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Thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Please stop Islam attacks: Burke

Brown lipstick is not enough:

Labor frontbencher Tony Burke has pleaded to fellow MPs to stop attacking Muslim community allies vital in countering terrorism. …

The Member for Deakin, Michael Sukkar:

“Our greatest partner against radicalisation and terrorism is, in fact, the Islamic community,” he said.

Slime bomb denounces “… the dirty work of the Hansonites”

Jamal Rifi.Jamal Rifi. Photo: Graham Tidy

But Dr Rifi, who has strongly backed Dr Mohamed throughout the controversy, yesterday told Fairfax Media such attacks were reminiscent of One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

“Knowing the history of the Mufti in always denouncing acts of terror, I have no doubt that the sustained attacks on the Grand Mufti are baseless, unjustifiable and amounts to character assassination. They are doing the dirty work of the Hansonites,” he said.

We fail to get it, but Morrisson gets it:

AN AUSTRALIAN brand of Islam which is more open and accessible is on the way, a senior minister forecast today.


Treasurer Scott Morrison said religions became “indigenised” over time and expressed themselves in ways reflecting Australian values and culture.

And Mr Morrison told colleagues attacking Australian Muslims and the Grand Mufti they “fail to get it, frankly”.

Hussein Obama
Obama: Unity on climate change will be “powerful rebuke” to terrorists

Greasy Islamophobe that I am, I thought the only powerful rebuke to jihad terrorists would be killing them in large numbers. Good thing Obama is here to enlighten me and show that a bunch of politicians jawing over politically correct myths about the weather will actually stop the jihadis in their tracks. Doubtless this climate change conference will have the Islamic State jihadis turning in their weapons and signing up for jobs programs forthwith; Obama better be ready to send several divisions of career counselors to Iraq and Syria. []

“Enlightened Islam”

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve invents ” enlightened Islam”, asks Muslims to spread it:

“It is your responsibility to revive this enlightened Islam to denounce the spiritual duplicity of the terrorists and those who follow them,” the French minister told the meeting.