Hacktivism: Young lives used to spread untruths

No  five-year-old boy was “raped” on Nauru.

The Daily Telegraph

Department says 5yo rape victim doesn’t exist

THE ABC’s news division needs a brutal overhaul, now it has been caught red-handed broadcasting the monstrous lie that a five-year-old boy was “raped” on Nauru, in an Australian offshore immigration facility.

For an entire week, night and day, on its most prestigious programs, on TV, on radio, online, this falsehood was repeated as if it were fact, apart from the obligatory “alleged” thrown in, without the most rudimentary fact-checking having been done.

It was a story they wanted so much to be true they didn’t even apply the most basic bullshit detector.

It’s hard to think of more shoddy, irresponsible, or cynical journalism.

The story was never credible, which is why no one got worked up about it.

The story was “advocacy disguised as journalism”, as Department of Immigration and Border Protection secretary Michael Pezzullo put it.

There was “no evidence, whatsoever, anywhere” that a five-year-old had been raped on Nauru”, he told a Senate hearing, in a cold fury, on Monday.

“It’s getting to a point where there is advocacy parading as journalism that is actually deleterious to a sensible discussion about these matters.

“We’ve gone beyond journalism when you’ve got certain segments of the media undertaking essentially pamphleteering of almost a political nature and then in that context the facts just get bent.

“The allegation that my department is somehow complicit in a ­regime where children are raped and they are returned to a brutal ­regime of detention, I reject that utterly.”

For the most part the public has bought the myth that this extravagantly funded behemoth produces superior journalism, instead of agenda-driven propaganda.

That is what the ABC’s foul untruth meant, that we all were complicit in a child’s rape, the Prime Minister, the Immigration Minister, the department, the slandered Nauruans, the complacent Australian public, everyone except the moral narcissists of the ABC and the refugee lobby.

It was designed to whip up public opposition to our border protection policies, cruelly raise false hopes among asylum seekers, and try to force the Turnbull government to weaken, just as Kevin Rudd did so disastrously.

There are good journalists at the ABC, but they increasingly are being tarnished by association.

At least, this time, the ABC has acknowledged its error and apologised, unlike in previous cases, such as the unforgivable smear in 2014 that our navy was torturing asylum seekers.

How could such an egregious error have been broadcast without someone raising a quizzical eyebrow?

The national broadcaster is the best-funded media outfit in Australia by a country mile, employing armies of producers and entire fact checking departments while looking down its nose at commercial media and posing as a paragon of journalistic credibility.

For the most part the public has bought the myth that this extravagantly funded behemoth produces superior journalism, instead of agenda-driven propaganda. Not for much longer.

One thought on “Hacktivism: Young lives used to spread untruths”


    “Social Justice” is the same old communist trope of enforcing equality of outcome, not of opportunity!

    SJW’s are communists trolls – and their nonsensical claims are all only opinionated slander, because there is no fact in the world that will justify their group-might-makes-right stances; that:
    “You have stuff, therefore you stole it (from me)!”

    They’re all about fighting “white privilege” – but that only shows they are against property rights, and the human right of free association (to freely associate with the other people one chooses to associate with).

    See, “white privilege” is nothing more or less than how these countries were founded by white people, who had all worked hard to establish their properties, and then chose to pass them along to their own children.

    These Johnny-come-latelies show up from other locales, haven’t put in the time or effort to establish their own properties or legacies for their children yet, but somehow assert that it’s “unfair!” of other people to have already done it, and so expect those other people to give their hard-earned properties to them, just because they don’t have any.

    It’s nothing more or less than pure old criminal gangster communism:

    “You have stuff you bothered to earn that I didn’t, so YOU OWE ME!”

    Then they take their slander to a new level.

    In stead of daring to find and present evidence of their target groups’ alleged crimes in a class-action suit in a real court of law, they simply form a larger gang of victimologists to take over the government and legislate new “laws” (crimes) to forcibly take what they want from their targets.

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