Islamic Terrorism & the Leftarded Cult(-ure) of Denial

Ecclesiastes 10:2:

The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.

Terrorism and the culture of denial

Miranda Devine X – Sunday, March 27, 2016

HOURS after the Islamic State ­attack on Brussels last week, ABC’s TV panel show The Drum displayed a graphic: “0.5 per cent of terror-­related deaths have occurred in the West over past 15 years.”

Accompanying the line was an asterisk: “* Excluding September 11, 2001.”

Last time I looked, September 11, 2001 was within the past 15 years. So why, if you are calculating the number of terrorism deaths in the West in the last 15 years, would you exclude the terrorist attack that killed the most people: 3000 slaughtered in two hours, including 10 Australians.


Paris suspect Abdeslam questioned for just ONE HOUR as he was ‘too tired’

BELGIUM authorities have been heavily criticised for questioning Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam for just one hour as he was ‘too tired’ – fearing they missed the opportunity to stop the Brussels massacre.—EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY REBECCA FLOOD

It makes no sense, unless you are doing a PWC-style creative ­accounting job to fit an agenda.

And what is the ABC’s agenda?

It is to deny the threat of Islamist terrorism. To engender complacency and avoid confronting the fact that Islamists are bringing their war to the West. It’s cultural relativists telling us we have no right to feel aggrieved by the attacks in Brussels or Paris or Sydney or Melbourne, because there are more terrorist atrocities in the Middle East and Africa.

But there’s a reason our civilised Judaeo-Christian societies are peaceful, compared with broken Islamic states racked by religious civil wars, which are spawning a murderous totalitarian ideology that threatens the world. Our culture is superior and we want to keep it that way.

Yet the left is still clutching at straws to deny the undeniable. As the blood of innocents fills the streets of Europe, and the hysterical cries of wounded children on the Brussels Metro haunt our dreams, the very people who weakened our defences are now busy pretending there isn’t a problem.

The Belgian ambassador to Australia took great offence last week when Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull criticized Belgium’s handling of the terrorist threat and said Islamic State was smuggling terrorists into Europe in Angela Merkel’s refugee flood.

Anyone who denies this fact, evidenced by the fake Syrian passports found on attackers in Paris and Brussels, is part of the problem that is metastasising through the West.

But Ambassador Jean-Luc Bodson’s umbrage speaks volumes about the culture of denial in Brussels, the capital of Europe, the headquarters of the EU and Nato, also its most Islamic city, and its most fertile jihadi recruitment ground. Even when your own people are lying dead and maimed, deny, deny deny.

It is a case study in how the West is hastening its own ­decline, and how socialist sensibilities, political correctness and soft policing have engineered the conflict we see now.

For instance, the sole surviving Paris terrorist suspect, Salah Abdeslam, managed to hide for five months in the centre of Brussels, in his home neighbourhood of Molenbeek, the “terror capital” of Europe.

Yet, despite the obvious threat he posed, when security forces discovered his whereabouts, two days after the Paris attacks last November, they were hampered by a Belgian law that forbids police raids ­between 9pm and 5am. By the time police got there, Abdeslam had slipped away to plot some more, with obvious tragic consequences.

A chilling article in La Libre Belgique last week by Belgian Senator Alain Destexhe describes how leftist complacency spawned Belgium’s ­Islamism crisis and blames Molenbeek’s former socialist mayor of two decades Philippe Moureaux.

Between 1993 and 2012, mayor Moureaux ushered in a generation of Muslim radicals, mainly from Morocco or Turkey, who kept him in power, and who silenced critics by calling them Islamophobic. Sound familiar?

Fundamentalist Salifist imams and teachers funded by Saudi Arabia were imported to spread their ideological poison.

Molenbeek, now more than 40 per cent Muslim, became the fastest growing place in Belgium.

Destexhe calls Moureaux a “media darling … both mayor of Molenbeek, Brussels president of the Socialist Federation and vice-president of the National Socialist Party, he would create an atmosphere of intellectual terror against which few dared to stand up …

“For 20 years, a kind of omerta reigned. Those who objected were Islamophobic or racist.

“Federally, Senator Moureaux had a ringside seat to simplify legislation on family reunification and the acquisition of nationality.

“Molenbeek gradually became an area of lawlessness, where agents of the water or electricity services must be accompanied by police, where almost all restaurants are closed during Ramadan, when ‘dirty Jew’ has become a common insult, where schools are deserted during the festival of Eid, and where blondes and those who dare to wear short skirts are regularly treated as whores or sluts.”

Moureaux is gone but the damage is done. Weak, socially progressive Belgium, with its paedophilia scandals, its liberal euthanasia laws (which even include children), has became Europe’s most hospitable host of the Islamist cancer.

But at least Belgium’s failures provide us with a salutary lesson of what not to do.

After Brussels jihad massacre, people seek the truth about Islam behind the media myths

Six spots for various editions of three of my books in Amazon’s top ten bestsellers in Islamic History. I’m grateful to be able to provide this service. As the media once again bombards us with bogus stories about “anti-Muslim backlash” and how Islam really, really is a religion of peace despite the endlessly growing mountain of evidence to the contrary, it is good to see that large numbers of people are recognizing this propaganda for what it is, and looking for the truth elsewhere.

One thought on “Islamic Terrorism & the Leftarded Cult(-ure) of Denial”

  1. To backwards excuse-making idolaters, noticing anothers’ crimes and daring to complain about them is exactly the same thing, if not actually worse, than committing those same crimes yourself!

    It’s because their own faith in their Marxist “religion” insists their #1 alibi to excuse their own criminal desires and actions, including suicidal masochism and criminal negligence, is “historical predeterminism:” Where there is no free-will human choice, because we’re all really ever only helpless VICTIMS – of “society”/mere products of our environments, and, well, OK, “slaves of allah!!”


    Liberal criminals have been told and told, and given all the facts many times, yet keep on insisting that “Islam (‘just like the Bibles’) is contradictory and unclear, therefore it’s only an opinion!”

    Then they say we have no right to self-defense, because defending our selves with violence from islam’s criminal initiatory violence will somehow make us equally as bad as they – as if self defense is as immoral as the criminals’ offensive violence.

    They decry us as being immoral for lumping all muslims together – and yet that’s exactly what islam does, and is in fact islam’s only reason for existing: to lump together and declare eternal violence against all the world’s non-muslims!

    So they say they’re against people who lump together all the members of a different religion and then advocate for the use of violence to attack them, (even in self-defense) but they really only mean they’re against that sort of thing when it’s white people doing it in response to the swarthy “muslim” criminals declarations of intent on doing it first!

    So just ask liberals to clarify:

    “Are you against people who lump all the members of other religions together, and then endorse the use of violence against them all – Yes or No?”

    When they say “Yes, of course!”

    Then ask them: “Is it permissible to use violence to defend one’s self &/or innocent others from such violence-initiating people – Yes or No?”


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