Paris attacks “an international conspiracy to stop the rise of Islam” in the West…

…and we all know that by “international conspiracy” they mean the Jews.

Egyptian TV Host: ISIS Is Israeli-British-American Made, Al-Baghdadi a Jew 

Egyptian TV host Iman Izz Al-Din said, in the November 15 episode of her Al-Hayat TV show “The Key of Life,” that ISIS is Israeli-British-American made and stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. While commenting on the Paris terror attacks, Izz Al-Din said that ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is a Jew called Simon Elliot, who is supported by U.S. Senator John McCain.

Obama would agree.


Islamization of USA Has Been Underway for Years

The recent refugee tsunami pouring through Syria was not the beginning of the massive influx of hostile and unassimilable Third Worlders imported by our government from terrorism hot zones to displace local populations. Ask anyone from Shelbyville, Tennessee. Moonbattery has a video that was uploaded 5 years ago!


Six BRITONS SIX Paki’ Muslims Savages with British passports  have been arrested in Belgium as UK hate preachers linked to Paris attacks mastermind  
From the Sunday Express SIX Pakistani-born British men have been arrested in Belgium after being spotted in old ambulances near Brussels while the capital was in lock down amid fears of a Paris-style terror attack.  A heavily-armed anti-terror unit swooped on the group near a petrol station which …Read More…
Paris attacks conspiracy to stop rise of Islam in West:

paris-attacks-conspiracy-to-stop-rise-of-islam-in-west-hafiz-saed-1448193124-9321Hafiz Saeed

Islamabad: Ameer Jamat-d-Dawa Hafiz Saeed has termed Paris attacks as an international conspiracy to stop the unabated rise of Islam in the West.In an exclusive interview with Online at an undisclosed location, the JuD chief said Paris attacks were part of the international conspiracy to malign Islam.

He has also condemned these attacks saying that Muslims in West in general and France in particular must not be blamed and targeted for the Paris incident. …More on the international conspiracky to malign the evil, antichrist religion at The Nation, thanks to Mullah, pbuh



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  1. To liberal hypocrites, “Da Evil Joos” are always trying to stop the benificient islamic conquest of the West (but how is that a bad thing?!) – except when they’re secretly behind it all. Hypocrites are all about the subjective double-standards, where only they have endless rights, and everyone else only has responsibilities – to them. All hypocrites are criminal liars, and all criminals are hypocrites. I don’t know if there’s a cure for it, beyond, say, electroshock!

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