“Share Our Luck”

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He has no mandate to give away what doesn’t belong to him. 

‘Share our luck’: Baird urges Australians to welcome refugees
NSW Premier Mike Baird says Australia will be denying its history if it closes the door on new arrivals.–ABC.NET.AU
Australia Day: Some Unfashionable Facts
So the national day, 26 January, rolls around again and with it, as is the well established tradition, comes another bout of national self loathing and offence taking, led of course by the so-called national broadcaster.  – XYZ |BY BOETHIUS
Australia: Muslims threaten police, follow officers home and use drones to spy on them
Showing them who is in charge, both in Australia and in Europe — and increasingly in North America as well. This absurd situation is courtesy our political elites.
“Thugs threaten police in Sydney’s west, following officers home and using drones to spy on them,” by Lia Harris, The Sunday Telegraph, January 16, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
The smell of sanity
Cafe Owner Wins Appeal After Neighbor Claimed ‘smell of bacon offends Muslims’

An English Court declared that the owners of a cafe were Allowed to Keep Cooking Bacon, despite the complaints of the neighbor, who made a Point to Highlight his Muslim Religion !!!!!

After a six month legal battle between a pair of cafe owners and their Muslim neighbor…TRUTHANDACTION.ORG

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    Recently, the Chief of Defence Staff for Switzerland, in recognition of the Muslim/Marxist threat to his country and its citizens, a threat that grows exponentially with each passing day, advised his fellow citizens to arm themselves as civil war in Europe was imminent.

    Now respected leaders in the Austrian military defence circles are echoing the very same warnings.



    These are not lunatics, these are not “extremists”, these are not hill-billies with tin foil hats, these are highly trained, well educated, reasonable, rational men and women who are watching as events unfold around them and, having historical perspective, understand the dire threat the Muslim and the Marxist pose to their countries and culture.

    People had better start arming themselves and do it quickly.

    Theses same people must identify and locate with exacting particularity, all Marxists and Muslims in their communities.

    The reality is that this is going to come to blood. This is a reality that is now being spoken to at the highest levels of governance in Europe and its a recognition that grows louder with each passing day.

    Wake up!!!!

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    The actions of Mike Baird and hundreds of other western leaders, bureaucrats, judges, media luminaries and law enforcement officers and officials, in their support of the Muslim and the “refugee” are committing acts of treason.

    This madness will continue until our countries are destroyed and under the joint rule of the Marxist and the Muslim.

    The reality is that blood will, blood must, be spilled in order to reverse this insanity. Anyone, absolutely anyone who says differently is delusional and suicidal.

    The difficulty is that a review of history shows us the bloody conflicts and massacres that were a natural consequence of aggression and ignorance of that aggression. Unfortunately there is a disconnect between historical perspective and our current predicament with Marxism/Islam. Its almost as though, in spite of having history as a teacher, we are unable or unwilling to connect the dots today in order to illustrate that this is a 1400 year old fight that will run the same course it has previously unless we act and act soon and decisively.

    This brings into focus the “line in the sand”.

    Where is the “line” drawn.

    What course of action will commence once that line is crossed?

    Will the person or persons have the courage to act or will they, until they are killed or enslaved, keep pushing that line back, keep mitigating the crimes and aggression of the Muslim/Marxist alliance?

    The reason that the Muslim is and has been so successful is that they are willing to fight, to kill and to die for what they want.

    We, on the other hand, are not willing to fight and die for anything, we are however, willing to be killed by the Muslim for anything it deems “offensive”. We consider our deaths and injury to be something we “deserve”.

    As to our handlers, our politicians, those persons and agencies elected, appointed or charged with our stewardship and protection, they themselves are treasonous cowards and have taken the path of cowardice and attacked us, recognizing us as the path of least resistance. They will continue to do so until we stop being the path of least resistance.

    Ask yourselves a question or two.

    What would happen if an act of Muslim violence were to result in a dozen mosques burned to the ground?

    What would happen if an act of Muslim violence resulted several dozen bearded, hateful, threatening Muslim men shot to death on the streets?

    What if Grand Mufti’s in every western country were targeted for assassination?

    What would happen if all companies who pandered to the filthy Muslim with “halal” certification were targeted with lawsuits and consumer actions?

    What would happen if businesses that employed Muslim women in hijabs and niqabs were burned to the ground?

    What if businesses that were approached and entered by bearded and hijab wearing Muslims, refused to serve them and threw them into the streets?

    What if cars driven by bearded and hijabed Muslims and parked in shopping mall parking lots had their tyres slashed and windows broken?

    What would happen if judges and politicians who supported the Muslim and deferred to them were found shot to death in their homes, vehicles or offices?

    In other words, what would happen if Westerners started fighting back and refusing to be harassed, violated and injured by the Muslim?


    I can assure you that word would spread like wildfire around the world. Muslims would be leaving in droves, Muslims would refuse to come to those countries that had acted decisively. Judges and police officers would start doing their jobs and actually enforcing the laws.The tide would turn and with a countryside free of the filthy Muslim and its poisonous Islam, peace would once again reign supreme.

    On the other hand, perhaps it would be better to simply ignore the frisky, peaceful Muslim and hope that it will see the light and change its barbaric, savage and violent ways.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  3. TRY…..JUST TRY………..

    Try to tell me that you would have once iota of difficulty walking up to this Muslim who injected the dog with acid and putting a bullet in his head and then burning down his home, his business and every Mosque within 50 miles……..

    Go ahead…………..just try to tell me you wouldn’t……..

    By the way, this is why, in areas that become Islamified in our cities, local parks and walkways are no longer safe areas to walk you dogs because Muslims are leaving poisoned chucks of food for the dogs to eat. Yet another facet of the Muslim covered up and or mitigated by our leaders and law enforcement officers.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    1. this video of Muslims killing dogs is one of the most horrific things I have ever had the misfortune to see. Truly horrible. Can someone please forward copies to our idiot politicians? Some of our pollies are so dumb, they’ll probably need subtitles to help them work out what is going on. What is also really scary, Baird is supposed to be a Conservative politician. God only knows what the Labor Party, who are completely under Muslim control, would do, given the chance.

  4. So Baird holds up Deng, an African refugee who is now a community activist and lawyer for refugees as enriching Australia. How is that? What does a refugee lawyer do to increase Australia’s enrichment? What does he produce that makes Australia wealthier? So Australia educated him so he could fight the govt. on behalf of ‘refugees’ denied asylum.

    1. No African, no Arab Muslim sits on his campfire at night deliberating how he can enrich us. All Africans, all Arab Muslims are deliberating how they can enrich themselves.

    2. Deng? We’ll never hear the end of this guy who is now heading for folk hero status amongst the deluded.

      It was almost amusing watching and listening to this former African child soldier made good in white society , plying his story by which he will forever define himself, for all it was worth. The audience lapped it up. The poor victim had them all under his control.

      Maybe he has to assuage the guilt he feels for all the innocent people he murdered and maimed. But maybe he feels no guilt – that seems to be a white man’s burden.

  5. I hope all these leftist PC white-guilt-ridden traitors will be remembered after the caliphate is established through out the world and all their women folk are visible in public in only three forms…. The hijab, the niqab or the burqa.

    That should throw a real spanner in the works of the feminist movement world wide…. Or maybe this hypocritical movement will be forced to put a spin on their mantra and educate us all on how “liberated” women feel when they choose to wear their “choice” of head bags or full body armor…

    Anyhow, whichever way you look at it, the western civilization is on the brink of its demise, not because we fought bravely and lost a glorious battle, but because our leaders capitulated for fear of being labeled bigots, xenophobes and most famously islamophobes…

    But a revolution will come…. and it gains momentum world wide as we speak. For once the human race gets the taste of freedom, there is no turning back.

    It is time that we rid ourselves of cowardly chamberlains present in all our nations, seething despair, guilt and shame for the western civilization and welcoming backward third world barbarity as some kind of balm that we ought to put on, to relieve ourselves of guilt of being their oppressors.

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