Banglatrash, Philippines & “the right side of history”

Two gay-rights activists hacked to death in Bangladesh

Editor of magazine for transgender community said to be among latest victims of violence targeting liberal activists.

Abu Sayyaf had earlier threatened to kill one of the three male hostages if a large ransom was not paid [AP]

Captors kill Canadian hostage in the Philippines

Canada confirms head dumped in a street in Jolo was that of John Ridsdel, who was seized by Abu Sayyaf last September. (Canada’s current PM Trudeau, that son of a whore, obviously did next to nothing to save these people.)

Canadian citizen executed by Islamic jihadists in the Philippines

John Ridsdel, 68, was executed on Monday in the Philippines by members of Abu Sayyaf, an Islamic terrorist organization. Ridsdel was kidnapped six months ago together with three others from the Holiday Ocean View Samal Resort in Mindanao, where he was vacationing.

Ridsdel’s death was confirmed by the chairman of the Philippine Red Cross, who said that local police on Jolo Island in the southern Philippines found a severed head of a Caucasian man believed to be that of Ridsdel. 

Prime Minister Trudeau made a statement which didn’t mention that it was a terrorist act and didn’t name the terrorist organization responsible for the beheading, even though they claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

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    Erdogan has been exercising his new found muscle across Europe.

    This little Muslim Hitler uses European leaders and governments to crush all criticism and mockery of this little Muslim worm.


    Here are two links to his latest activities.

    One is the arrest of a Dutch journalist.

    Two is the ransacking of the journalists apartment.

    Now, ask yourself a question.

    Has the time arrived to start assassinating bureaucrats and politicians who do the bidding of a vicious little Muslim tyrant.

    Well has it?

    Every one of you knows what the answer is.

    Jowlson Ammerred
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

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