We are being invaded by “pilgrims”, says Hussein Obama

Obama calls Syrian refugees “pilgrims,” promises “highest security checks”

…which he has no intention of enforcing.

The Muselmaniacs call themselves “migrants”, in the tradition of Muhammad. I would call them missionary bandits, because their motives are far more sinister than those of the pilgrims who settled America.
Obama calls Syrian refugees “pilgrims,” promises “highest security checks”
The problem with his promise of security checks is that there is no way he can fulfill it. FBI top dog James Comey admitted it in October: “We can only query against…
Grieving dad vows to sue Australian government over death of Jihadist daughter
THE father of slain Gold Coast jihadist Amira Karroum is planning to sue the Federal Government, blaming it for the death of his “angel”.
Sharia DownUnder
Next time someone tells you there is no sharia in Australia, show them this.
May God bless you and your family on Thanksgiving!
The Political Insider's photo.
Piers Ackerman: we cannot stand for this
… From Sweden to Australia, apologists for Islam have capitulated to a nauseating political correctness which has seen Christian-based culture demeaned and imagined Islamic sensitivities embraced. …… Avoiding confrontation to shield the extremist minority has only one outcome — the monstrous Paris option.Show some spine and stand up for our own laws. More calls for some spine where there is none at The Daily Telegraph, thanks to Mullah, pbuh
 Fighting crime causes more crime; fighting ISIL  causes “Islamophobia”

Guardian lackey Owen Jones writes like a guy who cannot hold his ink:

Nearly a third of Britons believe Islam threatens western liberal democracy. Further attacks by these murderous nihilists will only push those figures higher. That is what Isis wants, of course. And that is what is so profoundly depressing. It writes its script, and there are no shortages of volunteers to follow it.

More on Islamic State writing the script, so submit to islam and don’t fear the evil thing at The Guardian (which is printing this tripe)


 “It’s a mistake to connect Islam with terror attacks in which Islamic slogans are heard. I implore those in the West not to respond to these attacks with attacks against Muslims in their countries,” al-Tayeb said.

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    Says the invader/illegal president of the former USA.

  2. “Pilgrims” … and here I was thinking that I couldn’t despise Mobama even more.

    He has become nothing but a sick, black comedy on legs.

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