muslim problem.

    The same “line in the sand” could apply to the little worm Mark Zuckerberg who has seen fit to ally himself with the New Stasi and use his FaceBook as a weapon against those who engage in the dissemination of truth and fact.

    Quite simple really………a line in the sand………and a little courage.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    PS, take a little look at another little tyrant by the name of Nicolae Ceausescu and his bitch wife Elena. Seems his country and his military had drawn a line in the sand of their own.

    Enjoy……..I certainly did.


    Can you imagine Merkel strapped to a chair and taking a bullet to the back of the head for her crimes of high treason?………..millions of Germans can.

    Wither now my German patriots?….wither now?

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    Regarding that little worm Mark Zuckerberg and his exercise in propaganda, censorship and in releasing the personal information of truth-tellers, there appears to be a backlash where persons are deleting their profiles from FaceBook.

    Personally I think this is an excellent turn of events as after the dust is settled and all the FaceBook profiles of patriots have been deleted we will only have to turn to FaceBook for a complete listing of all the treasonous Marxists and hunting them down will be made so much easier.

    Thanks Mark !!!!

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    1. Take a look at history – The Battle of Tours and World War 2.

      According to Albert Speer, the German Minister of Armaments and War Production for Nazi Germany, Hitler once offered a remarkable counterfactual history of Europe. He speculated about what might have been if the Muslim forces that invaded France during the eighth century had prevailed against their Frankish enemies at the Battle of Tours. “Hitler said that the conquering Arabs, because of their racial inferiority, would in the long run have been unable to contend with the harsher climate” of Northern Europe. Therefore, “ultimately not Arabs but Islamised Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire.” Albert Speer quoted Hitler expressing his enthusiasm about such an alternative inheritance: “You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion…. The Mohammedan religion…would have been much more compatible with us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?” There are other accounts of Hitler expressing similar views. Eva Braun’s sister, Ilse, recorded that during his table talks, Hitler often discussed Islam and “repeatedly compared Islam with Christianity in order to devalue the latter, especially Catholicism”. “In contrast to Islam, which he portrayed as a strong and practical faith, he described Christianity as a soft, artificial, weak religion of suffering.” Himmler’s fascination with Islam is more fully documented. His opinions ran along similar lines. He reportedly regarded the Prophet as one of history’s greatest men. Himmler left the Catholic Church in 1936, and as the war later raged he sometimes reflected on Islam’s supposed advantages in motivating soldiers. “Mohammed knew that most people are terribly cowardly and stupid”, he stated in 1942. That is why he promised every warrior who fights courageously and falls in battle two [sic] beautiful women…. ” Himmler’s public remarks about Islam made plain that his purpose was manipulative—part of a desperate effort, particularly toward the end of the war, to enlist Muslim troops to help forestall the Red Army’s counteroffensive. Himmler recruited, trained, and deployed exclusively Muslim SS divisions initially to bolster the Nazi occupation of the Balkans and the Caucasus, and then, after 1944, to try to reverse the losing course of the war. He once remarked: “I must say, I don’t have anything against Islam because it educates men…for me and promises them paradise when they have fought and been killed in battle. A practical and attractive religion for soldiers!” I wonder whether this is what Angela Merkel has in mind – world domination by an Islamised Germany?

      1. @Dr Christine Sindt

        You’ve found your voice and your spine, well done Dr. !!!!

        Both Islam and Marxism have failed and failed miserably to conquer the West.

        One for over 1400 years, the other for over 150 years.

        This alliance between the Marxist and the Muslim may be what they need as they have, globally, enjoyed more victories in the last 40 years than they have in the last 1400. Once the accomplish their common goals they will sort out their differences later.

        Howsoever we fall, howsoever they divide, it will be hell on earth for centuries to come.

        Don Laird
        Alberta, Canada

  4. “Can you imagine Merkel strapped to a chair and taking a bullet to the back of the head for her crimes of high treason?………..”

    Too quick, Don.

    1. @Red Rose

      Oh merciful, merciful me!!!…….always the humanitarian if ever I had a fault!

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

  5. ONE SPARK…..

    One needs to think very carefully about what it will take to spark a massive armed revolt, perhaps a coup d’etat, in Germany over what are the bold and criminal acts of high treason committed by Merkel and her New Stasi.

    Look to Tunisia a few years ago.

    While there are many facets to the Arab Uprising, with many spoons stirring the pot, the event was triggered by an obscure little Tunisian fruit seller. In protest for allegedly having a female cop/municipal official and her cronies take whatever wares she/they wanted off his fruit stand whenever they wanted, Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire and committed suicide.

    We all know what happened next.

    What needs to happen in Germany is a similar series of events, perhaps not an act of self immolation but an overt and clearly defiant act of self defence of a German town and its denizens in response to the New Stasi forced plague of Muslims.

    For example we are already seeing the torching of “refugee and migrant” housing as protest to Merkel’s treasonous policies. That policy of “scorched earth” will and must continue at the hands of German and European patriots.

    While I am not sure the German people, nor the Europeans have had “enough” as of yet, a stand-off in a town may be the spark they need to rally and turn this madness around.

    For example.

    One of those small towns of a 100 citizens is told it will receive 1000 Muslims, a ration of 10 Muslims to every towns-person. This ratio, to anyone vaguely familiar with Islam and the verminous Muslim, will spell death for the towns-folk. In essence what Merkel and her authorities are doing is committing an act of ethnic cleansing, a clear and unmistakable act of murder. Its very simple.

    So, predictably, the townsfolk rally.

    They load up on supplies, contact all forms of media, barricade the roads and all town access and when the police and the Muslims approach immediately start shooting and kill at least 2 to 6 police officers and government officials and as many Muslims as they can.

    One can speculate as to the events that would follow but it is safe to say, with some forms of media still safe from Marxist hands, that the story would spread like wildfire and could very well, with the assistance of European and German patriots and other countries like Hungary and Poland, set Europe ablaze.

    This of course would be a time during which arrests, imprisonments, deportations and executions would take place.

    It would effectively be civil war. But that reality of civil war is fast becoming the one and only choice European patriots have.

    On a personal note. I have read about the collapse of empires and civilizations, I just never really thought I would be in the midst of the madness and witnessing it firsthand. Oh well, I suppose it beats sitting on the couch watching my rapidly expanding waistline and yet another episode of Dancing With The Stars.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

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