“People who are ideologically supportive surged tenfold in the past three years”

Who let their families in, and made us seem too soiled for their loyalty?

An imported cultural clash – although “clash” is an understatement:

Andrew Bolt

THE number of Victorian terrorism sympathisers on the police radar has surged tenfold in the past three years, the state’s police chief has revealed.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said “persons of interest” known to counter-terrorism investigators now included children as young as 12…

“It’s people who are ideologically supportive and are under increasing influence of social media in relation to supporting, primarily, IS,” he said…

The demand on police resources from such an undertaking was enormous and this week’s state government $49 million cash injection was vital, Mr Ashton said.

We need a conservation about the policies, assumptions and moral posturing that led to the importation of this danger, and to the coaching of the essential wickedness of this racist, genocidal and land-raping country? But seeing how those responsible include many members of our political and media class I doubt we will get it.

One thought on ““People who are ideologically supportive surged tenfold in the past three years””

  1. And I’d say the number who have awoken to the evil that is Islam has grown ten fold in the last three years.

    Eventually everyone needs to awaken to the evil of the criminal ideology called islam.

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