Brussels attack causes “anti-Muslim bigotry”

The BS brigades are out in force. Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama perverts Islam once again. What a “great religion” it is:

Obama: Islamic State ‘Perverted One Of The World’s Great Religions’

Obama: Islamic State ‘Perverted One Of The World’s Great Religions’…

..Cruz, Trump Anti-Terror Proposals ‘Un-American’— that’s because the magic negro is the standard bearer for true Americanism….

The “underlying socio-economic” problems covered up by “right wing populists” who…. blah blah…

WASHINGTON — Cities across the USA are preparing for the next phase that inevitably follows a terror attack: anti-Muslim backlash. 

Cameron urges Christian leaders to ‘reach out’ to Muslim communities and ‘fight extremism’

Camoron is even more corrupt than Tony BLiar…..

DAVID Cameron has urged Christian leaders in the UK to help Muslim communities to tackle extremism in the wake of the Brussels bombings.—WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY CHARLIE PEAT
Canada to fight terrorism by establishing new office of “ Community Outreach”

With every attack we are getting dumber:

The federal budget for 2016/17 allocated $35 million over five years for the establishment of an Office of the Community Outreach and Counter-Radicalisation…  EN.CIJNEWS.COM
Belgian MP Labels Quran ‘the Source of All Evil’
Filip Dewinter, one of the leaders of the Belgian extreme right party Vlaams Belang, labeled the Quran “the source of all evil” in a speech addressed to the Belgian parliament.—MENSTRAIT.COM
Blame multicultural fantasies for Brussels attacks

Europe’s very survival as a home of free people is at stake.

The same thing goes for the United States, but we’re just getting more of the same. Hillary Clinton, in her response to the Brussels attacks, said that the mass murders were “deeply distressing,” but the “dream of a whole, free Europe … should not be walked away from,” and “we’ve got to work this through consistent with our values.”


The implication was clear: Any response to what is rapidly becoming a state of war …  See More

Turnbull comments dangerous: Belgian envoy

We must not make any confusion…..

“It’s dangerous because it’s precisely what (Islamic State) wants – that we would make a confusion between terrorism and migrants and between terrorism and Islam,” Jean-Luc Bodson told the ABC on Thursday.

Enough With The Teddy Bears And Tears: It’s Time To Take Our Civilization Back

Teddy bears, tears, candles, cartoons, murals, mosaics, flowers, flags, projections, hashtags, balloons, wreaths, lights, vigils, scarves, and more. These are the best solutions the Western world seems to come up with every few months when we are slammed by another Islamist terrorist attack. We are our own sickness.

Since the world learned of the dozens dead, hundreds injured, and hundreds of thousands affected by Monday’s attack on the NATO and European Union capital, we have seen an outpouring of what is commonly known as “solidarity”.

This word – most commonly associated with hard-left politics, trades union activism, socialism, and poseur indie rock bands – has come to mean very little in reality. In effect, “standing in solidarity” with someone now means that you have observed the situation, changed your Facebook profile picture accordingly, and patted yourself on the back.

And if like dead bodies Facebook profile pictures lost heat, it would be accurate to say that the Tricolores that adorned the social media profiles of many had hardly become cold before we were all changing the colours of the bands on the flags. From blue to black. From white to yellow. The blood red remains.


Because nowadays, teddy bears are the new resolve. They symbolise everything we have become in response to our way of life being threatened, and our people being slaughtered on our streets: inanimate, squishy, and full of crap.

Our security services and our police, hamstrung by political

correctness, are just as interested (or more?) in rounding up Twitter “hate speech” offenders than criminal, rapist, or terrorist migrants. Our borders are as porous as our brains. We refuse to realise that there are now literally millions of people amongst us who hate us. Who hate our way of life, and who will, one day, dominate our public life.


But of course, such statements are dismissed as fear-mongering, alarmist, or “out of touch with reality”. As if the data doesn’t exist, or the demographics aren’t shifting quickly enough to notice.

As if vast parts of our towns and cities haven’t become ghettos, or no-go zones, or hubs of child grooming activity, or terrorism.

As if mosques, schools, prisons, and universities aren’t used as recruiting grounds for radicals.

As if the blood of our countrymen hasn’t even been spilled at all.


Instead, we will now think deeply about how we can “reach out” to these populations. How we can “co-exist” and “be tolerant” of one another. As if toleration – which is actually the permittance of what is not actually approved or desired – is a healthy aspiration for a society.

It is as if we model our countries on the practice of bending over and “taking one for the team”, chastising those who fail to “tolerate” the most barbaric traditions of alien cultures. It is everything this cartoon – obviously branded “racist” – suggests.

“But come on, Raheem, not all immigrants, or Muslims, are criminals, or rapists…. you’re not!” 

Yeah – and look at me. Excoriated daily by Islamists on Twitter. Why? Because I’ve integrated and I love my country. Because I refuse to believe that an Islamic caliphate is the best thing for Britain, or anywhere, quite frankly. Where is my white (or brown) knight? Where are the voices of the moderate Muslim world defending me

Not that I need protection, or defence, but some people aren’t as hard headed or resolved as I am. 

Thusly, the albeit minority evil amongst British Muslims is thriving because good Muslims are doing nothing. At some point, we have to question why. I’m not sure most people are ready for the answers to that one.


So continue to sit there with your head in your hands. Mourning only to make yourself feel better. Missing people you never knew. Exclaiming, as the most immature of minds does: “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Expressing sympathy is no bad thing. But to be truly sympathetic towards someone under attack, one must be chivalrous, gallant, and unafraid.

Watching someone getting raped, and tweeting your solidarity with them is not enough. Human nature and goodness calls upon us to intervene. To assist. To free someone from their torture, and to save them from their demise.


It is not enough to scrawl “no fear” on a post it note, and stick it onto some £3 flowers.

We must be fearless in electing leaders who we feel will best keep us safe. It is one of the few areas of our lives in which we should be able to feel comfortable. We pay our taxes, you keep us safe.

If not, then we must arm ourselves. If our governments refuse to protect us, or even begin to use the tools with which we empower them against us: surveillance, counter-terror laws, detention, then we will need to take the law back into our own hands. We cannot be afraid of doing so. It is where our societies all sprung from.

The defence of ourselves as individuals. The defence of our families, our properties, our means of production, our communities, and our neighbours.


It is why arms sales to individuals has shot up since the migrant crisis in Europe. Many Germans are losing their faith in their elected leaders to protect them. The same applies in Sweden, and in Austria. Some people refuse to take being wiped out laying down. How quaint.

Belgium Mourns After Deadly Brussels Terror Attacks

It is also time to start to make serious, wide-reaching demands of our politicians on the subject of immigration and Islamism.

When U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump said what he said about a temporary ban on Muslim immigration to Britain, the tolerance lobby went into overdrive: full condemnations across the board from politicians – including presidents and prime ministers, across the media sphere, and you will recall the House of Commons debating a petition to ban the man from the country.

Now even the most politically correct of Hollywood luvvies is asking: is he really that wrong on this?

Because Mr. Trump has thought in a cycle longer than his potential presidency: what does the Western world look like in 20, 30, 50 years? What kind of societies do we leave to our children?


Do we leave cities with soldiers on patrol. With “peace” signs scrawled onto bomb-struck buildings? Or do we leave them safe places, with real promise for the future. Like our parents, or at least our parents’ parents, left us.

In order to confront this question, we have to get to the root cause of the problem. There is too much immigration, or at least, not enough hand-picked immigration, into the Western world today.

People of my age had no choice that our post-war leaders felt the heavy hand of post-colonial guilt on their shoulders, and decided to open up our countries, and flood us with “diversity”.

But we do have a choice to not make the same mistakes again. And we have a duty to correct the ones that were made.

A Belgian flag, candles and a Teddy bear are pictured as people gather at a makeshift memorial on the Place de la Bourse (Beursplein) in Brussels on March 23, 2016, a day after a triple bomb attack, which responsibility was claimed by the Islamic State group, left 31 dead and hundreds injured in the Belgian capital. World leaders united in condemning the carnage in Brussels and vowed to combat terrorism, after Islamic State bombers killed 31 people in a strike at the symbolic heart of the EU. AFP PHOTO / KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / AFP / KENZO TRIBOUILLARD (Photo credit should read KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP/Getty Images)

And yes, that does mean exactly what you think it means. It means ending mass migration. It means smashing apart ghettos and no go zones. It means repealing laws that allow for Sharia councils. It means asserting what it means to be British, or European, or American, without fearing a backlash from the political left, or the media classes who scarcely see a face my colour let alone darker.

Let them riot. Let them cry.

I would far rather be subjected to ceaseless “direct action” by the scourges of my own society than import others.

At least if my fellow countrymen are deplorable, I won’t get called a racist for pointing it out.

So put down the teddy bears, burst the balloons, and let’s start demanding again that our countries are safe and civilised. And if we can’t find people who’ll make that happen for us… let’s do it ourselves.

Raheem Kassam is the Editor in Chief of Breitbart London. He tweets at @RaheemKassam and you can follow him on Facebook here


Amman (AFP) – EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini broke down in tears Tuesday after talking about the deadly attacks in Brussels, cutting short a news conference in Jordan.

The bombings marked “a very sad day for Europe as Europe and its capital is suffering the same pain that this region has known and knows every single day,” she said, speaking alongside Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh.

Mogherini said it was already clear that the blasts at Brussels airport and a metro station near the EU headquarters were attacks that resulted from radicalisation, and called for European and Middle Eastern leaders to work together to tackle the scourge.

“We are still waiting for more precise news on the dynamics of the attacks in Brussels but it is quite clear the roots of the pain we are suffering around our region are very much the same,” she said.

“We are united in not only suffering… but also reacting to these acts and preventing radicalisation and violence together.

“Being here together is the most powerful message of strength and friendship among our people that we can pass to those who would like to divide us,” she said.

“I will stop here. You will understand this. Today is a difficult day,” Mogherini added after speaking for several minutes, her voice wavering.

The former Italian foreign minister then became visibly overcome with emotion, prompting Judeh to cut short his own remarks and comfort Mogherini before escorting her from the room.

At least 21 people were killed in the triple blasts in the Belgian capital, which came days after the dramatic arrest by Brussels police of Salah Abdeslam — the prime suspect in Paris attacks claimed by the Islamic State group which killed 130 people in November.

One thought on “Brussels attack causes “anti-Muslim bigotry””

  1. Re: “The “underlying socio-economic” problems covered up by “right wing populists” who…. blah blah…”


    mortimer says
    March 24, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    The GRIEVANCE THEORY about Islam is a model from political science 101.

    It ignores the religious, textual basis of the Islamic grievance, because most of the poli-sci elitists want to appear clever and have been taught to look only for political or economic ‘GRIEVANCES’ as the ‘real’ explanation and minimize such matters as culture and religion as motivators. The study of Islam is complex and time-consuming, so the poli-sci elitists can’t be bothered with that boring stuff.

    Practically all poli-sci elitists are religiously ILLITERATE about Islam, and yet, they preposterously promote themselves as EXPERTS on Islam. They unashamedly spout twaddle about Islam!

    These puffed-up, unprepared stuffed shirts arrogantly explain Islam to us without having completed even the MINIMAL, BASIC READING LIST ON POLITICAL ISLAM that would give them the expertise to do so.

    Western political elites have not read the Koran, Sira or hadiths or canonical commentaries, and yet, want us to take their word about something they haven’t even read once.


    Jack Diamond says
    March 24, 2016 at 2:50 pm

    They actually can’t imagine people, educated people, smart people, taking religion seriously, so seriously as it would be their actual motivation. It can only be something they use to disguise their real motivations, for the benefit of the ignorant masses. Just as they think all the talk out of Iran is only for “public consumption” and no one could really mean it. Economics and power politics drive everything, or maybe the weather. And no one is more vain than these elitists and puffed-up opinion-shapers, they’d die before admitting they had been wrong. Death being the equivalent of out-of-print.

    March 25, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    That’s because their own faith in their Marxist “religion” insists their #1 alibi to excuse their own criminal desires and actions, including suicidal masochism and criminal negligence, is “historical predeterminism:” Where there is no free-will human choice, because we’re all really ever only helpless VICTIMS – of “society”/mere products of our environments, and, well, OK, “slaves of allah!!”


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