Islam divided the world in believers and unbelievers, nothing we can do about it….


Mark Steyn rails against Obama’s Oval Office address
The President Graciously Speaks to His Bigoted, Racist, Islamophobic People
On Monday night I spoke to Sean Hannity on Fox News regarding the Administration’s response to San Bernardino. As the President and Attorney General see it, the biggest national security threat is apparently bigoted, racist, Islamophobic Americans.

Pamela Geller responds to Trump’s Plan to Bar Muslims from Entering the U.S.


Tony Abbott has come under fire for making ‘divisive’ and ‘destructive’ comments about Islam.

Absurdity on steroids. We need to destroy Islam because it divides us. Islam is the most destructive ideology humanity has ever known.

Besides: Islam already divided the world in believers and unbelievers. Nothing Abbott can do about it.

Abbott criticised for ‘divisive’ comments on Islam
Former prime minister Tony Abbott has come under fire for suggesting Islam has to change.


But do take a look what the clueless Turncoat has to say:


One thought on “Islam divided the world in believers and unbelievers, nothing we can do about it….”

  1. The media and politicians of all hues tell us that Islam is peaceful. Oh really? That will come as a surprise to Mohammed, and to hundreds millions of Muslims through the ages.

    These attacks resulting in hundreds and maybe even thousands of gruesome deaths, will increase, as the Muslim population grows. So the question to our leaders and the media is, “How many hundreds, or thousands of deaths per year due to Jihad are you prepared to accept to appease/satisfy your delusion? Can you justify these deaths to potential victims, i.e., us, and the relatives of the survivors?

    Donald Trump is providing a stimulus/encouragement to the so called moderate Muslims to do something about Islam. This is far better then to wage remorseless war on Muslim countries, resulting in countless deaths of many innocents, uprooting millions of people, as the politicians, supported by the media, are now doing. The result is going to be a legacy of bitter hatred of each other that will last a thousand years or more.

    Shame on the media and the politicians as they wage war on Syria, Iraq and all over Islamic countries in this period of Christmas. Donald Trump’s suggestion is by a long measure, a far better way then what Western leaders are now doing.

    This continuous war on Islamic countries from the air, from which the victims have no defence, leading to thousands of deaths of innocents and uprootong of whole sections of society, is going to leave a legacy of bitter hatred of each other, that will last a thousand years or more.
    Donald Trump’s solution is far better then bombing Islamic countries, and then to accept millions of embittered refugees into the West.
    Western policy becomes stupider by the moment.

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