After the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras, Turnbull visits the Islamic Museum


Malcolm Turnbull


A fascinating tour of the Islamic Museum of Australia today – a museum that outlines the great contributions that Muslim Australians have made to Australia from the Afghan Cameleers to the football brilliance of Bachar Houli!

A deluded homo on his FB page is delighted:

homo prm

Christian Marth

Thank you to Islamic community for the great contributions you’ve made to Australian society, Australia has a long and rich history welcoming Muslims from the early Indonesian Muslim traders that arrived before Captain Cook as early as the 1600’s, The Afghan Camel Drivers of the 1860’s, Albanian Muslims of the 1930’s, The Turks of the 60’s and The Lebanese in the 70’s…. The list goes on…

As-salamu alaykum – Peace be upon you.

There’s more to being PM than taking selfies. When is Malcolm going to realise that his job is about serving Australians, not just himself?
Seriously, people: is that we we want for leadership?

4 thoughts on “After the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras, Turnbull visits the Islamic Museum”

  1. Islamic Propaganda Museum of Australia.

    great contributions? really?

    No wonder he is not doing any policy and actual work.

  2. Will we ever see a Muslim gay and Lesbian Museum – citing the wonderful contributions they’ve made to Australian culture?

    Come on LGBTIA community – stand up for the oppressed muslim LGBTIA’s in your community.

    Don’t be shy! Malcolm and Bill support you – grants will be made available. Farmers and others doing it tough can wait in line when help needs to be given to those ‘freedom fighters’ struggling for the recognition of those who truly deserve accolades. An OA award awaits you.

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