Fasting With Mohammedan Savages

A$$hole of the Month: Vice Admiral Tim Barrett 


Did the Australian Navy chief send out invitations to celebrate Diwali, Hanuka and Vesak at the AWM? Of course not. However, Vice Admiral Tim Barrett made sure to invite Islamists and the media to put on record how brave he fasted for Ramadan – in solidarity with the Islamist wing of the ADF. We truly have gone mad.

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Admiral fasted ‘in solidarity’ with Muslims
AUSTRALIA’S navy chief fasted for Ramadan “in solidarity” with Muslims and hosted a dinner for the Grand Mufti at the Australian War Memorial as part of a push to encourage cultural diversity in the armed forces.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is dangerous: Why we must reject her hateful worldview

To endorse Hirsi Ali—as pundits everywhere from Fox News to network news have—insults and mocks a billion Muslims

Spoken like a true Koranimal: criticise Islam and we will kill you. What else could she mean by calling Hirsi Ali “dangerous?” Rula is shameless. Her lies are mixed with bullshit and  braggagio, in all the old fashioned Islamo-supremacist ways.

Ayaan Ali Hirsi

She grew up in Saudi Arabia. I grew up in Jerusalem. Today, we both live in America.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been back on American television lately, mounting scathing attacks on Islam as she promotes her newest book. Her outbursts are the outcome of her own pain — the brutal physical scars inflicted on her body during childhood, justified by an intolerant radical version of the religion into which she was born.

Remember: there is only one Islam and there are no “radical versions”…

Having suffered abuse at the hands of those who embraced the literalist, monolithic view of the Saudi Wahhabi tradition of Islamic law, her writings are suffused with an abiding rage at the beliefs of her tormentors. But in the process, she concedes to them the very monopoly over narrating Islam’s truth upon which they insist, whether in the form of the violent ideology of groups such as ISIS or of the official authoritarian intolerance of Saudi Arabia.

That’s just blather. Hirsi is a Somali, far from Saudi Arabia. Wahhabism is a red herring.  “Narrating Islam’s truth?” WTF? 

It is my own, very different experience of Islam that compels me to challenge Hirsi Ali’s work.

As a Muslim woman married to a Jew and the mother of a Catholic daughter, I have lived in Jerusalem, Cairo, Rome and New York, and I am a regular visitor to other Muslim countries. What I have seen, particularly after the 9/11 attacks, was a broad rejection, not only of the extremism of Al-Qaeda but also of the authoritarian violence of Western-backed secular dictators — who, by stripping Muslims of their constitutional rights, jailing and torturing them, accomplished only the mass radicalization of young Muslims.

So Rula isn’t really living the “real” Islam.  She enjoys the benefits of a western society, where she acts as an Islam-propagandist.

My father, a guard at al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, believed, like most of the world’s one billion Muslims, that Sharia is not fixed and monolithic, but always in flux, its core principles — such as preserving life, faith, intelligence, family and property — remaining sacrosanct, but requiring translation into more flexible rules to match our lives in a changing world.

BS on steroids. Look up “Umdat al Salik”, and read it. Its an eye opener.

He believed that context and interpretation matter when reading the Quran and the Hadiths, and that interpretations had changed along with centuries of social change. Context mattered since the early days of Islam. We always, for more than a millennium, understood text in context. We have 1,400 years of inherent pluralism within Islam to testify to that diversity within our religion.

“Pluralism” in Islam? Rula lives in her own fantasy….

But Saudi Arabia and its state religion, Wahhabism, sought to stamp out the Islamic renaissance of the Golden Ages (under the Abbasids and then the Ottomans), enforcing instead a puritanical, literalist interpretation that codified violence against women and intolerance of other faiths. That is the tradition into which the Somali-born Hirsi Ali was raised in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Kenya. It is this tradition that serves as the theological basis for the ideology of nearly every jihadist group from Al-Qaeda to ISIS.

“Golden Age?” Pure claptrap. That’s the brief period after conquest, when Mohammedans plunder the belongings of the infidels and sell their children into slavery.

That’s the Islam that Hirsi Ali knows, but she conflates it with the beliefs of a billion Muslims who see the violence she and many other women have suffered as an abominable violation of Islamic tenets.

Where, praytell, is this other Islam that Rula fantasises about? 

Worse, she has called for a war on Islam and Muslims, a war to be led by the West. American elites hailing Hirsi Ali as a savior of freedom and reform do not understand the fire with which they are playing.

Here we go: she is warning us not to fight Islam, because we would suffer defeat.  Rula needs to learn that we haven’t started to fight back yet.

To endorse Hirsi Ali so unabashedly is to insult and mock a billion Muslims. She backs Western invasions of Muslim countries in the name of freeing their women, yet it is those women who have suffered most as a result of those wars, which have mostly set back the real struggles of Muslim women to expand their rights.

Salon- tards should throw Rula in the bin, along with the rubbish she writes.

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  1. eat fast eat or feast fast feast-for a month is not true fasting-either for spiritual or health reasons.All it does is knock you about doing the day for a month.Your health and concentration is not 100%.Yes you get by but you are not functioning 100%.

    Vice Admiral Tim Barrett can show “solidarity” in other ways.
    and “solidarity” is a two way street.

    and yes what about solidarity with the other religions? There is more than one religion.

  2. Looks like the Union Jack and the Southern Cross have been struck from The White Ensign. We have been left with the white flag of surrender! Vice Appeaser Tim Barrett should hang his head in shame and resign.

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