2 thoughts on “How to destroy a taqiyya gigolo with just one question”

  1. The real reason the islamic threat is being ignored in public, is this not-so-nascent “Globalization” Agenda21 movement, which is clearly treason to ALL sovereign national people’s governments.

    It’s a plutocratic kleptocracy to be run by all those corporazis who never want to pay any taxes to anyone, anywhere, ever; by the global communazi labour guys who want free movement and the same lowest common denominator wages for their 3rd-world slaves, and of course by the moslems who want their one-world islamic ummah, to be run by their theocratic caliphate government.

    It’s a triple-threat.

    Against all these evil forces, we have only the Truth … while only they currently control both the fear and the greed – the stick and carrot off the threat of having their careers protested by angry mobs of swarthy criminals (like happened at recent Trump rallies) or their own families targeted for beheadings and their homes incinerated by jihad – or taking oil-money bribes to keep their pensions.


    Here’s a typical corporazi round-table discussion:

    “Geez, Bob! We’ve managed to save a bundle by downsizing and out-sourcing all our labor problems to our 3rd-world slave-pens, but shipping costs are still eating us alive!”

    “No problem Gary – we’ll simply order our sales-puppet politicianss to bring all our slaves here! Whee! Their leftist Union voter-base will go along, because they want the racist white race diluted!”


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