EU Terror Chief: Don’t Jail Jihadis, They’ll Only Get More Radicalised In Prison

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Does anyone believe these Gitmo apes (two who’s identity is protected) were radicalised in prison? And what has been done to de-radicalise them?

U.S. Frees 9 Guantanamo Prisoners, Sends Them to Saudi Arabia
All nine are Yemeni but have family ties to Saudi Arabia.

A new poll found that two-thirds of British Muslims living in Muslim neighborhoods would not give the government any information if they knew details about a terror plot.–Fox Business

by OLIVER JJ LANE/ Breitbart

Veteran Belgian politician and European Union (EU) ‘Counter-Terrorism Coordinator” Gilles de Kerchove has said “fourth-rank footsoldiers” of the Islamic State shouldn’t be jailed when they return to Europe as they would be radicalised there even more effectively than they had been in Syria and Iraq.

The comments come as Gilles de Kerchove calls upon European countries to show leniency to certain returnees from the Islamic State. In a plan that appears to take some inspiration from counter-gang membership initiatives in cities like London, Mr. de Kerchove said Islamic State fighters coming to Europe who could be proved to have not killed anybody while serving the caliphate could be put to use by Western governments.

The Eurocrat questioned the utility of prison as a rehabilitative tool for returning jihadis, suggesting that upon release they may end up being more radicalised than they had been at the time of incarceration, reportsThe Guardian.

Speaking of the unknown number of cases where individuals defect from European states to ISIS before changing their minds again without having done any actual fighting, Mr. de Kerchove said: “If there is no evidence that they are an active jihadi – for instance, they crossed the border and spent a week with the organisation but were really just washing dishes, a fourth-rank footsoldier, then saw people beheaded and rushed to leave, saying, ‘I made a big mistake’ – is it really worth putting them on the trail that leads to prison?”.

Mr. de Kerchove acknowledged the significant problems affected the prisons of many European nations, which have in some cases become colonies of radical Islam. He said: “Prisons are major incubators of radicalisation. Therefore, if you can avoid prison for those who do not have blood on their hands and are genuinely ready to engage in a rehabilitation programme, why don’t we try alternatives?”.

Turning to his native Belgium, the European state with the highest per-capital number of inhabitants fighting with the Islamic State, Mr. de Kerchove criticised the state for being too “blunt” with jihadists, and just jailing them instead of rehabilitating them.

Breitbart London has reported at length on the radicalisation of prisons, which has apparently been allowed to spread and entrench itself under the noses of European politicians and law enforcement professionals. A report this month highlighted how Muslim extremists run whole prison blocks according to their own sharia law, where even non-Muslim inmates are forced to obey laws set by Islamist inmates.

The connection between radical prisons and Islamist terror is also being observed in Europe’s terror attackers. A March report shows how all the Brussels, Paris Bataclan, and Paris Charlie Hebdo attackers had been radicalised in prison while serving time for other crimes.

Muslims make up 23 per cent of the British prison population, and is rising fast — up 122 per cent in the past 13 years. In France, the prison population is estimated to be above 60 per cent.


Not everyone is that dense, not yet. Yes, they danced, just like they danced after 9/11 or all the other jihad massacres, and handed out sweets, like they always do:

Belgian Interior Minister says many Muslims danced after jihad attacks

By Robert Spencer

Jambon sees that many Muslims in Belgium hate Belgium, and assumes that this must be Belgium’s fault. It never seems to occur to him that Muslims might very well hate the West for reasons of their own, based on Islamic texts and teachings and having nothing to do with the behavior of Western authorities. The ethnocentralism and paternalism of his assumptions doesn’t occur to Jambon, either. He is just sure that the hatred comes from Belgium’s failure to integrate the Muslim immigrants. Yet the very idea that integration of Muslims into secular non-Muslim societies can happen on a large scale is predicated on the assumption that they will discard, or do not believe in at all, the Qur’an’s designation of Muslims as “the best of people, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong” (3:110) and unbelievers as “the most vile of created beings” (98:6). Why should the “best of people,” those who uniquely know what is right and what is wrong, submit to the societal mores and laws of the most vile of created beings? But of course Western authorities don’t bother themselves with such minutiae.

Jan Jambon2

“‘Many danced after attacks’: Muslim integration failure caused ‘cancer’ – Belgian Interior Minister,” RT, April 17, 2016:

Belgium’s integration policy has caused a “cancer” within Muslim communities, many of whom “danced” after the deadly Brussels attacks last month, said the Belgian Interior Minister, blaming the government for failing to integrate migrants into society.

No, the gov’t did not fail to integrate Muslims. Muslims failed Belgium like they failed every infidel society.

In an interview with a Belgian newspaper, Jan Jambon said that he regretted that a “significant” proportion of the Muslim community had been “dancing” in the streets following the attacks on March 22 in which 32 innocent victims and three suicide bombers were killed, and over 300 people injured.

“A significant section of the Muslim community danced when attacks took place,” Jambon told De Standaard newspaper as cited by AFP. Shocked with such reaction, the minister blamed Belgian integration policy which had failed to incorporate migrants and refugees into European society.

By way of example he said that residents of the Molenbeek neighbourhood in Brussels were very belligerent to both the authorities and the press during a raid which resulted in the arrest of the main suspect in the deadly Paris attacks last November which killed over 130 people.

“They threw stones and bottles at police and press during the arrest of Salah Abdeslam . That is the real problem. That migrants from the third or fourth generation turn openly against our society and have been willing to use violence or to justify it has to do with our policy,” Jambon said.

Based on the minister’s assessment, terrorists themselves are just a “boil” which is much easier to treat than the core of the problem which is “too deeply rooted” in the immigrant dominated parts of society where while the government “for many years ignored the warning signs.”…

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  1. Actually, he’s quite right: jailing them is NOT a good idea, though not for the reasons he gives. Jailing them means they live at the expense of the Infidels, whilst engaging in prison dawa – threatening and seducing *more* fools to join the Allah Gang, the Mohammedan Mob. Whereas if they were *not* jailed but simply deported forthwith – having first been publicly and ceremoniously and humiliatingly stripped of Infidel-country residency or citizenship – and dropped off (sans assets, also) on the beach in some failed Mohammedan state such as Somalia or Libya or Yemen…. that would save a *lot* of money. And they get told: you turn up again on our doorstep? – you get shot.

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