“Our” ABC dumps a steaming pile of taqiyya (misconceptions) on its readers

ABC Far North By Mark Rigby

National Mosque Open Day: North Qld mosques welcome public to dispel misconceptions about Islam

“Our” ABC: Homo Promo, warming rubbish  & Islam Dreck. Is that really the best they can do?

Muslim men grow beards and Muslim women cover themselves with headscarves. Its in-line with icons of popular culture like Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Hijabbery is  “no different to the [Catholic] nuns … they were fully covered and their hair was fully covered, similar to the Muslim ladies do today with the hijab.”

It is important for people to see that we’re not some weird cult or something,  Waseem Jappie, Cairns Imam
North Queensland mosques open doors to dispel myths about Islam
North Queensland mosques open their doors to the public to dispel misconceptions about Islam.

Muslim communities in Mareeba and Cairns welcomed dozens of people from outside the Islamic faith into their mosques as part of National Mosque Open Day on Saturday.

Imam of the Mareeba mosque, Benjamin Murat said the purpose of the open day event was to dispel misconceptions about Muslims and allow people to have their questions about the Islamic faith answered.

“People seem to have this perception of fear and seem to think we’re some sort of foreign body when it comes to humanity, and these are quite incorrect,” he said.

Imam Murat said media attention on radical factions of Islam was of concern to members of far north Queensland’s Muslim community.

“No-one likes to hear untruths and misconceptions about their particular belief and we’re no different,” he said.

“We’re human beings and we get hurt because they’re not true, they’re not the representation of Islam as we know it — balanced Islam.”

Throughout the day, Imam Murat fielded questions from the general public about Islam, explaining why Muslim men grow beards and Muslim women cover themselves with headscarves.


He drew comparisons with people who modified their appearance in-line with icons of popular culture like Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

“When people loved their music and loved what they represented, you saw them wearing the same style of hair and the style of clothes they were wearing,” he said.

“When you love [the prophet Muhammad], what he represents to you and the example of life he has given us — if he says to wear a beard, I will wear a beard.

“And if he says to wear clothes that are modest in appearance to cover certain areas of your body then we will do that.

“It’s no different to the [Catholic] nuns … they were fully covered and their hair was fully covered, similar to the Muslim ladies do today with the hijab.”


Imam Waseem Jappie said the National Mosque Open Day in Cairns was a great success.

He hoped people had gone home with a greater appreciation of what far north Queensland’s Muslim community stood for.

“I hope, God willing, that the message got across to people; that they realise who we are as Muslims and that we are a peaceful people,” he said.

“I think — very importantly — people want to see how Muslims are with one another, how their kids are, how the kids play.

“It is important for people to see that we’re not some weird cult or something.”

During the open day event, Imam Jappie was asked many questions about Islam and the intentions of practising Muslims.

He said one person raised concerns about the influence of Islam in Australia and asked him if it was their objective to take over the country.

“I don’t have time for things like that — why would one even think of doing something like that,” he said.

“I’m interested in myself and my community as to how we can best serve God.

“That’s our duty in this world, to do this and teach one another how to do this. That’s our duty.”

14 thoughts on ““Our” ABC dumps a steaming pile of taqiyya (misconceptions) on its readers”

    1. @Kaw

      95 PERCENT

      I would say there is a 95 percent chance that the “offenders” are Muslim.

      There is another alternative as seen in North America where the Marxist Media purposely hold back information about the perpetrators, knowing they are not Muslim, in the hopes of provoking comments about Muslims.

      But consider the actions of the New South Wales Police and Detective Inspector Peter Yoemans, the very definition of treason. They offer “counseling” to the victim and “victim status” to the perpetrators.

      This is why we can no longer trust the police or the judiciary.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

  1. Wearing a potatoe sack is not ‘just like a nun’.

    Nuns are full time practitioners and servants of church/religion – ie, it’s their job and their uniform.

    When someone is working behind a cash register, they are not a full time nun and therefore wearing potatoe sacks is not just like a nun.

    Go and be a nun if you like. But don’t expect to operate in western society peacefully when you are hiding your identity from the public.

    It’s just not right, and it’s not just like being a nun.

    Jam the islam up the proverbial.

    1. @SickofReligion

      You have many weapons in at your disposal to be used in the fight against the verminous Muslim and its poison of Islam.


      The fact is that the Hijab/Niqab is a weaponized article of clothing designed to remind women, at all times and in all ways that they are the owned property of men.

      The secondary role of the Hijab/Niqab is its role as a political statement. It is the Muslim/Islamic version of the Swastika. It serves to remind non-Muslims that at all time, in all ways, they are inferior to the Muslim and must defer in all way and at all times to the Muslim.

      In fact there is no commandment in the Koran or any of the Hadith that a women should wear these articles of clothing.

      No commandment whatsoever!!!

      The documentary below, produced by Dokument 2 of Norway, is the first step toward understanding the intent of the Muslim Brotherhood and the role of weaponized articles of clothing like the Hijab/Niqab.

      Look to about the 19:00 minute mark when Gamma Al-Banna, a direct descendant of the founder of The Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan Al-Banna, speak to the role of the Hijab.

      Understand your enemy.

      Know your enemy.

      And make no mistake, the Muslim is your enemy.

      Food for thought, catalyst for action.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada


    And you wonder why we are in so much trouble.

    Keeping in mind that the mechanism that triggers the death of the woman in the stoning video is………………..wait for it………….

    SHARIA LAW…………brought to you by the religion of peace.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


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  4. Don, did I mention that I lived in France for 6 Years? You speak French like a kindergarten student.

    1. @Torked

      As interesting as it may be from the perspective of “How Not To Live One’s Life”…………..I don’t recall asking for your resumé…………this said Torked, I imagine there is some merit in spending yourself at an occupation best suited to your talents………….6 years of cleaning Parisian toilets.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

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  6. “Hijabbery is “no different to the [Catholic] nuns … they were fully covered and their hair was fully covered, similar to the Muslim ladies do today with the hijab.”

    This is a weak argument.

    Not all catholics wear it or are told to wear it,only nuns

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