Child Marriage, Pat Condell, & “No borders, no nations, stop deportations”

Tim Blair:


Headline in the Washington Post:


Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology rejected the bill, which among other revisions proposed raising the marriage age for females from 16 to 18, because it was blasphemous.

Pat Condell: Europe’s Betrayal of Women

The Invasion of Europe
“No borders, no nations, stop deportations”

Collective madness in Londonistan:

LONDON, United Kingdom – Open borders activists gathered at London’s St. Pancras train station today to protest against immigration controls, urging European governments to accept more migrants despite the recent controversies occurring across the continent.

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White House: Only Republicans Upset that Iran Released U.S. Sailors

’13 Hours’ Review: Riveting Indictment of Obama, Hillary, and The DC Media

’13 Hours’ Review: Riveting Indictment of Obama, Hillary, Media
Daniel Hannan on Socialism Versus Liberty

Neither Debbie Wasserman Schultz nor Shrillary Clinton nor Chuck Schumer can explain the difference between a Democrat and a socialist. But countermoonbat MEP Daniel Hannan has very eloquently described the difference between a socialist and someone who believes in liberty:

Socialism versus capitalism boils down to coercion and poverty versus freedom and wealth. It is evil versus good. (Moonbattery)

Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You

Looks like some Aussies have had enough of the endless deluge of belligerently helpless Islamic welfare colonists:

HisButt Tahrir is also known as Hizb ut-Tahrir, an international outfit with the goal of enslaving the entire planet under a caliphate. It has called for a “Muslim army in Australia” to impose sharia, and helped radicalize the put-upon refugee Man Haron Monis, who took hostages at Sydney’s  Lindt Chocolate Café.  (Moonbattery)

13 Hours


Just got back from the theater; it’s as good as they say. No overt politics, but anyone who could watch this movie and then vote for the party of the useless moonbat weenies who created the situation, left Americans to die, and then told the public pathetic lies to cover their tails is beyond redemption.

It isn’t every year that something good comes out of Hollywood. Don’t miss this movie.

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    (Please watch the video below……….this is the brain child of Elon Musk; the man, the brains and guts behind Tesla Motors…….behold ….SPACEX……….oh what a glorious time to be alive!!!!…….I think I will live long enough to see men walk on Mars……….and this, this magnificent achievement will be accomplished without the aid of one single filthy barbaric, savage Muslim )

    I was thinking……….

    I was thinking of us…….

    I was thinking of them…………

    Us and the Muslim that is……….

    I was thinking of those two solitudes and that vast, unnavigable, uncrossable abyss that separates us from them……..

    I was thinking of all that we are………

    I was thinking of all that they are……..

    I was thinking of all that we are that they are not……

    I was thinking of all that they are that we are not………

    I was thinking of how that difference, that vast uncrossable gulf that separates us from them, is our saving grace and their eternal damnation……

    Of our differences in spirit, differences in humanity, differences in life, all life, differences in depth of character, differences in grace………all those differences…….differences that echo in that uncrossable abyss that will, forever and forever, separate us from them………..

    Theirs is a world of misery, a world of pain, a world of fear, a world of intimidation and love of death wherein pleasure is wrought from the crushing of the human spirit, wrought from the predation of the weakest amongst them, wrought from the destruction of the defenseless, wrought from the enslavement of the souls very spirit, the souls very essence, crushing and extinguishing every fragment of hope and light……a world of darkness and misery………it is this world that has kept them standing outside our doors, unwanted, unwelcome and uninvited……..standing there in that blackest of misery, listening to our laughter, listening to education, listening to the quest for knowledge, listening to emancipation, listening to love of life and to love of Humanity,……..simply standing there…… the Universe and all it wonders passes them by………

    We here in the West have much to answer for, there is much we have done wrong, there are gifts given us by our betters and ancestors that we have defiled and mocked, we have much searching of our own souls to do……but in the history of Mankind, in the history of Humanity, we are the greatest success story to grace this planet, to grace this dark little corner of Creation………so successful are we that together, men and women, proud of our laurels but aware of our obligations and challenged by the same, we now stand on our tiptoes and reach our fingertips into the blackness of space in order that we give answer to those age old questions; Who are we?……..Where did we come from?……Where are we going?……Why?……….and in the course of answering those questions to… the poet said…….”To slip the surly bonds of earth, to dance on laughter silvered wings and to touch the face of God”

    How small we are……..oh but how grand we are……..oh but how magnificent we are!!!

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    Welcome to Marxist Mainstream Media.

    Welcome to the manipulators and manufacturers of White-Guilt.

    Welcome to the social engineers and the creators of self-loathing, culturally suicidal White children. (By “white” I refer to not only the colour of skin, but also the Judeo-Christian/Western Anglo Saxon foundation within which varying shades of skin colour are found)

    Welcome to the devotees of those Marxist terrorists who, clad in suits and smoking pipes, mused and mumbled of things “politically correct” and walked the halls of the Frankfurt School deep in reflection on the road ahead to the fruition of their dream of the total annihilation of the democratic, capitalist West.

    In short, these Marxist terrorists understood full well that to destroy the West was almost impossible. They understood that to attempt to change the minds, the morals, the ethics and the political foundations of men and women well into adulthood was virtually impossible, in fact, utterly futile. It would be like taking a fully grown oak tree and bending it 90 degrees. Simply impossible.

    But, as well as they understood the futility of changing adult minds and politics they understood all too well the ease with which they could corrupt and forever destroy the minds of children, hence forever destroying the very foundation of the West. They knew that to succeed in destroying the West one must start by corrupting, by destroying the minds of the children and that a span of at least 6 generations would be needed with attacks of even greater depth and complexity on each subsequent generation. They called this “the long march through the institutions”. They knew that the seeds planted by men and women, planted by teachers and child care workers, planted by these men and women in positions of trust and authority, planted in the minds of these unsuspecting children and their equally unsuspecting parents, would bear the fruit that the Marxists needed to destroy the West. They were right.

    It has been at least 5 generations since the Frankfurt School graduated their class of treachery and we see their treasonous crops sown then, reaped now with such pleasure by the Marxists. And bountiful crops they are, a bounty far beyond the wildest dreams of the Marxists, a bounty far beyond our wildest nightmares.

    We can see Marxism throughout our academic infrastructure in the West. It begins in kindergarten and runs through every facet of our childrens’ education even up to the post-doctoral level.

    We see those same allies of the Marxists in our schools manifest in the media, the Marxist Mass Media. Together they strip from our children the morals, the ethics, the depth of character, the intelligence, the courage of conviction and the wilful self-determination that poses a lethal threat to the fruition of a global Marxist totalitarian state.

    Together the academic infrastructure and the Marxist Mass Media have made the vilification and the mockery of God and the clergy fashionable and sexy. They have made the derision and dismissive contempt of sexual morality fashionable and sexy. They have canonized mentally defective sexual depravity, forcing our children to worship at the alter of gut wrenching perversion. They have heaped scorn on patriotism and nationalism and endorsed treason. They have attached crippling self-hatred of our foundational culture and history. They have made our founding fathers and the incredible accomplishments of the same little more than kindling for our collective suicidal funeral pyres. They have weakened the very foundation of the West to such an extent that even the Muslim barbarians who scatter through our lands sowing mass murder and terrorism are celebrated and embraced as “culturally diverse”. Its madness on a mind numbing scale.

    The Marxists, craftsmen in hate, have managed to produce generations of western children who are filled with a hatred for their own parents, filled with a hatred of themselves, filled with a hatred of their history, filled with a hatred of their culture, filled with a hatred of their country and their people and filled with a sneering derision and contempt of all the incredible, breathtaking and magnificent accomplishments of that same culture, of that same people. The Marxists have produced legions of historically and culturally incoherent, illiterate and self-loathing pawns to be used as fodder for the destruction of the West.

    The Marxists watched with great expectation as generations of their carefully crafted instruments of Western annihilation went out into and amongst the world they so hated. They watched and waited. They were not to be disappointed.

    These last 5 or 6 generations have now produced Marxists, cultural Marxists and otherwise, that are infectiously rife in our law enforcement agencies, in our courts, in our military, in virtually every hall and meeting room of every level of bureaucracy and of course a complete saturation of the same in the media, the Marxist Mass Media.

    As for the Marxist Mass Media they have an important role, a continuing role to play. In addition to the destruction of the minds of children, that continuing role is reflected in the furtherance of propaganda designed to destroy truth, fact and reality, designed to stupefy the parents of these children, designed to instil in these same parents a fear of stigma, a fear of being ostracized and viciously persecuted should they object in the slightest to the destruction of their children.

    The Marxists understood the frailty, the inherent defect of human nature all too well, they soiled themselves with laughter as we stepped aside, lazy, fearful and ignorant, as our children were eaten alive by the Marxists and their devotees.

    Its a feeding frenzy that continues to this day.

    Its a feeding frenzy that will continue until the annihilation of the West is a fait acomplii

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    1. I REST MY CASE………

      Time to get off your knees and stop apologizing.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada


    Not one single filthy Muslim had anything to do with this!!!

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

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