CBS Confirms Machete Attack Suspect Was In United States On Green Card

Islam isn’t taking over the world by force. We’re handing it to them.

Who in his right mind would give a green card to a Mohammedan savage?

Again we see how our immigration policy is in shambles at every level. CBS:

CBS News has confirmed from the FBI that the man who attacked a Columbus restaurant Thursday with a machete was living in the United States on a green card.

The motives for the attack by 30-year-old Mohamed Barry remain unclear but investigators are looking for possible ties to extremists.

Not far from Nazareth Restaurant, one of the only two relatives Barry had in Columbus says he was sleeping, unware of the nearby attack.

That was until FBI agents woke him up with a knock on his door and questions about his nephew and possible ties to terrorism.

The relative, who only identified himself as Barry’s uncle, said Barry was a bit of a loner with a bit of a temper.

“I know that when he gets mad he, that’s why he wanted to be by himself,” he said.

He said Barry was born in Guinea but that his family, including three sisters, lives in Philadelphia.

His uncle said Barry lived with him while looking for a job when he first moved to Columbus from Philadelphia last fall.

The uncle says he knew something wasn’t right when he received a strange text message from Barry just five hours before the attack.

He says the message was in Arabic and English but didn’t understand the meaning. His uncle couldn’t show or read the text because he said the FBI now has his phone.

When asked if he thought Barry could have had ties to ISIS, his uncle said no.

The four victims he attacked with a machete are expected to make a full recovery. Barry was shot and killed by police after fleeing the restaurant.

4 thoughts on “CBS Confirms Machete Attack Suspect Was In United States On Green Card”

  1. And, the only part of the story that really matters:

    “Barry was shot and killed by police after fleeing the restaurant.”

  2. No matter where you are, carry a concealed firearm. I don’t give a f*ck whether it’s “legal” or not. No government has a “right” to blood sacrifice you to Islam.

  3. Re: “Islam isn’t taking over the world by force. We’re handing it to them.”

    “WE,” who, kemosabe?! Who is this “we?”

    The West is ruled by corporations. Corporations are made up of SALESMEN. Salesmen automatically and instinctively want to trade off anything and everything for their main idol of “money!”

    Oh, and the corporazi salesmen are also all owned by the banksters aka the global counterfeiters’ union.

    Since they already have ALL the money, what they want to trade it for is POWER – for TOTAL, “totalitarian” power over everyone else.

    And that means …. Socialism, Progressivism, Authoritarianism, Liberalism, Tyranny, Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Fascism, Cryonism, Corporatism, all of which are just different words for the same thing, COMMUNISM.

    Each word nets the same results: Loss of personal freedom, loss of private property, loss of children.

    And even the soft, “merely suicidal” version of this vile creed of slavery (as opposed to the outright “murder” of communism as Ayn Rand put it) or…

    “Socialism” IS EXTORTION.


    After a while, it’s obvious: might-makes-right gangsters insisting individuals give up their stuff to the gang.

    Nothing less.

    The mantra of the LibSoc SJW Democrat Party:

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”
    –Karl Marx, ‘Critique of the Gotha Program’ (1875)

    Karl Marx also said: “Property is theft!”

    Obviously, crime causes poverty: under gangster extortion (aka “communism,”) nobody wants to work: The makers don’t work, because they know they will be robbed and have the fruits of their work given to the takers; and the takers won’t work because they know the same thing. Everybody loses.

    … except of course for the elites at the top of this same, ages-old pyramid extortive scheme.

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