Not all cultures are alike. We don’t share the same values.

Not all cultures are alike. It’s not racist to say so

Andrew Bolt

Denis Dragovic, academic and former aid worker, is right:

There is a presumption that all cultures resemble our culture, with the same hopes, aspirations, norms and rules. The arrogance of this view emerges through the idea that our values are universal. This argument, commonly held by the left, sees Western European history and its roots in Christianity as inconsequential. Instead, the human rights movement that went global in the 20th century is somehow regarded as common to all peoples and nations.

cannibal culture
Ahh, its your culture! Why didn’t you say so!

Any view of human rights that doesn’t fit the Western narrative, from the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam that was supported by Muslim states, to the Bangkok Declaration representing Asian values, is simply ignored. Instead, Western values are thought to be universal values and any effort to identify distinction is side-stepped or critiqued as racist.

This approach is dangerous because presuming that all societies operate within the same moral code and aspire to the same goals leaves Australia unprepared for the challenges that Germany faces today – maintaining social cohesion, countering economic disenfranchisement and responding to radicalisation.

That is why we have to accept that recognising and discussing differences between cultures is not racism, and that we need to have these discussions before circumstances dictate the outcome.  

Culture matters. This wilful blindness about cultural difference must end, and with it the shut-up screams of “racist!”.

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    My grandfather is buried in the Henri-Chappelle American Cemetery in Belgium.

    Below is an essay I wrote called “Cicero’s Nightmare”.

    At the end of it you will find a link to another essay I wrote called “An Open Letter To England by Don Laird”

    In light of the spectacular display of cowardice of the Belgian’s I am ashamed, deeply and regrettably ashamed, that my grandfathers bones rest on the soil of a nation of frightened, grovelling cowards.

    My grandfather served with the Calgary Highlanders from 1939 until September 1944. In the fall of 1944 he requested leave and release from the Calgary Highlanders to join his countrymen. He was granted that leave and, serving with General James “Jumpin’ Jim” Gavin, he met his death in February of 1945 with over 1600 of his comrades of the 505th Parachute Regiment, 82nd Airborne.

    He is buried in Plot B, Row 8, Grave 37 of the American Cemetery in Henri-Chapelle, Belgium. In addition to the Purple Heart listed he was also awarded an additional Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. This in addition to Canadian service medals, the American Airborne Wings and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

    Robert Bernard Kyllo, service #’s, Canadian #M10515 and American #6703944. His bones rest here:

    As God is my witness, I curse, now and forever, the people of Belgium, God damn each and every cowardly one of them.

    God damn them for their sickening ingratitude and for the mockery they have made of my family’s sacrifice, my family’s gift to their nation.

    May the blackest shame be their lives and may they live forever. And while I may imperil my own soul with these words, so be it; I wish, with the deepest sincerity, that Belgium watches its sons and daughters, each and every one, suffer public humiliation and a prolonged and agonizing death at the hands of their new Muslim masters. They deserve nothing less.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    PART ONE…..



    …………“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”………..

    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero, 107 – 43 BC, Roman philosopher, politician, lawyer, orator, political theorist, consul and constitutionalist

    Let us begin.

    This, the Oregon killer’s love of, and allegiance to, Islam and his cold blooded execution of his victims based on their faith, is what you will never see on Marxist Mainstream Media and their transparent, purposeful exclusion of fact speaks only of one thing; treason.

    Dear patriots, dear patriots across North America, across Europe, across the United Kingdom and wherever civilized and Free Men subsist, know that sooner or later we will have to embrace what we have turned our backs on for several decades.

    We will have to pay the account, the growing account, the delinquent account, the account we have incurred for decades. We will have to face that fact that our cowardice, our ignorance, our apathy, our indifference, our stupidity and our ingratitude has emboldened and strengthened our enemies. We must face the truth that now the task we face in ridding ourselves of our enemies, both domestic and immigrated, will require blood. And, I fear, rivers of that blood.

    You see, taking historical note, the difference between America in the 1950’s and our Western civilized countries today is remarkable and stark.

    In the 1950’s Senator Joe McCarthy faced a domestic enemy, communists, largely in the form of a few political and Hollywood elite. The task in routing and neutralizing these communist fifth columnists, relatively easy to identify, was not easy but certainly not impossible as reflected in the successful annihilation of America’s domestic traitors. Worthy of note is that, unlike the indifference of America today, Senator McCarthy was supported by the vast majority of American citizens, a citizenry better informed and better equipped to rout from their midst and severely punish those who would harm America. However, in comparison to the enemies we face today that same task seems as little more than idle child’s play.

    Today, across North America, Europe and the United Kingdom we face enemies on all sides, from within our midst to those that now rush our borders and shores, they number in the tens and hundreds of thousands.

    We face the treason and sedition, in fact the proudly bold and naked treason and sedition of our Marxist Mainstream Media agencies who purposely ignore, destroy or fog the truth, fact, reality and historical context of the nature of not only the Muslim today and its clearly and oft stated intent, but of its 1400 year campaign of death, destruction, division, distraction and domination.

    We face the treason and sedition of almost the entirety of the Western academia, communist social engineers the lot. Treacherous and conniving men and women who have enthusiastically taken their orders from the manifestos of hatred and treason written by those wretched vermin at the Frankfurt School. Orders to, “march through the institutions, and destroy our children’s minds and to fill the same with utter self-loathing and a hatred of not only their own people and culture but of the incredible and glorious accomplishments of the same, incredible and glorious accomplishments unparalleled, unequalled in the history of Mankind.

    We face the treason and activism of our judiciary as they defile their office and betray their oaths in embracing and canonizing terrorism and mass murder. Witness Madame Justice June M. Ross of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench who, in defiance of international agreement and enamoured of all things murderously Islamic (excuse the redundancy), set loose the unrepentant, convicted terrorist and murderer, the Muslim, Omar Khadr. A terrorist set loose amongst the unsuspecting and defenceless citizens of Canada to laugh and spit in the faces of the same, to plot the annihilation of the same and to openly and proudly walk amongst his Muslim kind and in so doing galvanizing the rock-star status bestowed upon him by the treasonous Canadian judiciary.



    Lest you be led astray with the impression that Madame Justice June Ross is an isolated case of judicial lunacy look to the conduct of the majority of Canadian judiciary throughout Canada’s federal and superior courts. Witness judges who fawn and favour the treasonous motions of Canada’s Legal Industry as found in the victories of Omar Khadr’s lawyers, the ultra Marxist Dennis Edney, himself an immigrant to Canada, and Nathan Whitling, Bridie Bethell and John Norris. No surprise of course that Western lawyers would fill the ranks of the vanguard to the Islamic Grand Jihad, for it was they and their brethren who have, for hundreds of years, designed many of the monstrous political movements that have filled “killing rooms” and countless mass graves to the brim with the rotting corpses of the dull-witted, the cowardly and the uninformed.

    As such, I ponder the immutable truth, that there are those, now growing exponentially in number, who favour one of the lines from Shakespeare’s Henry VI, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”, as not being a celebration of the nobility of the law profession and its defence of freedom and human rights, but rather as a course of action to remedy those who, quintessentially deluded, narcissistic and treasonous, seek to wrap the annihilation of civilization, freedom and human rights in the altruistic exercise of the rule of law. How wretched those who spirited avocations set loose madness and murder, how inevitable and infinitely just, their reward, their fate at the hands of those whose loved ones were butchered by the beneficiaries of those same spirited avocations.

    We face the naked and lustful treason of politicians as reflected in the actions of the vacuous spawn of Canada’s favourite communist, bigamist and now, thankfully dead, Pierre Trudeau. Witness Justin Trudeau, the insipid, talentless, self entitled spawn of Pierre the profligate elder, as he speaks at Muslim functions hosted by those Islamic organizations whose connections to 7th century barbarism, savagery and terrorism are no deep dark secret but that which is clearly stated, polished and proudly held aloft for all to see.

    Look to the treasonous Marxist, rabid environmentalist and member of Canadian parliament, Elizabeth May, as, porcine, vulgar and guttural, she mounted a stage and spewed a vomitous drunken rant wherein she deified the convicted terrorist and murderer Omar Khadr and held him to be above all, each and every one, of the patriotic, learned conservative cabinet ministers and members of Parliament.

    Ms. May is nothing if not attentive to detail and didn’t let her run for re-election stop her from exercising her love of outrageous hypocrisy as she wept rivers of crocodile tears in a public speech where she spoke of her “love” of Canadian soldiers, all whilst the brain damaged Capt Trevor Greene, in his wheelchair, played stageprop to Ms. May’s nauseating little charade. Of course no one at CBC or CTV mentioned that Capt Trevor Greene almost suffered the same fate that Omar Khadr’s victim, US Sgt Christopher Speer, did when Khadr murdered him in Afghanistan with a grenade. Predictably it was this same murder that Omar Khadr committed that has made him celebrated and de rigueur at any Liberal/Marxist social event. Welcome to Club Marxist where dues are paid in full upon proof of treason and acts of murder.

    We face the treason and sedition of our bureaucracy, at the municipal, provincial, state and federal levels. While our politicians come and go and citizens are given the illusion of having the power of influence and change in our legislatures and parliaments, it is the foundational bureaucracy that remains, decade after decade, unidentified, unaccountable, entrenched and untouchable, to continue their communist task of dismantling our culture, our society and our country, brick by brick, and smearing it with the excrement of Marx and Muhammad. And dismantle they do, every day and in every way, from the criminalization of Christmas to the celebration and promotion of sexual deviancy and the destruction of family.

    As an example, here in Canada we have been stunned with the terrifying and unabashed emergence of a totalitarian movement of the blackest and potentially murderous proportions as reflected in the actions of Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and his band of Nazis as they hold high the ominous Bill 59 and in so doing threaten free speech throughout Canada. Still limping from the Canadian Conservative Party’s promise kept to destroy Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, the totalitarian weapon of “hurt feelings”, the Quebec Marxists seek to arm themselves once again with a weapon that will silence and ravage all those who criticise, in any manner, not only the Muslim and its Islam but all Couillard’s crimes. Not being satisfied with the acquiring the crushing power of Marxist totalitarian legislation and statute, Couillard’s henchmen are now publically asking the Quebec academia to encourage their students to inform on their parents should they hear any disparaging or anti-party comments made at the dinner table.

    How wretched to turn brother against brother, father against son, mother against daughter, neighbour against neighbour, citizen against citizen. Oh how proud Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol-Pot and all the other totalitarian, communist meat packing glitterati would be of those who walk the halls of power in the West today, how so very very proud.

    Sadly, as we face threat to life and country we look over our shoulders and seek the assistance of those whose oath of allegiance, service and protection are sworn to save us harmless from chaos, anarchy, treason and tyranny. But instead of salvation and defense, looking over our shoulders we face the treason and sedition of the leaders of our law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies who, in sanitizing all referential and training manuals, practices, procedures and policies of all references to Islam, Muslims and Jihad, have instructed the rank and file under their command that the true enemies of the West are not the “humble, meek, mild and peaceful” Muslim and its Islam but their own countrymen, countrymen who rightfully and righteously object to the destruction of their country, their culture and their proud traditions. How ironic that our protectors have become our persecutors.

    In seeking a solution to our troubles we must understand that we, collectively, are our own worst enemy. It is our ignorance, our cowardice, our sloth, our ingratitude, our arrogance, our indifference, our stupidity and our indecisive dithering that has emboldened and empowered our enemies both foreign and domestic. Let us understand and take responsibility for our actions and inaction and understand that we, regardless of how dear, must pay the price for the same. Let us understand that we owe this to our children, to our grandchildren and great grandchildren. Let us understand that our ancestors, those men and women of far greater depth and breadth of character than we, stood with grit teeth, clenched fists and unswervingly, without flinching or whimper, stared death and tyranny in the face. They boldly stepped forward, they poured sweat and spilled blood and in so doing gave us a sacred, priceless and inviolate gift of freedom, progress and civilized self determination. Let their deaths not be in vain.

    Lastly, we can expect the Muslim to deal in blood, death, treason and treachery for these are the very things that defines it and has for 1400 years. These are the things that it lives and dies for, that it has for 1400 years. One can no more punish a pig for rolling in mud nor a dog for howling at the moon than one can punish a Muslim for its love of perversion, murder, madness and lunacy, its in their nature, its woven into their DNA. Let us deal with them in the only fashion with which they are familiar, let us speak their language loudly and clearly. Let us bleed rivers. Let them bleed oceans.

    In closing, we are surrounded by treason and treachery. Our enemies are legion and are growing in number owing to our fears and frailty. Let us set aside our fears, let us not be frail, let us set aside our humanity and let us trade in the currency of the Muslim and the Marxists and in so doing render them a distant memory, in so doing render them a vulgar footnote in history, a bad joke, a warning to errant children “Behave or the Muslim will get you”

    This we can do. This we must do. This we will do.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    Footnote: A few years ago I wrote a letter to England. It may be worth reading once more.

    You can read it here, or not.

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