Philadelphia: After Jihad Attack, Muslims Fear “Backlash”, Mayor Plays Role Of Mufti

What a nightmare. The devout Muslim fired 13 shots into the cop. According to the Muslim assassin, “police bend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran.” Pure Islam on the streets of Philly – and the city of Philly refused to run my ads designed to increase awareness of the jihad threat.
Terror-groups like CAIR and their running dogs like Obama and the Philadelphia Mayor will respond will concern about islamofauxbia and the other favored fairy tale – “fear of reprisals.”
Philadelphia MUSLIM SHOOTS COP 13 times, execution “IN THE NAME OF ISLAM”
Police: Suspect Confesses To Shooting Officer, Says He Did It In Name Of Islam  | Pamela Geller
Is this Philadelphia mayor an imam? Did he study Koran, sira & hadith?
Philly Mayor: Islamist Cop Shooter ‘Does Not Represent’ Islam
The Muslim man who said Islam motivated him to shoot a police officer does not represent the teachings of Islam, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said today.–BREITBART.COM
Kenney’s predecessor was named Nutter. And there is still a Nutter in the Philadelphia mayor’s office. He should be calling for an inquiry into where Archer learned about Islam, where he went to mosque, and what in Islam gave him this idea. Instead, the utterly predictable denial.

Philadelphia Mayor: Shooting of cop in name of Islam had “nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith”

For the first week after New Year, liberal progressive types responded to the orgy of rape and sexual molestation by Muslim immigrants in Cologne (and other European cities) by pretending it never happened. Now that the overwhelming weight of evidence has shown it definitely did happen, the bleeding hearts have been forced to change their tune. Here are the best excuses so far.

1. It was a false flag operation designed to discredit innocent lovely immigrants

This theory was advanced on Twitter by Forbes contributor Frances Coppola (no relation: she’s an economist not a member of the movie dynasty). Her tweets are protected and it’s possible she has since withdrawn it. Too late:

 James Delingpole has more.

Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam Tells Sean Hannity: If Merkel Took a Million Rapey Migrants, Hillary Will Take 20 Million

Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam to Hannity: If Merkel Took a Million Rapey Migrants, Hillary Will Take 20 Mil

5 thoughts on “Philadelphia: After Jihad Attack, Muslims Fear “Backlash”, Mayor Plays Role Of Mufti”

  1. “Philadelphia Mayor: Shooting of cop in name of Islam had “nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith” “

    The sliver lining to statements like this is that it becomes apparent to more and more people that these idiots are disrespecting the intelligence of the people they pretend to be serving.

    Outright lying is not a good long term policy.


    This is Alex Jones and Stephan Molyneux discussing the implosion of Europe that is unfolding before our eyes.

    There are forces at work across this globe that seek the annihilation of Western civilized secular, capitalist countries. Forces such as the Marxists, the Muslim and the Globalists, all seek the initial creation of a wasteland and destruction of the West’s defenses, all for different reasons but all with an undercurrent of totalitarian governance as the end game. Its a kind of “whoever gets there first” wins.

    Alex Jones can be a little “fringey” in his opinions but as of late has been hitting the nail on the head in relation to “One World Governments” and the conflict with the Muslim exploding across the world.

    Stephan Molyneux provides a commentary similar to that of Pat Condell of Britain. In Stephan’s case he provides very lucid, coherent, historically and factually well researched and correct opinion and observations on persons and events that are purposely perverted by the Marxist Mass Media. After you watch this go to Stephan Molyneux’s YouTube channel and look at some of his work on Nelson Mandela and South Africa. Its absolutely brilliant.

    Now, pour a cup of coffee and listen to the exchange between Jones and Molyneux on the Muslim and Europe, its very informative for those who are new to this and a confirmation of what all who are part of this fight against the Muslim already know.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  3. The mayor knows nothing about islam, yet feels perfectly free in pronouncing his entirely fact-free opinion AS a fact in public.

    Thus we know that he is a liar who has abdicated his own oath of office (to protect his constituents, not the feelings of the murderous cult of invading criminals out to destroy them) in order to retain his rights to his authority, salary pension and perks, while avoiding his responsibilities.

    Such fraud-spewing criminal negligents should be fired indicted tried sentenced and punished for their TREASON.

  4. The new mayor signed a contract at a mosque while running for office in which he pledged to fight Islamophobia. Muslims voted for him, he owes them. Simple.

  5. It’s time that we law abiding citizens start protecting our Police force from these Muslim thugs! It’s also time that we isolate Mayor James Kenney and do what we can to counter his utterly ridiculous statements!

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