Most of Germany’s New Year Attackers Were New Arrivals

But not just in Germany. Brussels, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden – all are having huge increases in sexual assaults. All of those countries are afraid to mention that Muslim men are committing these crimes for fear of insulting Islam.

“Die meisten waren frisch eingereiste Asylbewerber”

Police denied statements by their superiors, who claimed the attackers were of “unknown origin”. Those who were checked were Syrians who were looking for “sexual amusement”.

Polizisten dementieren Angaben ihrer Führung, wonach die Täter von Köln unbekannt seien. Die meisten Kontrollierten seien Syrer gewesen. Den Tätern sei es vor allem um „sexuelles Amüsement“ gegangen. (Die Welt)
German Minister: Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric as Bad as Immigrants Committing Sexual Assault | PJ Media 

Today’s degenerate multiculti-socialist is even more depraved than yesterdays Nazis.

 Political Correctness: ISIS’ greatest weapon.
Merkel on Muslims attacking Germans: We must accept that immigrants are more criminal

Next she will say we need to give them room to destroy, like in Charm City