Swiss prison guard helps Syrian rapist to break out of jail, runs off with him….

Posing and pouting for the camera, the Swiss prison guard still on the run with Syrian rapist she helped break out of jail who is now believed to be hiding in Greece


  • Prison guard Angela Magdici, 32, helped Syrian rapist escape jail
  • Magdici and Hassan Kiko, 27, are now on the run, possibly in Greece
  • Video sees her posing in car her now-estranged husband bought for her
  • Ex-con who served in same prison say the pair are sure to be in Greece 

Evil: Kiko, 27,  is a serial sex offender  who had been jailed for raping a 15-year-old girl and the attempted rape of a 19-year-old woman


The car, a black BMW X1, had been purchased by her estranged Romanian husband Vasile Magdici, shortly before their recent separation, triggered by her affair with Kiko

The car, a black BMW X1, had been purchased by her estranged Romanian husband Vasile Magdici, shortly before their recent separation, triggered by her affair with Kiko

‘Both of them would have gone to Greece because she knew it really well from holidays there. And officials can’t be searching for them too much, because they have got their hands full with the refugee crisis.’

The former convict, identified only by his initials C.G., also said that it was common knowledge among the convicts that the two had something going on and added that he believed she had no idea how dangerous he really was.

”She’s given up her job, family and friends for a very dangerous man. It’s actually quite a terrible situation.’

‘She wasn’t only the youngest and the prettiest woman working in the jail, she was also really nice and considerate. Quite simply a really lovely person.’

‘The other convicts were often talking about it. He had her wrapped around his fingers, and made her into his victim.

‘He would talk often about his attempts to flee from Syria to Switzerland. And how we still suffered from the torture he had endured. She fell for it completely. We all knew that they were up to something together.’

 Runaway: A former convict who had been incarcerated at Limmattal prison alongside rapist Kiko has claimed the pair is likely to be in Greece
Mrs Magdici worked as a ward at the prisons of the Canton of Zurich for three years, before she fell for convicted rapist Kiko and decided to break him out of jail and run away with him

C.G. said Mrs Magdici gave him all sorts of privileges which alone were enough to give away what was going on. But when Kiko was asked by other wardens he always denied there was something happening between them.

Mrs Magdici’s stepfather, Walter Minder, said: ‘It is a difficult situation especially for my wife, who can’t stop worrying about her daughter. We keep thinking about where she might be.

‘We’ve heard reports that she might be in Syria or somewhere in an Arab country with him, and the other suggestion is that they are no longer together and she simply helped him to escape to wherever, with her going on to the Far East.

‘One thing is sure for me is that they are no longer in Italy. That is just too near to home and it’s too easy for them to be caught there. I’m sure they have long since left Italy.

‘She is a really organised person who plans everything. If she has something in her head, then nothing and nobody will change your mind.

‘As far as I can see everything was carefully planned in advance, although there was nothing that gave away to those that knew her what she was up to. She was staying with us for a week before she went on the run, and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

Mrs Magdici's husband feared the pair may be on their way to Syria, but a former convict claims the pair is likely to be in Greece as Kiko's family have all left the war-torn country

‘I don’t have any doubt that she is still alive, she is a fighter and very smart. She really knows how to defend herself.’

Asked if he could believe that she was having an affair with the convict, he said: ‘She likes the muscular, fighting type. I’ve seen the photos of him, and on the basis of that I would say they go together.’

Her estranged husband however claims that in the process of breaking up with him it had been clear that something was wrong and another man was in the picture.

Mr Magdici said: ‘She started reading the Koran, she was interest in Syria. She was watching documentaries and reading books about it.’

Mr Magdici said he suspected that she might even be trying to head to Syria via Turkey, and it has been revealed that Kiko’s parents who were also from Syria are now living in Turkey.

The couple were estranged, and Mrs Magdici had moved in with a work colleague, a Turkish woman who was also a prison warden, whose home was later raided by police.

Mr Magdici believes Angela’s work colleague knew about the affair and had helped her to cover it up.

Mr Magdici said: ‘I even asked directly once if she knew Angela was having a relationship with one of the prisoners.’

‘She covered up the relationship even when I asked directly once what was going on.’

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