David Wood video: Fact-checking “10 Lies You Were Told about Islam”

David Wood of Answering Muslims fact-checks the viral video “10 Lies You Were Told about Islam,” which (surprise, surprise) turns out to be full of lies itself.

In other news:

Qatari Educational Software to Girls: Not Wearing Hijab Defies Allah, Brings You Closer to Satan

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    One goes to the doctor with a complaint.

    You are diagnosed with a cancer.

    The doctor informs you that, based on virtually tens of thousands of case histories, exactly what course the cancer will take. The doctor tells you of the signs and symptoms you will expect to see as the cancer grows, spreads and your body weakens and succumbs, an ending in death, to the cancer.

    However, there is hope for life, an avoidance of death, and based on these same tens of thousands of case histories, the doctor informs you that you have a 100% chance of recovering, with little loss of form or function, if you submit to an operation that will cut the entire cancerous tumor from your body.

    This medical analogy, in effect, is exactly what Western Civilization faces at the hands of the Muslim, at the hands of a walking, talking, deceitful, opportunistic, predatory, murderous parasite.

    So then consider the following 2 courses of action.


    You follow the doctors advice after reviewing the recommendations of his colleagues and the tens of thousands of case histories. After the operation your doctor is bedside and you inquire as to the success of the operation and are told is was a wild success. The doctor indicates that he was successful in removing almost all of the cancerous tumor.

    Almost all !!!!?????….you ask. What happened to “cut the entire cancerous tumor” from my body ????

    Well, the doctor offers breathlessly, I have decided to experiment with this cancer and remove only 90 % of it, I am hoping the remainder will not spread.

    “Hoping” you ask ????……hoping!!!!!??????


    You ignore the doctor’s advice, you ignore the tens of thousands of case histories, you thank the doctor for his time and go home.

    Over the next few months all the signs and symptoms the doctor told you about are manifest and still holding out hope that the tens of thousands of case histories and the recommendations of a respected and skilled physician are wrong, you cling to your delusions and die of………cancer.

    This, is exactly what we face in the West and we will die unless we heed the experts and over 1400 years of Islamic case histories and cut from our midst, in whatever manner is most effective, the entirety of the Muslim.

    Time is running out, we are weak and failing quickly, it is one minute to midnight.

    Don Laird

  2. All totalitarian agendas are cancerous. The West in fact has managed the demographics of Communism, Nazism, theocratic Vaticanism, also hyper Capitalism… This last one was forgotten and considered dried out with the 1st WW. Oil combined with a moderate and generous colonization revived the dried bone and fed the Trojan horses who slowly moved into the Intel Room of the West. The major one and most sophisticated of them sits close… very close… but you need to close your eyes to see it.

  3. Mentally masturbating about percentages is a waste of time. We already know that the apologists for muslam are liars. We already know that liberals/leftists lap same up like an old dog laps up cat vomit. There are enough moslems perpetrating death and destruction at any given moment to cover the face of the Earth, 24/7/365. All moslems support death and destruction to whatever degree in whatever form against the West. When I listen to the “moderates” and “reformed” and “apostate” moslems, odd, they sound just like the “extremists”.

    1. Indeed once you scratch the surface you start to understand. They’re all the same it just varies in degrees of politeness.

      I’ve come to understand this over the years when once upon a time i fell for the ‘they’re not all the same bullsh*t’. You just have to ask the right questions to get an understanding and boom you get it.

      Rule of thumb, if they have belief in that book, quran and believe in the necrophiliac, pedophile mohammad then they’re just as bad as the excremist who openly shouts.

    1. @Uncle Vladdi

      He’s a little clunky and needs some polish and practice, a ex-Muslim, but Jihadwatch has 3 videos made by this ex- Muslim on the relationship between ISIS and Islam.

      This kid needs work and practice but the videos are good.

      Worth watching.

      Don Laird

  4. David Woods last few sentences are spot on.(about humanity and why he does this video)

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