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Following the Brussels bombings, Mark Steyn observes:

We have untold battalions of tilty-headed wankers wielding hashtags and candles and flowers and teddy bears and unending reprises of “Imagine”.

We also have dumb Swedish chicks in hijabs, who for the time being are allowed to wear them voluntarily. For the time being. All of this softheaded solidarity doesn’t seem to be working:

The French Interior Minister has said an arrest in a Paris suburb this morning has thwarted a fresh attack on the capital.

Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has told local media that an anti-terror operation sealed a section of General Delambre Boulevarde in Argenteuil. Residents were evacuated as masked police swarmed the area.

One person ‘with ties to a terror organisation’ has been arrested. 

Another six were arrested overnight in Brussels.

Turnbull says multi-culturalism and tolerance will defeat terrorism.
Good one. And  lollipops will stop armed robberies. And rainbows will defeat North Korea.–Read More
Kick Malcolm Turnbull OUT of the Liberal Party NOW's photo.
Turncoat of Ostrayastan
The Daily Sheeple Really? REALLY?? All we have to do to besides strike and arrest them to defeat ISIS is to say “You do not have power over us?”

The magic negro knows whats un-American. He also knows that Muslims should be above the law and no matter how many of us they kill, it wouldn’t “make sense” to put them under surveillance. Lefties support his treason, read the comments:

Obama Says Singling Out Muslims ‘Makes No Sense’
President Obama joined the growing chorus Wednesday condemning Sen. Ted Cruz for calling on cops to “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods”.
Veterans For The Conservative Party of Canada's photo.

Another deep thought from the Canadian Prime Minister

Hillary Clinton: ‘Walls Will Not Protect Us’ from Islamic State

Again, she mindlessly repeats whatever Huma whispers in her ear….

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton presented a speech on counterterrorism at Stanford University on Wednesday.

hence the reputation/stereotype DUMB BLONDE

Dozens of Swedish Women Show Support for Islam By Taking Selfies in Hijab after Brussels Massacre
What will the pope kiss next?

Here’s the Pope now, helpfully feeling himself subdued.

Pope foot washing

“‘Children of the same God’: Pope Francis washes the feet of Muslim migrants,” by Elahe Izadi, Washington Post, March 25, 2016:

The One-Stop Shop for All Your Terror-Sentimentalizing Needs

by Mark Steyn


  1. Regarding the Pope … I’m thinking Ebola, hookworms, tapeworms, Anthrax, Rinderpest, toe jam, MERS, stench, maggots …
    Go for it, Francis.


    Right in the middle of a memorial to the butchered and if one person stepped forward and put a bullet in this Muslim’s head, or condemned him it would be considered a “hate-crime”.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Well one growth area will be police, security and associated equipment as we see metal detectors, bomb sniffing dogs and endless queues everywhere. This will be the new world as mall shopping, travelling, museums and sites will take ten times as long to do thanks to this barbaric cult. A few countries such as Japan will be spared this nightmare.

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