Nothing will be done about Paris or Brussels

Belgian Imams Refuse to Pray for Souls of Non-Muslim Victims of Brussels Attacks

That’s not “divisive”, of course not.

According to the UAE-based Al-Ghad Al-Arabi TV channel, the council of Belgian imams rejected a recent initiative to pray for the souls of the victims of the Brussels terror attacks on the grounds that praying for non-Muslims ran counter to Islamic law. In the report, which aired on March 26, Sheikh Abdelhadi Sewif, Chief Imam of the Great Mosque of Brussels, said that one could get around this by avoiding the word “prayer” and calling it a show of solidarity with the families.–Published on 29 Mar 2016

Muslims Challenge Extremist  Devout Preachers

This is way too simplistic.  There are no “radical” and “moderate” Muslims. The “moderate Muslims” are just biting their time. They only differ in strategy from the “radicals”. The peaceful  mosqueteers believe in the same Islam, they just don’t think the time is right to strike yet. In the end, its demographics that decide the outcome. Those who engage in jihad terror are only waking up sleeping infidel dogs. That might cause the dreaded “backlash” that Muslims are so worried about.

These radical Islamist devout Muslim preachers took their extremist message to the streets of London and got shut down again and again by ordinary Muslims.

France: Hollande drops plans to strip nationality from those convicted of terror attacks

hollandeHollande never meant to act. That would be against his nature. He shouldn’t drop these plans.

He should find a way to do it. This is a war. The French citizens who are waging jihad against France only value their French nationality insofar as it enables them to kill French non-Muslims. These jihad killers aren’t “Frenchmen,” no matter what the mainstream media says. They’re members of the global umma, and the global jihad force, and that’s the only identity that matters to them, – READ MORE @ Pamela Geller–Hollande drops plan to strip attackers of citizenship

France Raids Mosques… What They Found Inside Proves TRUMP IS RIGHT!

France isn’t messing around. They’ve arrested more than 230 muslims and collected more than 324 weapons. Many others are under travel bans and house arrest. They have shut down three mosques and have raided more than 2,300 homes.

(Three mosques? Didn’t Hollande promise to shut down 160?)


The deadly Islamic terrorist attack in Paris, France killed more than 130 people. Unlike America after an attack, France started immediately raiding Islamic mosques to see what they could find. After all, far too many people in the Muslim community have not been helpful with bringing forth information to authorities.

And while those French investigators have been called racists, a Langy-sur-Marne based mosque was raided this week anyway… And they found a large collection of 7.62 Kalashnikov ammo along with boxes of Islamic State (ISIS) propaganda videos.

Authorities also raided one of the mosque’s leader’s homes, and found a revolver hidden near jihadist documents.

Police also found recordings of religious chants “glorifying the martyrs of jihad linked to the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra”, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, the prefecture added.

The recordings were found among a wealth of teaching material for young people in an undeclared madrassa, or religious school. Police removed a hard disk and 10 computers.
“No request was made to open a private school,” the state prefecture said in its statement.

Mohammed Ramdane, president of the local Muslim association in Lagny, had criticised the closure of the prayer hall at the time, saying: “Nothing has been found in the mosque. Nothing is hidden, we don’t hide anything.

Via Telegraph

France isn’t messing around. They’ve arrested more than 230 muslims and collected more than 324 weapons. Many others are under travel bans and house arrest. They have shut down three mosques and have raided more than 2,300 homes.

As France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve recently noted:

Cazeneuve said the number of weapons apprehended so far is staggering.

He said: “In 15 days we have seized one-third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year.”

And many French leaders have joined those voices in the EU calling for an end to importing Syrian Islamic refugees, as a proper screening process is impossible.

Compare that to the response we saw from President Barack Obama, who tried to blame the attacks on San Bernardino on “workplace violence” for days, while calling on his Attorney General to prosecute those who speak out against radical Islam.

It looks like Trump’s comments were right, and it’s time to start treating Muslim communities with suspicion!

Read more:  Political Insider

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    Wrong, something was done about Paris and Brussels.

    candles were lit
    flowers were laid
    songs were sung-imagine by beetles
    hands were held
    tears were shed
    chalk drawings were made on the pavement
    plenty of new hashtags were created
    #pray for Paris #pray for Brussels
    there were marches against fear
    terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels were condemned by world leaders

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