Allahu akbaring Mustard stabs Jew to death in Uruguay

Uruguay has not been in the headlines for anti-Semitic attacks in recent years, but last summer an Uruguayan army bomb squad dismantled an “incomplete” explosive device in front of an office tower housing the Israeli embassy.

Times of Israel via Vlad Tepes

BUENOS AIRES — A Jewish man died Tuesday after being stabbed repeatedly in a suspected anti-Semitic attack in Uruguay.

David Fremd, a 54-year-old local businessman, was attacked in the western Uruguayan city of Paysandu, on the border with neighboring Argentina.

One of his three sons was also injured in the attack, but his wounds are reportedly not life-threatening.

Fremd was a local representative of the Uruguayan Jewish umbrella group. His family suspects that the attack was religiously motivated, according to a report by local news outlet Subraydo.

His suspected assailant, a 35-year-old man with a criminal record, reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” before stabbing him, the local El Pais newspaper said.

I hope it wasn’t one of these guys:

‘Send Us Back’: Former Guantanamo Detainees Are Camping Out at the US Embassy in Uruguay

Former Guantanamo Bay prisoners who were accepted with much fanfare as refugees in Uruguay are now openly rejecting their host and camping out in front of the US Embassy.

They’ve set up the camp in the capital of Montevideo and say that if Uruguay and the US can’t improve their living conditions, they should be returned to “Guantanamo, Syria, or anywhere else,” one of the refugees said.

Last January, authorities in Uruguay detonated what turned out to be a fake bomb found near the Israeli embassy.

The convincing-looking fake – complete with fuse, detonator and other elements found in a real bomb – was detected some 70 meters (230 feet) from the building by bomb-sniffing dogs patrolling the area with their Republican Guard handlers.

Uruguay later expelled a senior Iranian diplomat the planting of the dummy bomb.