Georgetown Prostitute John Esposito On Damage Control Mission Downunder

“Islamophobic rhetoric”  causes Islamic savages to follow Muhammad and strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers:

A respected US expert (respected by whom?)  on Islam says the narrative that a “problem within Islam” is to blame for the recent terror attacks only legitimises groups such as Islamic State and helps it recruit followers.

ERIK PETERSEN/CHRONICLEDr. John Esposito speaks Wednesday night at the SUB Ballroom on the campus of Montana State University about the future of Islam and Muslim relations with the West.

Professor John Esposito, the founding director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University in the United States, said Western governments were “yielding to a fear that is not proportionate to the actual threat itself”.

“When you get those narratives it legitimises the kind of violence that actually exists,” he told AAP.

“Maybe some of those who are the Islamophobic politicians etc, they may not engage in violence but the rhetoric they put out there creates a world in which you then have the kinds of attacks that they suggest.”

He earlier told a conference on Islam in Sydney that “one of the things that does wind up alienating some youth is the extent to which anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic diatribe … make people feel alienated and marginalised”.

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Esposito writes for Muslim journals, he’s proud to be accepted as “a token non-Muslim,” flies first class to Dubai, Saudi and Qatar. He portrays himself as “open-minded”  “libertarian” “a Christian” etc. But he says the Bible is full of shit and trawls the internet defending Muslims and the Koran from slander. A third-class whore.

Prince Wally of the Saudi royals seems to be getting good value for the money  he invested  in him.

One thought on “Georgetown Prostitute John Esposito On Damage Control Mission Downunder”

  1. Islamophobia DOES cause terrorism; let me explain.

    The PC fears of islam which result in the inability of police, judges, media etc. to thoughly condemn all acts of violence against those of us unwilling to obey islamic law (drawing mo, critisizing islam, breathing while atheist etc), along with calling bearded rapists of little girls “teenagers”, is the cause of the belief by islamists that we are weak.

    This belief leads to an escalation in violence, which in turn (when not punished) leads to further belief in the inferiority of so-called kufir.
    Had we drawn the line in the beginning, instead of making up stupid ‘culture’ lies to excuse behaviour, we would now be in a better position to act.

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