Hussein Obama: “Syrian refugees today are the Jewish refugees of World War II”

This is deliberate obfuscation. The Mohammedan method of telling infidel dogs to go bark up another tree and to avoid looking at the subversive activities of Muslims:

San Bernardino jihad murderer was vetted by FIVE different government agencies
Tashfeen Malik was subjected to no less than five background checks by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security before she was allowed to enter the… | Pamela Geller
Obama “Chastises” Americans for Not Wanting 1,300 ISIS Supporters

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The insolence and the hubris of the Obama-bastard is breathtaking.

“”New York and cities across America were transformed into a sort of global fashion show.”–

It used to be that the American people chastised their leaders when they didn’t live up to their standards. But under the left, the guy who dug the country deep into debt, trashed national security and the economy, and is letting Islamic terrorists take over half the Middle East is the one “chastising” us.

President Obama chastised Americans on Tuesday for forgetting their immigrant roots and neglecting the lessons of a checkered history

“In the Syrian refugee today, we should see the Jewish refugee of World War II,” Obama said at the National Archives, surrounded by the original Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. “How quickly we forget. How quickly we forget,”

I’m surprised the original Constitution didn’t burst into flames.

Also the Jewish refugee of WW2 was fleeing genocide by, among others, Muslims. The Syrian Muslim (Obama refuses to take Syrian Christians or Yazidis) is perpetrating genocide. Obama is comparing the victims of genocide to the perpetrators of genocide.

Polls show that 13% of Syrian migrants support ISIS. That’s 1,300 out of every 10,000 Syrian Muslims Obama brings to America. And he’s forbidden law enforcement from even checking their social media. That’s why the San Bernardino attack happened.

“New York and cities across America were transformed into a sort of global fashion show.  You had Dutch lace caps and the North African fezzes, stodgy tweed suits and colorful Caribbean dresses.”

9/11 was a real global fashion show. Just think of the ruins as a kind of “global catwalk” to show off some fezzes.

But wait… now it’s time to bash America’s “checkered history.”

“From the start, Africans were brought here in chains against their will, and then toiled under the whip… New York City shops displayed those signs, “No Irish Need Apply.” … Chinese immigrants faced persecution and vicious stereotypes, and were, for a time, even banned from entering America.  During World War II, German and Italian residents were detained.”

Some of those slaves were sold by Obama’s ancestors. And his people continue to engage in violence against other African groups. But we detained certain people during WW2 when we were afraid of an invasion… so we must be ashamed.

We must resolve to always speak out against hatred and bigotry in all of its forms — whether taunts against the child of an immigrant farmworker or threats against a Muslim shopkeeper.

Also we must resolve to speak out when Obama’s favorite anti-Israel protesters hijack Jewish ceremonies and rant about Islamophobia. Or when the government forces nuns to violate their religion. We must speak out when Christians are fired for opposing gay marriage and when Jewish students are terrorized for opposing Islamic terrorism.

“The truth is, being an American is hard.  Being part of a democratic government is hard.”

It gets easier when you ignore the legislature, the courts and the people… and rule by executive order.

“Where we work through the democratic process, and not through violence or sectarianism to resolve disputes”

And now let’s applaud the latest race riots and #BlackLivesMatter activists screaming hate at a Christmas tree ceremony.

“More than 60 years ago, at a ceremony like this one, Senator John F. Kennedy said, “No form of government requires more of its citizens than does the American democracy.” 

And Obama is a reminder that too many of our citizens have failed.


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