Hey, you European racists! Open up! We want what you have!

“Migrants?” Mohammedan savages. Degenerates. Just more proof that none of them should ever be allowed to settle in Europe.

Migrants Place Babies On Train Tracks, Demand ‘Racist’ Europe Open It’s Borders
Migrants have placed their babies; toddlers and young children on railway tracks in Greece in a bid to blackmail EU authorities into reopening the borders.–BREITBART.COM

A COUPLE who flew migrants into Britain for ONE DAY to claim £1.6million in benefits are facing jail after their bogus scam was exposed.

Pallywood from Macedonia:

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As I’ve always said, demographics sneaks up on you. The overall statistical picture for a country is muddled because there’s a high number of elderly natives balanced against a young Muslim population.

So the various estimates of the Muslim population of France have ranged from 7.5% to 15%. As a practical generational reality, it’s 25%.

An investigation of the French youths’ religious beliefs was conducted last spring by Ipsos. It surveyed nine thousand high school pupils in their teens on behalf of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Sciences Po Grenoble, and was released on February 4, 2016, by L’Obs, France’s leading liberal newsmagazine. Here are its findings:

38.8% of French youths do not identify with a religion.
33.2% describe themselves as Christian.
25.5% call themselves Muslim.
1.6% identify as Jewish.
Only 40% of the young non-Muslim believers (and 22% of the Catholics) describe religion as “something important or very important” ;
But 83% of young Muslims agreed with that statement.

This is the future of France. No secular Republic. No equality. No freedom. Just violence, civil war and terrorism.