Hijabbery with Dolce & Degenerati

When Dolce & Gabbana showcases modestwear, you know something is changing in the fashion world. Harriet Walker on the $320 billion Islamic clothes market – and how it is becoming part of mainstream style. (Sydney Moonbat Herald)

Some facts:

The global apparel market was valued at US$1.7 trillion in 2012

Total Global apparel exports are worth approximately USD 412 billion (2011) and global textile exports USD 294 billion.

(Islam has next to nothing to do with it.)

A model wears the new collection of hibabs and abayas by Dolce & Gabbana. Photo: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

Islamopuffery in the “Sydney Morning Herald”: Hijab Chic

Christina McIntosh


Of course, it’s not ‘hijab’. The latest fashionable euphemism for the Muslim female Gang Colours, Sharia Badge or, to be blunt, Slave Rag, is… “Modestwear.”  Which, of course, implies that any unislamic female dress is not Modest….which would imply that every single Infidel female, no matter how modestly (by our standards) she is dressed, is garbed in.. Slutware.  Nobody, in the rush to pander to the much-ballyhooed Muslim Market (which of course is supposed to be so much bigger and growing so much faster than any other ‘market sector’ on planet earth? – really? last I heard there were an awful lot of non-Muslim Chinese and Indians, or don’t their fashion tastes count?) seems to be thinking about that.  And what it implies about the Muslim worldview.

A piece of breathless Islamopuffery from Harriet Walker of Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald.  Or should I call it Hijabbery, which is what this sort of thing has been dubbed by one sardonic Australian observer of the push for Islamisation of absolutely everything and everywhere.

The global Islamic fashion market is predicted to be worth nearly $465 billion by 2020. Photo: Courtesy of Dolce and Gabbana

This is almost certainly a fantasy figure. Nearly 80% of Muslims live on a dollar a day. Just like the hilariously exaggerated figures that drive the halal racket, there is no multimillion dollar “Islamic fashion” market. Its BS.

“Under Cover: The Rise and Rise of Islamic Fashion”.

“When Dolce and Gabbana showcases modestwear you know something is changing in the fashion world.

And not for the better.   Cue more infidel female conversions to Islam, more Samantha Lewthwaites. – CM

“Harriet Walker on the $320 billion Islamic clothes market – and how it is becoming part of mainstream style.”

The Islamisation of fashion.  I’m sorry, but this just gives me the creeps, when I think about those kidnapped Christian girls of Chibok, or the kidnapped and enslaved and gang-raped under-aged Christian and Yazidi sex-slaves in the Islamic State caliphate in Iraq and Syria, or the raped, tortured, murdered domestic slave/ maids all over the Gulf states. Islamic misogyny, sex-slavery, wife-beating, child brides, forced ‘marriages’, the FGM that is declared obligatory by the Shafiite school of Sunni Muslim sharia and is approved or tolerated – but never condemned, nor forbidden – by the other three schools, and honour murders are airbrushed into oblivion as we focus, hypnotised, upon some doe-eyed Muslimah in her faux-demure headscarf that deceptively mimicks the nun’s wimple but signifies nothing, nothing of the kind. – CM

‘When Mariah Idrissi became the first Muslim face of the fashion brand H & M (“the first Muslim face” – let’s stop and think about that phrase for a while – would one speak of “the Jewish face” or “the Hindu face” or “the Buddhist face” or “the Christian face” or the “Sikh face” of a fashion house or brand?  – if not, why not? and why then is it such a big deal to have a “Muslim” face?? especially since, the more devotedly Islamic a society begins, the more likely it is that a Muslim woman’s face will vanish altogether behind the niqab or the burka that hides even the eyes  – CM) she was prepared for the negative comments that would inevitably accompay the image of her posing in a headscarf and glasses.

Because as a Muslim she was all geared up to cry victim. – CM

‘What she hadn’t bargained on was where many of them would come from.  “I thought it would be bitchy women”, says the 23 year old London native.  “Or non-Muslims.  But it was Muslim guys saying “This isn’t Hijab.”, that it wasn’t Islam. (Surprise! Surprise! you really didn’t expect this my dear little Muslimah? Any Infidel who has taken the trouble to inform themselves about Islam could have predicted it. – CM)  I could brush off the rest, but with them it felt more personal. They’re supposed to be defending me.”

Because .. Loyalty and Enmity. She’s out there doing dawa by any other name, polishing Islam’s image the better to lure those Infidel suckers in, and instead of applauding the male members of the Gang are slamming her for being.. insufficiently Islamic. Oh, dear. – CM

‘Not that she needed them.  Idrissi was inundated not with abuse but with messages of thanks from Muslim women around the world, grateful to her for empowering them, and helping them to feel glamorous, fashionable, and on the radar.

Empowering’.  Making the Slave RAg, the Sharia Badge, look ‘cool’. – CM

‘One French woman (that is: “One Muslim woman resident in France” – CM) even won an argument with her employer about being allowed to wear her hijab in the work-place, on the back of Idrissi’s appearance in the H & M ad.

And thus this photo from a fashion mag became a means by which the Islamisation of France was advanced, and laicite diminished.  A Muslimah got to wear her Sharia Badge – the functional equivalent of the flag of Jihad – in the workplace. – CM

“Muslim women face criticism of this kind all the time, from the very depressing all-black clothing, to people telling Muslim women they’re oppressed, despite what they say”, says Shelina Janmohamed, vice-president at Ogilvy Noo, the marketing company’s specialist Muslim arm (and, pray, why do they need ‘a specialist Muslim arm’ in the first place? – do they have a specialist Christian, or Jewish, or HIndu, or Buddhist arm? if not, why not? has anyone ever raised this question? – CM) and author of “Generation M: New Muslims, New Style”.

Ah yes, Muslim women are so, so liberated…  But are they free to leave Islam?  Get involved with a non-Muslim man without demanding that he convert to Islam?  Take off the hijab altogether and leave it off?  What happens if a Musllim girl or woman, whether within the dar al islam or within one of the many aggressively-proliferating Mohammedan colonies world-wide, does any one or more of those three things?  She’s likely to wind up dead.  The reality is that Muslims commit about 90 percent of all known ‘honour’ murders of women and girls, world-wide.  And in every country where Muslims dominate  there is rampant Muslim male predation – of the most brazen kind – upon the females, even the under-aged females, of the remnant non-Muslim minorities.  Girls, even as young as twelve, are seized, ‘disappeared’, raped, drugged, beaten, terrorised and brutalised into declaring their conversion to Islam, and are then proudly paraded – swathed in Hijab – as proof, proof! of the supremacy of Islam. Sometimes the kidnapped female is a young bride, a young wife.  And not one Muslim cleric in any country where this happens, nor any member of the judiciary, police force or government of those countries, has ever sought to make possible the liberation, and return to her family, of any one of such kidnapped and abused and ‘force-‘converted’ girls or women.  – CM

‘Modestwear, also called Islamic fashion, has evolved to cater to a fast-growing consumer base of women that marketeers are calling “Muslim futurists”. They’re educated, have good jobs and earning power, and fashion is important to them. Ninety percent of them say their religion influences their purchases.

‘Modestwear’.  What a truly Orwellian phrase. – CM

‘One need only look at the chasm between the red carpet and reality-TV stars on theone hand and the front row on the other to see the taste status that now comes with covering up.

Yup, do that Dawa, Ms Walker. Covering up – but not covering up as such, it has to be Muslim-stylecovering up – is now ‘cool’, is being presented to young infidel girls as cool.  – CM

‘Recently the industry has been peddling a type of androgyny to the fashion crowd – a uniform of baggy funnel-neck jumpers, tunic shirts, and capacious culottes that has taken on an aspect of intellectual snobbery.  “The outlier is influencing the mainstream”, says Janmohamed. “And that outlier is Islam”.

Islamise fashion, make Islam fashionable… get them all to dress like Muslims and soon they’ll be blithely rattling off the Shahada… and then and then only will they find out about the Apostasy Law.  And then, for all except the bravest and smartest, it will be Too Late. – CM

‘The $320 billion global Islamic fashion market is predicted to be worth nearly $465 billion by 2020 (where is all this money coming from? – petrodollars, I suppose, for the most part – CM) once developing countries stabilise their electronic payment technology and online capabilities.  Muslim customers already account for 11 percent of all the money spent on clothes globally.

Hm.  Muslims comprise, roughly speaking 23 percent of the world’s population. Many people in most non-oil-rich Muslim lands are dirt poor.   – CM

“I went into Zara the other day”, says Idrissi, “And the first thing I saw was a mannequin dressed very modestly with the sort of turban Arab women wear. The high street is starting to see the need for it.”

Again, note the hint of triumphalism.  Islam is getting in everywhere.  And note the equation of “Islamic” with “modest”, which implies that “non-Islamic” = “immodest”. – CM

‘The word Hijab is used to describe the headscarves worn by most Muslim women, but it also refers to the practice of covering the [female – CM] body in accordance with the Koran.

And the Hadiths. Don’t forget those, Ms Walker. Check them out, sometime. – CM

‘In mixed company (although not with male family members) everything but the face and hands must be covered, and clothing cannot be sheer, tight or revealing.  It can’t imitate menswear, either, because the wearer has to be identifiably a woman.

And, Ms Walker, you might like to find out what the Sharia has to say about required dress for Infidel sex slaves.  They must be naked from the waist up. To show that they are slaves, and there to be used and abused as their Muslim male owners see fit.  Read the testimony from Yazidi and Christian sex-slaves who have somehow managed to escape, or been ransomed.  Find out how their – truly, madly, deeply orthodox Muslim male masters forced them to undress, and to ‘dress’, if it could be called dress.  Read some of the testimony, also, from the multiple trials of Muslim pimps and rapists in the UK; find out how their infidel girl victims,many of them obscenely under-aged, were made to dress.  And then have a good long think about the oft-repeated claim that Islam specially protects and values women’s ‘modesty’.  – CM

‘The major brands now have this sector in their sights. DKNY, Mango and Tommy Hilfiger have all launched Ramadan and Eid capsule collections featuring maxi-skirts and long-sleeved blouses in their Arab outposts in the past 12 months.  Uniqlo’s collaboration with Muslim designer Hana Tajima went live globally, selling tunics, tailored denim trousers, and hijabs made from breathable fabrics.

Very telling detail, that.  ‘Breathable fabrics’. Before the Filthy Infidels invented breathable fabrics, what did Muslim females, for 1400 years, all over the dar al Islam, do?  They were swathed, willy-nilly, in NON-breathable fabrics, even when living in some of the hottest and most insufferably humid places on earth. – CM

‘Earlier this year, Dolce and Gabbana released images of its new line of hijabs and abayas made from the same fabrics as its spring 2016 collection.  The label will not disclose how much these pieces will cost – prices will likely be prohibitive – but the move shows how modestwear is affecting mainline collections.

“We’ve had Muslim women crying out for fashion for nearly a decade.” says Janmohamed. “What they’ve been doing until now is using their entrepeneurial skills to set up their own small brands and create a whole industry.”

‘Last year British modestwear label Aab became the first Islamic fashion brand to open in a mainstream shopping mall in Britain.  Alongside traditional abayas and salwar tunics it sells shirt-dresses, jump-suits and coats that not ony comply with the rules of hijab but also with the sort of sleek layering that even Kim Kardashian has come around to of late.

“We fuse modest (sic: Islamic – CM) dressing with catwalk trends to challenge the status quo that someone who dresses modestly(sic: Islamically; it is perfectly possible for a western or other Infidel woman to be modest and NOT dress ‘Islamically’ ; to be modest in shorts and a T-shirt; to be modest whilst having one’s ears, neck, decolletage and oh, shock, horrors! the hair on one’s head visible to other human beings – CM) can’t be stylish, says creative director Nazmin Alim.

‘There are plenty more too.  Haute Elan was founded by investment banker Romanna Bint-Abubaker in 2012, while ModLi, set up by an Israeli woman, Nava Brief-Fried, with the aim of serving Orthodox Jews, is just as popular among Christians and Muslims.

But orthodox Jews, and Christians, do not view all non-adherent women as being  by defintion immodest. Which, when it comes down to it, Islam does.There is a very real difference between a Muslimah flaunting her Sharia Badge, on the one hand, and a Hindu, or Jewish, or Christian, or Sikh or Buddhist woman dressing in what she deems to be modest and appropriate garb in public, on the other.   The Muslim garb is at bottom a political statement, a statement of allegiance to the Sharia ordering of the world, a declaration of Gang loyalty that is also an implicit threat to every non-Islamically-dressed woman that the wearer encounters.  The Jew, or Christian, Hindu or Sikh is not even beginning to think in those sorts of terms.– CM

Barjis Chohan is another modestwear designer, who trained at Vivienne Westwood and sells her pieces online.

‘Although most Muslims are delighted by the fashion industry’s new interest in them (Muslims are delighted by any sign of interest in Islam, for such interest is seen as a precursor to the interested Infidels’ eventual Submission, their absorption into the Ummah  – CM) it is also a source of tension.

‘Can the faithful buy modest pieces from a brand that also advertises skimpy bikinis?

‘How does the fashion world sit with the ethics (sic: see my remarks, above, on the subject of the thoroughly-orthodox Islamic practices of polygyny, forced ‘marriage’, child ‘marriage’, wife-beating, FGM, forced veiling, honour murders and sexual enslavement of non-Muslim females – CM) of Islam?

“There’s a constant debate: ‘How do I balance not being extravagant with ensuring that I enjoy myself and express my identity?” says Janmohamed.  “For some, hijab is a statement about who they are.

Indeed.  It is a statement of their membership in and loyalty to the Allah Gang.  For more on this subject, one might consult Chahdortt Djavann, who experienced forced veiling in Khomeini’s Iran and, now resident in France, argued strongly and cogently in support of the French ban on wearing of  hijab in schools and on the wearing of the burka in the public square.  Here is N Maruani writing about Djavann in an article published in Jerusalem Post, January 2010, entitled “Ban the Hijab”.


From that article, I quote – “She [Djavann] writes that the veil cannot be presented as a personal choice, disregarding centuries of Islamic history…. Djavann explains further, “The veil has never been innocent or innocuous.  It has always signified the submission of women to men and the denial of legal rights to women in Islamic countries.”

‘Addressing the growing phenomenon of veiled women in Europe (and everywhere else! – CM) Djavann points out its centrality to Islamist propaganda. “The political, ideological and psychological impact of the veil goes far beyond its appearance…. If this weren’t the case, why would the Islamists make it their main focus?… It constitutes a constant call to order by Islamic law.” (That is: the Sharia of Islam – CM).

‘Djavann stresses that Islam can exist without the veil but the Islamist system (one must assume she means the Sharia order that is the end-game of Islam – CM) cannot, because “the veil is the symbol, the flag and the keystone of the Islamic system”…”.

Now, back to Harriet Walker in the Sydney Morning Herald, who understands nothing, but nothing, of all this. – CM

‘Hence the explosion of hijabi Instagrammers.  While you won’t find any bikini shots of #hotdoglegs on these feeds, there is a preponderance of bejewelled nose rings, perfectly winged eye-liner and fake lashes.  Dutch blogger (that is: Netherlands-resident Muslim blogger – CM) Ruba Zai has 543,000 followers, while Russian-based Nabiilabee has 285,000.  Eslimah is an Estonian in Qatar with 130,000.

Right. So these are the Islamic fashionistas. Less than a million worldwide. Lets say they all spend $5.000.00 dollars a year on clothes, which they don’t, that would make $50 million dollars. That’s it.  5 Prada or Gucci shops in Hongkong turn that over in a year. Insignificant.

‘Muslims are enthusiastic consumers.  When brands target them, and do so in a way that is respectful to Islam ( because Islam always and everywhere demands Respect, and then some! – but shall we ask Harriet Walker, our breathless reporter, to have a good long think about whether Islam shows much sign of giving Respect, especially in Muslim-dominated countries, to anything and anyone that is not Islamic? – CM) they are delighted.

All such offerings of Respect, the more fawninly and grovellingly offered the better, are ‘read’ as Kuffar recognition of and Submission to the superiority and Dominance of Islam, Islam, Islam; to Muslims, the allah-ordained slavemasters of the whole wide world. They are seen as precursors to conversion, Islamisation; harbingers of the imminent Victory of Islam, Islam, Uber Alles. – CM

‘Not only that,they will recommend it to everyone they know; that’s the power of the Ummah, or Muslim community.

Ah, yes, the Muslim bloc vote that has been so destructive and corrupting of the political process in India, in the UK, and many other places. – CM

‘Why, then, are so many of the models for modestwear Caucasian and (possibly) non-Muslim?  It’s to do with logistics.

‘Take Dolce & Gabbana’s hijab model, for instance.  “She’s booked from a model agency”, Idrissi says, “which tells me she doesn’t wear a hijab.  You need to be really flexible to be a model, which isn’t feasible for us.  I couldn’t be a runway model – partly because i’m five foot four (162 centimetres). I ‘d need to have my own ensuite to change in because there are men there.  Even if they’re gay, it’s still a guy.”

“I don’t mind” she continues. “If we want a Western brand to use Arab, Asian, or black people, we should, when it’s our brands, use everyone too.  Islam is not a religion for one demographic.”

Indeed.  Islam aims at nothing less than a global caliphate: a global sharia despotism within which every human being on earth will be either a Muslim, or a degraded, humiliated and exploited near-slave Dhimmi, or… dead.  

Now, for more on the standard Islamic view of women, and in particular, how Islam views unveiled – uncovered, unislamically-dressed – women, see this classic article from Front Page, a symposium of scholars, discussing the subject “To Rape An Unveiled Woman”. It bears careful re-reading in the light of events in Cologne at New Year’s, and the ongoing revelation of the extent of male Muslim predation upon non-Muslim females in the UK. And it reveals just how awful – and how dangerous, because of how thoroughly disinforming – is the article I have just examined, from the Sydney Morning Herald; how much Ms Walker is covering over, or refusing to see, or has never been encouraged to discover.


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