Here’s what happened in Turkey….


Is this a war?

Andrew Bolt

A metric of Barack Obama’s disastrous weakness:

Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney … spent 35 years in uniform and rose to the role of assistant vice chief of staff, the number three position in the Air Force….

He said the first step is for Obama to admit the U.S. currently has no strategy… “He just has not exhibited any desire to take ISIS out … “

In the military realm, McInerney said it starts with a relentless air campaign of 500-1,000 sorties a day, compared with recent statistics showing the U.S. drops 18 bombs per day. In comparison, the U.S. averaged 1,100 sorties per day during the Gulf War and 800 per day during major combat operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

No warning from Turkey, says Russian pilot

Russia won’t forgive Turkey’s aggression in a hurry, and won’t forgive:

ONE of the Russian pilots of a fighter jet shot down by Turkey on the Syrian border told state media that there was no prior warning from the Turks.

“There was no warning, not by radio exchange nor visually. There was no contact at all,” Konstantin Murakhtin told Russian journalists at Moscow’s base in Syria after being rescued by special forces…

Russian President Vladimir Putin described Turkey as “accomplices of terrorists” whose action was a “stab in the back,” before warning of serious consequences.

On Wednesday, he ordered the deployment of the S-400 missile system to the Hemeimeem air base, a Russian air base, in Latakia, off the Syrian coast and near Turkey’s border.