Muslim Navy Infil-traitor Mona Shindy Defecates On Australian Liberty Alliance



Thursday, December 10th, 2015 – Australian Liberty Alliance Ltd

The President of the Australian Liberty Alliance, Debbie Robinson, has today written to the Chief of the Australian Defence Force, Air Chief Marshall Mark Binskin AC, over statements criticising the party from an official Defence Twitter account.


The Twitter account, @navyislamic, describes itself as the “Official Royal Australian Navy Islamic Advisor Twitter account.” It is operated by Captain Mona Shindy, CSC, RAN. Following the launch of the Australian Liberty Alliance, this account tweeted:

Real shame to see these extreme ill informed fringe groups threatening #community #cohesion. #auspol #teamhumanrace

If you’re wondering how this turd got herself into a navy uniform you are probably as puzzled as the rest of Australians. As if it was not bad enough that such  a creature  is employed to annoy our fighting men, the PC brigades also gave her a “Businesswoman of the Year Award”. How a Navy employee can be a Businesswoman at the same time beggars belief. It seems they are turning the navy into a  self-service environment for  Woman’s Lib bitches.

This tweet also retweeted a statement from Mike Carlton linking to an ABC news story about Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, who launched the Australian Liberty Alliance. Mike Carlton’s tweet stated:

FFS.@What sort of political party gets a Dutch bully and bigot to launch it in secret ?

Not sure if Carlton is still gainfully employed, but it seems fewer people than ever are interested in his rants.

Defence policy prohibits political statements from Defence personnel in their official capacity.

Ms Robinson has asked the Chief of Defence Force to confirm that the tweet does not represent the official position of the Australian Defence Force and that it be deleted.

“It is completely unacceptable for an official Defence Twitter account to criticise any registered political party in Australia,” said Ms Robinson.

“This is military interference in Australia’s democratic political process. It must stop.”

“The Australian Liberty Alliance is very concerned that the Australian Defence Force appears to be promoting pro-Islamic political views and attacking a party that has the support of many Australians.”

“We reject the message from this official Defence Twitter account. The Australian Liberty Alliance is proudly pro-Australian. The threats to community cohesion and safety come from a community that clearly rejects our flag, laws, anthem and heritage.”

“The Australian Liberty Alliance is also proud of its strong stance supporting freedom of speech. In fact, its Queensland candidate, Bernard Gaynor, has won an important legal case protecting the freedom of speech of all Australians, including Defence personnel.”

“We respect and protect the right of all Defence members to express their private political opinions. This right has been hard won and it should not be threatened by the promotion of official political views by the Australian Defence Force.”

The Twitter account, @navyIslamic, has also criticised other politicians and questioned Australia’s immigration policies and Australian Defence Force operations against the Islamic State.

On 31 March, 2105, Captain Mona Shindy also gave a speech in her official capacity as a Defence member calling for the government to fund mosques and imams. The Australian Liberty Alliance has also requested that the Chief of Defence Force confirm that this view is not official Defence policy.




9 thoughts on “Muslim Navy Infil-traitor Mona Shindy Defecates On Australian Liberty Alliance”

  1. “On 31 March, 2105, Captain Mona Shindy also gave a speech in her official capacity as a Defence member calling for the government to fund mosques and imams. ”

    What! she never called for government to fund temples and churches?

  2. I get annoyed every time I see a photo of that Shindy person, wearing what purports to be an Australian Naval uniform, except that her head covered with some sort of a sheet. Is this now the official Naval uniform? If not, is it really appropriate that Muslims are permitted to wear their own version of the uniform, advertising their religion to to all who see them, with a bit of subliminal intimidation thrown in. ‘Hey, infidel. I am a Muslim. So be very careful what you say in my presence.’ Is that how it is? What would happen to Christian serving personnel who wanted to wear a cross on their uniforms, or Jews who wanted to wear a Star of David?

    1. As long as she shows her face,the hijab is not too much to worry.

      Yes,Dr Ann Aly , a Muslim says you do not have to wear the hijab and she does not. So what is Captain Mona Shindy trying to prove?

      “In terms of covering women’s bodies, she said that this came from the Koran, which talks about women being modest.
      “The idea is that you cover your modesty but what’s interpreted as modesty is different, some cover their hair with a hijab, some extend that to their face and hands,” Dr Aly said.
      “Others have the more modern look and wear tight clothes and tight jeans and wear a scarf over their head,” she said.
      “Some think modesty is more about your demeanour and that’s how I interpret it.
      “I don’t wear it,” she said (Dr Aly is a Muslim).She said she has often been told that she “can’t be a Muslim”.

      So,what is more important to focus on is what is between the two ears.What is she thinking in her mind?
      Cannot be too good with the comments she has recently made?

  3. I am deeply offended by this Muslima waiving the so-called “religion” Islam in my face, exactly the “religion” in the name of which Christians and Jews and Buddhists get decapitated, cruzified and otherwise killed. Why is this creature in OUR navy? To me it seems a clear case of the enemy within if we are at war with Islam, which – according to even the socialist French President – we (the West) are.

  4. PS: Actually, coming to think of it – if that head-bandaged Muslima an “Australian Navy officer” is using her position to politicise against an Australian Conservative Party, then it is obvious that she will be an activist for SHARIA and the CALIFAT. She is seriously THE ENEMY !!! And Australia is much unsafer becaue of her presence at the guns.

  5. For an Australian citizen I find Mon Shindy comments very racist against patriotic Australians who want to keep their country free from Islamic interference .

  6. Mon Shindy is an Australian citizen and I find her comments insulting and racist against patriotic Australians who want to keep their country free from Islamic interference .

  7. Insulting and bigoted comments from Shindy.
    Navy must remove these comments from its official twitter account and remove her from her post.

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