“Islam is a religion of decency and has the highest moral standards” —Kuranda Seyit

Here’s the full quote, again,  just for the record:

“Islam is a religion of decency and has, equally to any other religion in the world, the highest moral standards which we uphold,” —Kuranda Seyit

Infuriating, is it not, that an Islamo-spokesturd can make such an absurd claim and get away with it without being questioned.

Is there no one, not one, among the journallie, who feels challenged to probe, to dig,  to question Kuranda Seyit about that “decency,” those “highest moral standards” in Islam, and how  jihad, FGM, wife-beating, child-marriage, polygamy, genocide, murder of homosexuals, apostates  blasphemers and honour killings makes Islam “decent” and how  their “moral standards” compare with ours?

I won’t hold my breath.


Muslim media group slams Abbott’s ‘hate speech’

Any criticism of Islam is “hate speech”.

The founder of media website Muslim Village hits back at Tony Abbott’s calls to deal with Islamic fanaticism and terrorism, labelling it “hate speech”.–AB.CO
My bullshit meter just exploded:
Abbott ‘plays into jihadis’ hands’
The Grand Mufti of Australia, Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, has rejected Tony Abbott’s call for an Islamic version of the Christian Reformation, arguing the former prime minister’s rhetoric played “into the hands of extremists” by deliberately conflating…
Islam is a political ideology a form of government that is inherently evil. Sharia is evil. The koran hadith and sura teach hatred, discrimination & bigotry. Allah hates all unbelievers.  Christians and Jews and anyone else must become a Muslim or be killed….

2 thoughts on ““Islam is a religion of decency and has the highest moral standards” —Kuranda Seyit”

  1. Islam exemplifies us-verus-them and might-makes-right.

    And sharia only forbids “theft” because theft is sneaky and doesn’t let islam’s main “might makes right!” principle operate. Sharia doesn’t forbid robbery extortion duress or kidnapping (slavery) or rape. Families are allowed to “abort” (murder) their offspring to any age, even old age. Basic murder is a civil matter – those without any family to sue on their behalf can be murdered with impunity. Divorce and inheritance favor males alone. Male muslims have standing in court; women have less and infidels have none.

    Sharia is simply all the whos, whats, whens, wheres whys and hows of implementing the subjective us-versus-them double standards of islam and the Qur’an itself. None of it embraces objective equality.

    Beyond that, islam is no more or less than the world’s oldest and largest extortion-racket CRIME syndicate, whose holy mobster “muslim” members blame a “god” as their #1 alibi to excuse their own criminal desires and actions.

    Everything muslims pretend to believe is holy is already a CRIME!

  2. “Yesterday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Mr Abbott was entitled to hold a personal view, and that the vast majority of Muslims in Australia have been appalled by extremism.

    “It is absolutely vital to ensure that we don’t make the mistake, which is what the terrorists want us to do, of tagging every single Muslim with the responsibility for the crimes of a few,” Mr Turnbull said.”

    No one is doing it -so why are leaders in the western and non western world saying do not tar every Muslim with the terrorism brush.

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