Great idea: lets separate Islam from Muslims….

Canada’s Islamophile PM wants to separate Muslims from Islam

Its like separating the head from the body. Turdeau is the engine mama on the midnight express to Canuckistan.

Government implementing Trudeau’s directive to “separate Muslims from terrorism”
Since assuming office in November 2015, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stéphane Dion has issued six statements condemning terrorist attacks carried out
When will the lame stream media start asking questions about Shrillary’s lesbian lover?
The Truth about Huma Abedin that Media Matters Doesn’t Want America to See
Breitbart, by Lee Stranahan, Jan. 18, 2016: “Still don’t believe Media Matters functions as a propaganda machine to aid and abet Hillary Clinton’s political aspirations?”–COUNTERJIHADREPORT.COM
Amazing. Piers Morgan, a limp dick by anyones standard, has an epiphany:
PIERS MORGAN: Why I’m so embarrassed today for Britain
PIERS MORGAN: British law-makers have concluded their own time is best served considering a proposal to ban a man who may end up being the next President of…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Sticks and Stones Fly in British Parliament Debate on Trump
Not that he gives a fig. WaPo: LONDON — Debate began Monday in the British Parliament over whether to ban U.S. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump from visiting the United Kingdom. The debate, which was started by an online petition that described Trump’s comments about Muslims as …Read More…
“Diversity” beats freedom of speech.
In once great Britain, we are witnessing “a diverse debate from a diverse Parliament”, what could be more progressive than that?
U.K. Parliament debate: Donald Trump gets pummeled by the British
Members of parliament called the U.S. Republican front-runner “ridiculous” and his…
Turncoat escapes
(Nothing f*kcing happened!)

“Hours after Turncoat left Kabul?”– what kind of BS reporting is that? Its even worse than Shrillary’s “ducking sniper fire in Kosovo”.

Rocket hits nearby compound just hours after Turnbull leaves Kabul
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was safely en route to Washington when a rocket hit a diplomatic compound next to the presidential palace in Kabul…  9NEWS.COM.AU
Police running out of answers? Or just Turnbulls running dogs in the service of the OIC and the NWO….?
New South Wales Police Leave Many Questions Unanswered After Opera House Lockdown
On Thursday the 14th of January New South Wales Police placed the Sydney Opera House in lockdown  | AG News
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Police and politicians in the German region that includes Cologne have been so scared to talk about North African migrant crime that is has effectively been a “state secret”, a prominent German newspaper has reported.

Die Welt says that crime committed by North African migrants has been especially high for years in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, but politicians have rarely spoken out on the issue.

‘German girls are just there for sex’ What migrant told woman as he groped her in street  
We can’t let this happen in America. From the UK Express: GERMANY was rocked by yet more migrant sex attack allegations today after it emerged one refugee told his victim she was “just there for sex” as he groped her whilst another group STONED two women in the street. Horrific details of another …Read More…
Two Muslim Men Arrested in Virginia on Terror Charges 
The entire Wahhabi corridor near the capital needs to be swept up and foreign Muslims deported. Notice again that one of these men was born to immigrants here. The second generation is proving more dangerous than the first. Fox News: WASHINGTON –  A Virginia man who was allegedly attempting to travel …Read More…

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  1. Second-generatgion muslims are worse than first-gen ones because they have been indoctrinated from birth by liberal slander into feeling entitled to everything for free, and to blame “racists” when they don’t get it handed to them on a silver platter fast enough!

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