‘This is our house’ Clashes in Calais as protestors block migrant routes to the jungle

FRENCH activists have begun what they call a fightback against mass migration to a squalid camp in Calais.


Protestors block migrant routes to CalaisTwitter/ Facebook/ IG

‘This is our house’ French protestors take control of bridges

The group took over bridges with burning barrels and banners claiming they are ‘defending’ their city and calling for an end to the ‘invasion of Europe’.Génération Identitaire said a group of 130 were involved in the rally against mass migration.

A statement from the group said European leaders have failed to protect people on both sides of the refugee crisis.


Attacks against the forces of the order, against motorists and truck drivers, riots in the city, total disintegration of the social and economic fabric – this is what has become the daily lives of the martyr city, with a terrible acceleration in recent weeks.

Génération Identitaire

“Within the “Jungle” itself, we no longer count the violence (several journalists have done the costs) and sexual assaults, including minors.

“This situation is the result of an irresponsible policy, which are guilty the national political leaders as Europeans, in Paris, Berlin and Brussels.

“Since these leaders refuse to protect people in restoring of borders, at the national level as European, then they will see the peoples erect barricades! Like this morning to calais.

“This is our house.”

The group also carried leaflets telling migrants to return home.

It states: “All accesses to Calais are blocked. You won’t pass, go back and go home.

“We won’t step back anymore.

“This is our country, get back to yours.”

Génération Identitaire is leading the rallyFacebook/ Génération Identitaire 

Génération Identitaire said a group of 130 were involved in the rally against mass migration

Fourteen of the group have been arrested after clashes with police  after they took control of three bridges leading to the city.Photos and video footage of the group surrounded by officers have emerged online, one day after law enforcement was called to the jungle when a huge fire ripped through the camp.

On Friday, Xavier Bertrand, president of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region, told the Guardian that France wants UK border guards to tell refugees that Britain is tightening asylum rules.

He said: “What we need now is UK border guards going through the camp at Calais every week telling the people that it is no longer the case that the UK is an El Dorado.”

Earlier this month hundreds of Calais residents arrived in Paris to protest against the deteriorating economic situation in their region, which they say has been caused by the migrant crisis.

Leaflets being handed outTwitter

Leaflets being given to migrants in Calais

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