Face of Mental Illness

“Mental illness.”

SYDNEY’s Lord Mayor CLOVER MOORE couldn’t have picked a worst day to say crap like this.

“I thought it was really important as a city leader to stress that this is a one-off, isolated event by someone who shouldn’t have been out on bail, a very violent background, clearly a mental illness.”

“It wasn’t a terrorist event. I didn’t want our multicultural harmonious community to be divided.”

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Too late. Allah divided the world already. Nothing we can do about it:

Clover Moore copping the slamming that her stupid remarks deserved.
Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore has drawn outrage for claiming the Lindt cafe siege was not an act of terrorism, on the anniversary of Islamist-inspired gunman Man Haron Monis’s 17-hour standoff in which two hostages died.
“It wasn’t a terrorist event,” Ms Moore said yesterday. “This was a one-off, isolated event by a mentally ill man with a violent background who shouldn’t have been out on bail.”
NSW Deputy Premier and Police Minister Troy Grant told The Australian that Ms Moore’s comments were “a shame”.
“I am offended on behalf of all police and emergency personnel who placed their lives on the line for the public good,” Mr Grant said. “We know what occurred; so does the world.”
City of Sydney councillor Christine Forster said the siege was “not just a random criminal act” and Ms Moore’s comments were “unnecessary” on a day of national mourning.
“In my view, it was an act of terrorism, albeit by a lone-wolf operator,” Ms Forster said.
“It was apparent when (Monis) made those poor people hold up a flag in the window that it was about making a statement about Islamic extremism.
“It was plainly designed to send a very strong signal that this was an act of terrorism.”
Ms Moore said yesterday the city was working closely with other levels of government and police to “make sure people are safe in Sydney” but Ms Forster — Tony Abbott’s sister who is weighing up running for lord mayor — said she was not aware of any extra measures taken by the council following the siege.
“I don’t think we’ve done anything specific; we have been briefed post the siege by the AFP and just about general measures,” she said.
One of the first requests made by officers at the time of the siege was for the council to provide a direct closed circuit TV feed to police to help monitor and control the situation. Ms Moore wasn’t “a fan” of that protocol, Ms Forster said. “I’ve had many fights with her on this issue. I had to push her very hard to put 10 new cameras up and that was prior to the Lindt cafe and I’ve asked her since to give direct feeds to allow Surry Hills local area command to have direct access to our CCTV feeds and she refused to do it.”
A City of Sydney spokesman said police briefed the council weeks before the siege unfolded and “confirmed to councillors” that they were “satisfied” with the city’s safety measures.
US counter-terrorism expert Bruce Hoffman told the siege inquest it was clear Monis was “radicalised” and classified the tragedy as a terrorist event.
Coroner Michael Barnes, who expects to hand down his findings from an inquest into the siege by mid-next year, this week issued an open letter to the families of victims Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson in which he described the event as “a potential act of terrorism”. In the letter, Mr Barnes said the purpose of his inquiry was “to help NSW develop strategies to help tackle and prevent events of this nature in the future”.
Ms Moore did not respond to a question as to whether she thought October’s shooting of police accountant Curtis Cheng by 15-year-old Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad in Parramatta was an act of terrorism

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  1. This is the same woman who told us the Muslim thugs who took part in the Hyde Park riots were no different to the testosterone driven young men who go to Kings Cross of a night, get plastered and fight (Q and A program as I remember, received with applause from the equally brain dead audience and smiles of approval from Tony Jones).
    Now we see that a considerable proportion of the Lord Mayor’s Hyde Park testosterone driven young “Australian” men are now in maximum security jails for terrorism offenses. Others have gone to Syria, joined IS and been dispatched to their bordello in the sky. Others have had their children pose with severed heads.
    Perhaps for the sake of inclusiveness, diversity and dispelling stereotypical myths of the “other,” the good Lord Mayor might like to lea the next Mardi Gras parade through the streets of Lakemba, Merrylands, Punchbowl and Harris Park.

    1. Clover Moore won’t lead the next homosexual mardi gras through Islamic, sharia suburbs of Sydney because she knows how sharia views homosexuality. Homosexuality may be politically correct elsewhere but not in the Islamic suburbs. Clover Moore’s legitimacy is only achieved through the application of political correctness as long as it is safe to do so.

  2. I think the Lord Mayor is totally disconnected with what is happening in Sydney. She’s spent too much time flying first class, staying in 5 star hotels and eating in Michelen recommended restaurants whilst attending climate change conferences in Paris, Lake Como and Geneva. And “study trips” to investigate bicycle lanes in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Florence. All, I might add, at the taxpayers expense.
    She would be better off investigating Sydney by bicycle, public transport or by foot. This would broaden her horizons somewhat as I am sure there are vast tracts of Sydney she has not ever been to. A traumatic experience like this might even stimulate Clover to make some further investigations and reading of Islam and it’s history; of which he is obviously painfully ignorant. At the very least, it would get her snout out of the Michelen guide and the Australian taxpayer’s trough of public largesse.


    The monologue, as brother remembers brother……

    “Walking the roads of our youth
    Through the land of our childhood, our home, and our truth
    Be near me, guide me, always stay beside me
    So I can be free
    Let’s roam this place, familiar and vast
    Our playground of green frames our past
    We were wanderers
    Never lost
    Always home
    When every place was fenceless
    And time was endless
    Our ways were always the same
    Calm my demons and walk with me, my brother
    Until our roads lead us away from each other
    And if your heart’s full of sorrow, keep walking
    Don’t rest
    And promise me from heart to chest to never let your memories die
    I will always be alive and by your side
    In your mind
    I’m free.”

    Gotta admit, I lost a couple of salty ones on this retrospect….

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

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