A people “convulsed in an ecstasy of religious bloodthirstiness”

by Christina McIntosh

Islam “stimulates a wild and merciless fanaticism” and turns them into  Ghazis – as dangerous  as wild dogs: fit only to be treated as such”; (they are a) people “convulsed in an ecstasy of religious bloodthirstiness”.

Jewish Woman Targeted by Muslim Stabber – “I Pushed Her Away, She Kept Stabbing Me”

As so often during this wave of assaults carried out by Muslims in Israel against Jews, it is the sheer frenzy of the attack that is notable to the observer.  One is reminded, over and over, reading these accounts by Israeli Jewish survivors or by witnesses of the attacks, and even more so when watching some of the video footage recorded by witnesses or by CCTV, of Winston Churchill’s words in the 1899 edition of his book ‘The River War’, concerning “the fanatical frenzy” engendered by Islam in its adherents, a frenzy “as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog”.  One is also forcibly reminded of his remarks in “The Story of the Malakand Field Force” that Islam “stimulates a wild and merciless fanaticism” and that “seizing their weapons they [in the context, Muslim Pathans in Afghanistan] become Ghazis – as dangerous and as sensible as wild dogs: fit only to be treated as such”; people “convulsed in an ecstasy of religious bloodthirstiness”.

And so to our Jewish survivor of an attack by such a one; as reported by Ari Yasher for Israel National News.

“I Pushed Her Away; She Kept Stabbing Me”.

‘Reut Weitzman, a 30 year old mother of three from Kfar Saba, was named as the victim in the stabbing attack that took place on Sunday in the industrial region of Rosh Ha’ayin.

‘In the stabbing, which police have yet to officially define as a terrorist attack [?? – CM], a 23 year old female Arab (that is: female Arab Muslim – CM) assailant from the adjacent Arab (and, no doubt, Muslim-dominated – CM) Israeli city of Kfar Qassem attacked Weitzman before heroic civlians pinned her down in a frantic chase caught on security cameras.  If you’re interested, the link is here.

‘The attacker had a knfie in her hand, and a second knife in her bag.

‘Weitzman, who was lightly wounded in the attack and evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, was quoted by Channel 2 later on Sunday recounting the harrowing event.

“I went out from an office building when I saw an Arab woman approaching me, and suddenly I felt a “boom!” in my arm”, she said.  “I realized that she had a thick box-cutter knife.  I pushed her away with my bag and I threw it at her.”

“She kept trying to stab me, I started to push her with my hands and legs and then I screamed and other people started to arrive.

‘Describing the panic-stricken moments of struggle, she continued:

“I was sure she would succeed in stabbing me, because I was shouting and we were alone on the street, it took the others a bit of time to arrive and she didn’t stop trying to stab me, and I was just thinking how long I would be able to push her away.”

“The people who arrived at the start also weren’t armed, they didn’t have any way to stop her.

They started to shout at her and throw things at her, but every time she back up and tried to stab again.

“I’m still kind of in shock, trying to reenact and digest how we succeeded in doing it (that is – stopping the attacker – CM) because really it could have ended a lot worse.”

“There were a lot of drawn guns, but no-one fired”.

Possibly because they were afraid of hitting someone other than the stabber. – CM

‘Yisrael, the security guard who eventually overpowered the stabber until security forces arrived, spoke to Channel 2 about the events from his perspective as well.  He emphasized that passersby did not hit the apparent terrorist after she was neutralized.

“We sat at work in the observation post, my partner and I, and then right in front of our eyes we saw a female terrorist stabbing a woman”, said Yisrael…. “We immediately left everything and ran towards the terrorist. When we approached her, she left the woman and started to run after me”.

‘He recalled that “she had a large knife; people tried to throw rocks at her to neutralize her.  They also tried to hit her with a car, but she was well-built and strong and succeeded in evading them.”

“In the end they backed her against a fence, and me and another guy took her down to the floor (sic: the ground; this was happening outside – CM).  After that moment, she didn’t move.”

‘Describing how the terrorist was left untouched, he said, “there were a lot of drawn handguns, but people didn’t fire. We shouted, ‘Don’t shoot!” There was no violence”…

Except of course for the frenzied violence of the Muslim female who was trying very hard to murder a Jew, any Jew.  But did not succeed.

From the link I included, above:

“..Civilians pinned her down against a wall after a frantic chase caught on security cameras, with a local security guard bringing her to the ground helped by at least one civilian.

“The video shows the terrorist, dressed in a white shirt and wearing a Muslim hijab headscarf (her official Allah Gang membership badge – CM) running down a street as civilians alternate between confronting her and attempting to avoid her knife.

‘At one point a motorist attempts to pin her with his car, but fails to do so.

‘Eventually two civilians emerge, armed with chairs or benches (which can function both as a weapon and as a shield or barrier to block the knife; a useful tactic for the jihad-aware Infidel to remember, just in case –  CM) and manage to subdue the attacker, who is then thrown to the ground and pinned with the help of a local security guard.”

This is the sort of thing that the Jews of Israel have been living with for months… years…over a century.  And what Jews and other non-Muslims living as Dhimmis within Muslim-ruled lands always had to fear, day in and day out, for over a thousand years.  Random Muslims – whether individuals, as in this case, or huge howling  mobs, as so often historically – suddenly attacking, wielding knives, or other weapons, high as kites on religious bloodthirstiness. And now that large and expanding colonies of Muslims have established themselves in nearly all of the Lands of the Infidels, the prospect of similar runnings-amok, similar outbursts of fanatical frenzy and religious bloodthirstiness, becomes ever more likely.  

Got Muslims? – Got Jihad.


From Vlad Tepes:

Terrorist’s mother: Knife was just for a salad, she loves Jews
Relatives, neighbors of terrorist who stabbed a mother of 3 on Sunday deny her guilt, claims she ‘liked to be with Jews.’

Knife attack (illustration)

Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Following yesterday’s knife attack in Rosh Ha’ayin in which a 30-year-old mother of three was wounded, the Arab Israeli suspect’s mother denies the incident was a terror attack, claiming that the knife her daughter was brandishing was “for making salad.”

The mother, a resident of the town of Kfar Qassem close to the scene of the attack, toldChannel 2 that her daughter wasn’t a terrorist, and decried the media for rushing to judgment.

“She’s dieting. She always carries fruit and a knife with her in her bag to make salads,” she said. In the attack, the terrorist had a box cutter in her hand which she used to stab, and another knife was found in her bag. Police have yet to officially declare the attack as terrorism.

(Not sure what kind of salad she was making here but it looks like it would have been Kosher. On further thought, I think the salad knife goes right next to the soup pistol on the other side of the plate from the dessert bomb. As it turns out, it was not a knife but a box cutter. So, I guess they like a lot of fibre in their salads)

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  1. And, the solution is?

    Push them away? No
    Throw your purse at them? No
    Scream? Maybe.
    Hope the police show up before you bleed out? No.
    Hope that the moslem suddenly sees the error of her ways and stops stabbing you? No.

    Shoot them in the head? Yes.
    Punch them in the trachea? Yes
    Break their legs with a side kick? Yes.
    Side/backkick them into next month? Yes.
    Choke them out? Yes.
    Break their arms? Yes.
    Rip their eyes out? Yes.
    Burst their ear drums? Yes.

    Are my solutions too harsh? No.

  2. I see these Muslim women from CAIR, etc. on TV. Their hijab wrapped tight – no earlobe exposed, no neck, no hair, and I think slave. I like what an EU fashion bureaucrat said ‘ They are the negro who supported slavery.’ But just like the muslim woman who tried to stab to death a Jewish woman, the chains are tight. One theory that I initially dismissed is that there is a brain dysfunction that results in this blind and deep obedience to Allah. Maybe they are on to something.

    1. They are. Islam. They’re savages to begin with and Islam makes them worse.

    2. This brain dysfunction has resulted from inbreeding down the generations. The Saudi government has, or had, a public education program to help ameliorate this problem.

  3. The guy with the chair was the only person who had a grasp of the situation.

    The driver should have hit her very hard.

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