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“That’s my daughter”, yells the desperate father, who is held back by a multiculti-enforcer, who tells him to “be tolerant, you f*kcing Nazi!”

From the Religion of Peace:

Germany raped

Migrant Rapists: ‘Angela Merkel Invited Us’…

  • Shock new details of ‘drunk and stoned’ New Year sex mob in police report
  • Violent migrants taunted police by ripping up temporary residence permits
  • ‘I’m Syrian. I must be handled in a friendly manner. Mrs Merkel invited me,’ said one  
  • Report says women forced to ‘run the gauntlet’ of terrifying angry crowd
  • One officer said he’d never seen anything like it in 30 years his with force
  • See full news coverage on Angela Merkel and her policies 

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Austria Also Covered Up Migrant Sex Attacks…

  • Police report describes women forced to run a ‘gauntlet’ past assailants
  • Austrian police have now admitted suffering a similar sex gang problem
  • Some of the 16 suspects are recent arrivals to Europe, it has been reported

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Rape Explosion in Sweden and Denmark: Mideast Values…

3 thoughts on “Cartoon of the Week”


    In my opinion we are now at that moment, that moment at which all peoples and civilizations who, facing annihilation or conquest, must now set aside words and commence a course of action or face nothing but that annihilation or conquest.

    We have run out of time. We have talked and discussed and debated and argued and pointed out the Naked Emperor for long enough.

    Now that time has arrived at which talk must be set aside and those leaders amongst us must rise, communities must rise, citizens must rise, countries must rise and engage in the physical opposition to the Marxist and Muslim.

    The window of opportunity now open will close quickly.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  2. The solution is simple.

    Round them up and shoot them in the head and if they came with family round them up and send them home. They are savages who do not belong in a modern society. They deserve exactly what they gave their victims… mercy. no quarter and no forgiveness.

    They acted with vicious ravenous glee and reveled in the violence that they perpetrated against powerless Western women.

    Interestingly, enough, no one has tracked down on which social media site disparate muslim men organized en masse what was clearly a planned violent assault against western women.

    This behaviour not random nor was it happen chance.

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