“French Deradicalisation Expert Declares Jihad”

Lateline rubbish from the extreme left ABC stinker Tony Jones. Jones presents Mohammed Chirani, a “deradicalisation expert” from France and forgets to ask if he ever deradicalised anyone. Jones also insists that Chirani is a potential  victim of his own bravery, which he isn’t. His differences with the jihadists is merely over strategy: slow jihad (by demographics) instead of violent jihad.

Chirani is a French-born Muslim from an Algerian family, who promptly  pulls the Islamic taqiyya wool over Jones’s ears. The obnoxious Jones is of course too dense, too ignorant and too full of himself to ask the right questions or see through the bullshit:

Mohammed Chirani, an expert in de-radicalisation who’s worked in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis
Tony Jones speaks with Mohammed Chirani who made headlines in France by calling a jihad on “extremists” who carried out the Paris attacks. –ABC.NET.AU
If Jones wasn’t so pig-ignorant he would know that the caliph al Bagdhadi, who has a Phd in Islamic studies, has a worldwide following among Muslims. Chirani has none. Bagdhadi’s call for jihad resonates with Muslims around the world. Chirani offers nothing but a warped understanding of Islam covers it up with a thin layer of taqiyya  with a thick French accent.


TONY JONES, PRESENTER: In the wake of the Paris attacks, a French Muslim man created headlines of his own with a very personal and passionate response to the extremists who carried out the brutal killings. He went on national television in France to call for a jihad on Islamic State in his own country.

MOHAMMED CHIRANI, DE-RADICALISATION EXPERT (subtitle translation): I’d like to say we’ll wage jihad against you with the Koran. I’d like to tell the traitors who deceived France, betrayed their country and burned their ID’s, that we are kissing our ID documents.

TONY JONES: Well following that impassioned statement, Mohammed Chirani received national acclaim and death threats from Islamic State. Far from being cowed by the threats, he remained defiant with another appearance on national television.

MOHAMMED CHIRANI (subtitle translation): Today I woke up in the morning and I find this message: “You are blacklisted …. hypocrite, miscreant. You’re top of the list to be killed. See you soon. Hide under your bed. We’ll come and get you.” If I die, if I die, see you in the other life. In the afterlife, God will recognise his own. Vive la France, vive la Republic.

TONY JONES: So who is Mohammed Chirani? He’s a French-born Muslim from an Algerian family, he’s been a regular media commentator in France and he’s the author of a book, French Reconciliation: our challenge of living together. He’s also an expert in deradicalisation who’s worked in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis. He joined me just a short time ago from Paris.

Mohammed Chirani, thanks for joining us.

MOHAMMED CHIRANI: Thank you for invitation.

TONY JONES: Now, did you have any regrets at all about your public denunciation of ISIS when they targeted you and put you on top of their death list?

MOHAMMED CHIRANI: No. I have any regret, because I thought about it and I took my responsibility to do what I have to do because the situation is very critical in France and in the world. And it was too much, because as a Muslim, as a French, we are taking as a hostage by terrorist, by fanatic and for me, it was too much. The horror of what happened on November 13 was too much. I put my destiny between the hand of God and I accept my fate.

TONY JONES: Mohammed, these people are proven murderers. Have you taken police protection?

MOHAMMED CHIRANI: No, I didn’t take any protection of police. I believe in God, I trust in God, I love God. I let my destiny between the hand of God, because in front of terrorists, we have to stand up.

TONY JONES: Now, in these TV appearances, which had a huge impact not only in France, but in other places, you spoke directly into the camera to the men who want to kill you and you talked about fighting them with the Koran and having a spiritual jihad against them. Do you think other Muslims in France will listen to you?

MOHAMMED CHIRANI: Yeah, for sure. You can’t imagine how many people are joining my call to the spiritual and citizen jihad and I called also for the true jihad there is only one verses in the Koran which talk about the true jihad, (Speaks Arabic). It’s witness jihad – to testify that our religion is the religion of peace and mercy, (Speaks Arabic). And when I go to the mosque and on Facebook and Twitter, a lot of Muslim and non-Muslim are saying, “Thank you very much. We are joining you in this spiritual and citizen jihad.”

(There is no such thing in the Koran. There isn’t. Jones totally fails to point that out.)

TONY JONES: Now, you called these people who did this, the terrorists from ISIS, you called them, “bastards without identity who burnt their passports and are trying to provoke a civil war in France”.

MOHAMMED CHIRANI: Yes, because the situation now is very critical. We are at the crossroad. We have two choice: to go to the way of hate, to accuse Muslim in general as responsible for terrorism, and we know that Muslim are the first victim of terrorism, and we go to the chaos. That – this is the trap of Daesh. The second thing, I called for the fraternity, friendship between all French people, Muslim, Jews, Christian, non-believer, atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, all together in front of all kind of hatred movement.

(“Muslim are the first victim of terrorism”, its a hard one to swallow, but its the standard taqiyya BS that Muslims pull after every attack.)

TONY JONES: Mohammed, if I could just interrupt you there, do you think what we’ve seen because of the secularism, this deep attachment to secularism in France, we’ve seen the banning of the hijab, we’ve seen the banning of the burka and the niqab and that has created among some Muslims a backlash. Is it also part of the problem?

(Right. In the queer and twisted world of Jones  the banning of the burka and the niqab caused the attack of Paris. What a f*ckwit!)

MOHAMMED CHIRANI: No, no. I’m really sorry because as a Muslim, niqab is not Muslim tradition. Niqab is not Muslim obligation. I am really sorry. Muslim is tradition of tribes of the Sahara in Arabia, Saudi Arabia and it became as something they give it some – how do you say? – religious aspect. It’s not religious. I am really sorry. Islam is not a religion of appearance. And as a Muslim, I am fighting niqab because it’s not religious. I am really sorry.

I despair. Chirani is no Islamic authority to make such a statement. 

TONY JONES: That’s OK. You define yourself as – very clearly as a Muslim of France – Musulmane de France. How difficult is it to be a religious Muslim in a secular country like France?

MOHAMMED CHIRANI: But it’s not complicated. That’s what I said to ISIS and to all French people, that the allegiance, the spiritual allegiance goes towards God. It’s spiritual. And our citizen allegiance go to our country, our – France. Spiritual allegiance, religion is not nationality, is not identity; it’s religion. So there is no contradiction between allegiance, spiritual allegiance to God and citizen allegiance to our country. Because I love God, I love my country.

Chirani doesn’t love God, he loves Allah. There is no spirituality in Islam, so that part is redundant.

TONY JONES: Mohammed, how do you deal with the suspicion that something in Islam itself makes radicalisisation and violent jihad more acceptable?

Its a suspicion? Really. When will Jones crack open a Koran and inform himself?

MOHAMMED CHIRANI: It’s something we have to fight against it. Do you know, this idea of Salafism, jihadism, it’s a cancer, it’s a virus and we have to fight against it with the science, with the reason and religion. Do you know when God speak about his Prophet in Koran, they said, “We send our prophet with the Koran, the book, the right, the Torah, the Bible, the Koran and wise” – la sagesse: the reason. Koran, Bible, Torah without reason, without wise – it’s madness.

Chapter and verse please. I never heard of such a thing.

TONY JONES: The argument that somehow there’s a real problem with Islam is built into the rhetoric that we hear from the far right, from Marine Le Pen and her supporters and also in other countries, the same is true. How do you convince people that Islam is actually a religion of peace?

“We fear the far right”, these leftist crackpots are obsessed.

MOHAMMED CHIRANI: Do you know, there is some people who would like confrontation, so, they read the Koran. The people who say that they read the Koran in the same way that Daesh read the Koran. They read the Koran in the same way because they are in the logic of clash of civilisation. That’s why. The majority of Muslim, the majority of Muslim, écrasante majorité, 99 or 98 per cent, are against terrorism and violence. And because some of Salafist fanatic and radical, we have today to pay for some criminals like what happened in Paris two weeks ago. It’s very crazy. It’s madness.

There is absolutely no evidence that “the majority of Muslim, the majority of Muslim, écrasante majorité, 99 or 98 per cent, are against terrorism and violence.

TONY JONES: Do you think that – we’ve seen so many young people go to join ISIS from France, from Belgium and many other countries in Europe, from Australia, from the United States, from Britain. What do you think is the best way to stop that happening?

MOHAMMED CHIRANI: We have to work in the question of identity and sense of life. Those people were lost in their life. They don’t have good in their life. They don’t know where they come from and where they are going. And Daesh, this bad – this satanic sect, gave them some sense. It’s a bad sense, but they gave them sense.

Read this nonsense again. Its Chirani who doesn’t make sense.

We have, in Europe, to find a way to give sense to these young people, to be in harmony with their belief, with their culture and living in Europe with the tradition of Europe. And there is no contradiction between spiritual allegiance and citizen allegiance. We have to work about this idea. This is the big – I think the biggest issue we’ll have to deal with next years.

Gibberish. He is playing for time.

TONY JONES: Mohammed, I have one last question for you because, I mean, everyone respects your bravery in speaking out against them, but they are very dangerous people. Are you not worried that they will come for you?

More victimhood?

MOHAMMED CHIRANI: I think – I told you that I believe in God and until I didn’t achieve my destiny, I will not leave this life. I am sure of that. And that’s the first thing. The second thing: I lived in Algeria during the Civil War from nine to 19 and I was prepared all my life to this confrontation against fanaticism. So, I am not surprised and I am ready. And I am not worried because I love God, so it’s OK.

TONY JONES: Mohammed Chirani, it’s been a privilege to talk to you. We thank you very much for coming to talk to us on Lateline.


“The net result of all this? On the one hand, Muslims, who believe in truth — that is, in the teachings of Islam — will continue attacking the “false,” that is, everything and everyone un-Islamic. And no matter how violent, Islamic jihadis — terrorists and murderers — will always be the “good guys” in Muslim eyes, assured of support by millions of sympathizers and supporters. On the other hand, Western secularists and multiculturalists, who believe in nothing and deem all cultures and religions equal, will continue to respect Islam and empower Muslims, convinced that terrorism is an un-Islamic aberration destined to go away — that is, they will continue disbelieving their own eyes. Such is the offspring of that unholy union between Islamic logic and Western fallacy.”–Doris Wise Montrose

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  1. Thanks for that. I accidentally watched it because I only watch Tony Jones and the ABC like I would watch a road accident – and i was sickened by the sniffeling subsmissive attitude of Jones. If I was his wife I would be worried about his sexuality. Jones reflected the ABC’s adoring attitude towards everything islamic quite perfectly.
    The ABC out-al-jazeeras Al Jezeera itself.
    Jones out waleed-aly-ies Waleed Ali himself.


  2. Re: “Islam is not a religion of appearance. And as a Muslim, I am fighting niqab because it’s not religious. I am really sorry.”

    Qur’an 33: 59. declares muslimas should cover up so the muslims won’t have to rape them like they have to rape uncovered infidels.

    Re: “And there is no contradiction between spiritual allegiance and citizen allegiance. ”

    Sure there is (apart from their being no spirituality in islam). Islam sees all nation-states and countries as no more or less than man-made false idols which must eventually be destroyed and replaced with the one-world muslim Ummah to be ruled by their global theocratic caliphate government. Period.

  3. Leftards KNOW islam is a threat, which is why they support it.

    There’s an old quote by some famous person which goes like:

    “It is almost impossible to make some people see or admit to an obvious fact, if and when their livelihood depends on their not seeing it.”

    Well, the exact same truth goes double for when they think that their LIVES depend on them not seeing it!

    Islam is made up mostly of swarthy people different from us. So, while that’s really only a tangential symptom of the original circumstantial development of the very obviously dangerous crime-gang, the criminally negligent leftists have latched onto it in order to avoid angering the dangerous muslims: they can simply dismiss those “dangerous” people who keep trying to get THEM to risk them selves to help combat it, as “racists!”

    That way, they can offload their own responsibilities to defend them selves onto their “right wing” victims, while enjoying the unearned rights to safety their treason will provide – by which they hope they can have it both ways, regardless of who ultimately wins!

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