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    This family is typical of all Muslims and Islam represents; self entitled, baseless expectation…..serial lying…….conniving…..fraud……theatrics……manipulation……a free lunch…….and the use of a childs’ corpse as a meal ticket…….its all there…..standard operating procedures from typical Muslims.

    A FEW FACTS…….

    The family’s name is “Shenu” and not Kurdi. Kurdi is a name given them by the Turkish government as these vermin are Kurds.

    The father, Abdullah, worked in construction in Turkey, and his entire family had been in Turkey, safe with their housing, food, medical and other expenses covered by the Red Cresent/Red Cross. They had been out of harms way for almost 2 years and lied about being chased by ISIS and Al Qaeda.

    The father, Abdullah, also dabbled in human trafficking.

    The father, Abdullah, put his family into the boat because he wanted the lucrative meal ticket of life in the welfare paradise of Germany. One of the fathers other reasons for drowning his family was his desire for a 14,000 set of dentures. (Watch the CBC/CTV 25 minute interview with the Poisonous Queen of Lying Muslim Bitches, “Auntie Tima Kurdi”

    The father manufactured numerous stories including the lie that he was on the boat when it capsized. He wasn’t.

    The child, Aylan Kurdi washed up on the shore and his body was moved, Look through Google Images for the original location of the body and a photograph of a Turkish police officer moving the body for a better photo opportunity.

    Look at the photographs of the dead child, look at the hair, the skin, the area surrounding the body….this was a fucking set-up from the beginning.

    The aunt, “Tima Kurdi” is a master liar and expert manipulator of melodramatics and can produce tears on command. This bitches’ real name is “Fatima Kurdi”.

    You can watch this woman working up a big batch of salty ones during an interview a day after the child washed up on the beach. It was a masterpiece performance worthy of a fucking Oscar……seriously…..watch the part where she claims to repeat what her idiot brother, Abdullah, told her……”I CLOSED HIS EYES AND LET HIM SLIP INTO THE SEA…..REST IN PEACE MY SON!!! I SAID”………………..


    (I am pulling information from a comment on a previous post and posting it below)

    This bitch, Tima Kurdi, owns a hair salon in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada.

    Tima Kurdi, a Muslim master manipulator and greasy con-artist, has local politicians eating out of her ass……..sorry, I mean her hand!!!

    The mayor of Port Coquitlam attended her shop for a fucking haircut and there just happened to be a few dozen media types with cameras hanging around.

    You can contact this little fucking worm at

    Twitter @ timakurdi

    Email kurdihair@gamil.com

    Phone 604-945-8007

    For an extensive look at this family of lying Sand Weasels go to “themuslimissue.wordpress”

    Just Google “kurdi muslim issue” and you will see numerous posts and extensive links and comments.

    Johnny Frederik LaRue
    Melonville Central
    Asswipe, Nova Scotia

  2. The translation is a bit prim.

    Here’s mine – “Migrants. What would “little Aylan” have become when he was all grown up?

    “A bottom-grabber in Germany”.

    The French verb “tripoter” means – so my basic French dictionary informs me – “to finger” or “fiddle with”. One really needs a current dictionary of obscene French slang to be sure of the *precise* meaning; it is possible that “bottom-grabber” is not quite vulgar enough to convey the intended sense.

  3. I looked at the stupid Guardian article. I see that our reliably Dhimmi and Islamophile Sophie McNeil is all a-twitter with outrage, too….though mohammedan ‘sermons’ inciting the stabbing murders of Jews don’t seem to bother her in the slightest, if she deigns to notice them at all.

    I observe that the Guardian is too gutless to permit “Comments” upon their little propaganda piece. Probably scared of the torrent of white-hot rational Infidel RAGE, unloosed by the spectacle of Mohammedan mobs harassing terrified young German (and Finnish, and other) Infidel women and teenaged girls, that would come roaring into their in-tray if they did.

  4. Lies are the forte of genocidal totalitarian leftists.

    Tens pf thousands of young girls have been brutally gang raped by Pakistani men, and covered by a compliant leftist media. The reality is that tens of thousands of Pakistani men were involved in these gang rapes.

    Now were these Pakistani rapists adults all their lives, or at some time were toddlers?

    There are tens of thousands of potential rapists and suicide bombers, toddling around nursery schools in the West. It is right that we should know this.

    1. @ DP111

      Its called Islam and it is a cancer.

      Its called Islam and it has no place in a civilized country.

      Watch the video, an excellent examination of Sharia Law. Note the women who blame themselves for being sexually assaulted and raped.

      James Matamoros
      Cordoba, Spain

    2. It’s interesting that, amongst the initial intake of the 12,000 Syrian refugees being given permanent residency in Australia, was a charming Muslim family – Mum, Dad and several children. Mum and Dad, of course, were saying all the right things about, their gratitude and love for their new country – no ‘Allahu Ackbar’ from them (yet, anyway). And the politicians were assuring every one that all the refugees had been carefully checked out, to ensure they will fit into Australia, and become model citizens. However (and here I am at last getting to the point) how can any politician guarantee what the children of this ‘refugee’ couple will turn into? Maybe, as teenagers, they might wander along to the local mosque and get (gasp!) ‘radicalised.’? Also, it now appears that mum is pregnant again. Is the baby in utero to be included in the 12,000, or is he (or she) a ‘freebie’? Mind you, at least the present Australian Government has included Christians and other persecuted minorities in the 12,000. If the opposition Labor Party was still in power, the borders would have stayed open, and flotillas of boats, packed to the brim with young Muslim males, would be arriving every day, and any Christians would have been thrown overboard and drowned as soon as any of the boats had set sail.

  5. “Mum, Dad and several children. Mum and Dad, of course, were saying all the right things about, their gratitude and love for their new country – no ‘Allahu Ackbar’ from them (yet, anyway). “

    Give it time. You can go to Auburn , Lidcombe in Sydney and find dole-collecting Afghans and others sitting inside and outside coffee shops, smoking and sipping coffee while whingeing daily about how bad Australia is, how it should be islamic, how the US is the centre of all evil etc etc. ad nauseam.

    No doubt the ‘gratitude’ stage doesn’t last very long once local imams, muftis, puftis get it into their heads how entitled they are as muslims and that infidel Aussies should be serving them.

    1. I agree entirely, MZ. The kaffurs only exist to serve, and to pay the jizzya to their Islamlic overlords, so why should these entitled Muslims feel any gratitude? We’re the mugs here, not them.


    When Muslim filth starts dying in the hundreds, in the thousands, in the tens of thousands, when a Muslim giving sidelong glance at a European woman warrants and receives a bullet to the head, when mosques start burning, when Muslim businesses and gathering places start burning, when the only safe place for a Muslim in the civilized world is on a beach getting back into a boat to return to the filthy Islamic toilet from whence they came, when they are clustered in police stations begging for protection and deportation………THEN AND ONLY THEN WILL THIS BATTLE AGAINST THE MUSLIM BE OURS…….UNTIL THEN WE WILL CONTINUE TO LIVE IN GROVELLING FEAR ON OUR KNEES IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES…….



    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  7. What about sharia law in Brunei? Any reports about this? Brunei used to be a popular tho boring place for western teachers. A lot of Phillipinos live there. Any News?

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