Pilger may be a leftist loon, but he did absolutely stellar work on the Indonesian occupation of East Timor. He is probably the only leftie who got Kosovo, or did he? Kosovo was a massive Saudi- Clinton fraud that established a Mohammedan caliphate right in the middle of Europe. The people of Europe will suffer the consequences of this folly for many years to come.



Session: 2004-05
Date tabled: 14.12.2004
Primary sponsor: Smith, Llew  (Harry’s Place)


That this House welcomes John Pilger’s column for the New Statesman issue of 13th December, reminding readers of the devastating human cost of the so-termed ‘humanitarian’ invasion of Kosovo, led by NATO and the United States in the Spring of 1999, without any sanction of the United Nations Security Council; congratulates John Pilger on his expose of the fraudulent justifications for intervening in a ‘genocide’ that never really existed in Kosovo; recalls President Clinton’s Secretary of Defense William Cohen claimed, entirely without foundation, that ‘we’ve now seen about 100,000 military-aged [Albanian] men missing…..they may have been murdered’ and that David Scheffer, the US ambassador-at-large for war crimes, announced with equal inaccuracy that as many as ‘225,000 ethnic Albanian men aged between 14 and 59′ may have been killed; recalls that the leader of a Spanish forensic team sent to Kosovo returned home, complaining angrily that he and his colleagues had become part of ‘a semantic pirouette by the war propaganda machines, because we did not find one mass grave’; further recalls that one year later, the International War Crimes Tribunal, a body de facto set up by NATO, announced that the final count of bodies found in Kosovo’s ‘mass graves’ was 2,788; believes the pollution impact of the bombing of Kosovo is still emerging, including the impact of the use of depleted uranium munitions; and calls on the Government to provide full assistance in the clean up of Kosovo.

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  1. Kosovo was a massive Saudi- Clinton fraud that established a Mohammedan caliphate right in the middle of Europe. The people of Europe will suffer the consequences of this folly for many years to come.

    Indeed. A conspiracy of Saudi Arabia and its client state in Washington DC. Both, with Madeleine Albright as the go-between, sundered Serbia from its birthplace of Kosovo.

    Serbia, the nation that gave its life to protect Europe from the Jihad invasions, who fought and were mass murdered by the Nazis, were the ones chosen by the USA to satisfy the Islamic/ Saudi thirst for a state in Europe.

    Now we have a narco-Islamic Jihadi state in Europe, thanks to the USA.

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, in fact I have mentioned this before, that ISIS is a Saudi – USA created organisation to de-stabilise Syria. All the deaths in that poor land are a result of the US-Saudi axis of evil. Syria was the one country in the ME where Christians were free to be Christians without any fear.

    Its Chutzpah for the US to blame Syria for the mass murder and displacement that has occurred in that land.

  2. This all started with Jimahh Cartahh and his craven capitulation to the moslum mobs (with France as a co-conspirator, housing Khomeni with free room and board and a megaphone to the press for years) in the 1979 takeover of the US embassy in Tehran.

    Many good Americans saw all this coming. Please don’t blame all of us as a nation. We may finally rectify this with the election of a Trump/Cruz ticket in 2016.

  3. DP
    You also fail to mention that Syria is a key intermediary on Hezbollah a listed terrorist organisation.

    For many years Syria has aided, trained, given safe passage to Hezbollah in the slaughter of Jews/Israelis.

    Besides Christians would have to be, (pardon the description) the most dimwhitted. History has shown areas where Jews were once prominent but then cleansed from, should be seen as a warning to others that bad things are about to happen, if not straight away, will soon enough.

  4. Ironside

    All the Jihadi terrorism that we see around the world comes form the Sunni side of Islam. 9/11, Beslan,Mumbai, Bali, Madrid etc etc . Hardly anything from the Shia side. The only exception is Hezbollah in the Lebanon. And here we have a war across a boundary. As far as I know, Hezbollah are not entering Israel and blowing people on buses.

    And Christians are the most dimwitted people in history. True enough.

      1. And have a look at the craphole now. Typical, Islam is like a cancer that ruins everything.

    1. DP,
      Hezbollah are now carrying out with Hamas stabbing jihad and car ramming attacks.

      The reason why there aren’t anymore cafe or bus explosions is because of the wall that Israel erected to stop such attacks that occurred almost daily once upon a time.

      Israel has taken a more strong approach to deal with such events unlike our own countries and Governments.

  5. Ironside

    You wrote: Hezbollah are now carrying out with Hamas stabbing jihad and car ramming attacks.

    Are you sure of this? Most Muslims in Israel are Sunni, as is Hamas and the PA.

    Islam is the problem no doubt. But the Global Jihad is a Sunni undertaking.

    As for Israel and Lebanon, it is a local Jihad, somewhat like IRA and Britain. Does that mean that the war against Israel will cease? No. Both Hamas and the PA are Sunni in ideology. Even if Hezbollah ceased supporting Hamas, it will get its funding, as it does now, from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. The Jihad against Israel will continue till hell freezes over, or one or other of the protagonists loses the will to carry on.

    Look at the mass shooting in California. Both of the Jihadis are almost certain to be Sunni , rather then Shia /Hezbollah.

    1. DP,
      That’s very interesting, but you have to take into account that Sunni and Shia will always band together when it comes to Jew hatred.

      Without going to much into it a ‘medical course’ that i recently finished had several Shia and Sunni students, from places such as Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq. I played the unsuspecting, unknowing Kaffir and quizzed several of these students.

      The one factor that i found on every occasion that brought these different types together were their hatred for Jews. (funny thing was that i didn’t tell them i was one). Once i had their confidence you could see the venom spittle when you mention the J word.

      Don’t be mistaken whether they’re Sunni or Shia they will find common ground with their eternal enemy, they can’t help it it’s so ingrained.

      1. Ironside
        Too true.

        Iran or Persia, is an interesting case. It is the only Islamic country in the ME that had a civilisation and language long before the advent of Islam.

        Though many have tried to erase this history, it lives in the hearts and minds Of Persians. It is, quite literally in the DNA. The other thing is that Iran regards itself as part of the European race of people – in race and language, distinct from the Arab/Semitic group.

  6. Uncle Vladd

    Western politicians, particularly the USA, have no other option but to continue to castigate Serbia, when in fact it Kosovo created as a favour to Saudi Arabia.

    We saw a similar pattern of behaviour in Libyia, Syria, as well as Ukraine. Russia probably knew this, but at the time was uncertain how to react. They now have, in Ukraine and Syria. In both instances, the geography of the problem was such, that they could intervene.

    Interesting and dangerous times.

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