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On the Eve of Passover, Mordechai Kedar Delivers a Short Lesson on Jihad That Applies Not Only For Jews and For Israel but for All Infidels Everywhere

An article to be read, and to be re-read, and to be translated, and to be shared far and wide across cyberspace, and to be placed, firmly, on the desks of non-Muslim politicians and religious leaders and journalists all over the whole wide world.  And if they refuse to read it, or show no signs of having read it, then it must be placed before them again and again and again and again.  Because if only the facts that Kedar is describing were properly understood there would be an end of all the futile, time-wasting, exhausting, confusing and ultimately deadly ‘peace processing’, not only in Israel, but everywhere else that Infidel polities or other entities are engaged in attempting to reach ‘deals’ with Muslim entities.

“Op-Ed: Sorry To Tell You, But….”.

‘The facts are hard to swallow, but they are the truth.

‘My dear friends, Jews in Israel and the Diaspora.

Kedar addresses his fellow Jews, the House of Israel.  But, since the core of his message has to do with Jihad, and because it touches on the model of Muslim ‘treaty’-making, the Treaty of Hudaybiyya, it applies not only to Jews but for all whom Islam despises and calls “Kuffar”.  For atheists, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and every other variety of non-Muslim, every person who does not regard Mohammed as a ‘prophet’.  And for their governments who govern states that are not governed by the Sharia of Islam but by other systems of law and morality. – CM

“I am sorry to tell you that the terror attacks from which we suffer today and yesterday, a week ago, a month, a year and decade and a century ago, are all part of the same war, the same struggle, the same Jihad waged against us by our neighbours for over a century.

“Sometimes it is a full-scale war with tanks, noise, flames, planes and ships, and sometimes it is a war on a slow burner known as “terror”, with explosions, stabbings and shots.

That second type of war, a war of ‘raiding’, of attrition, of deception and deadly ambush, is the type of war that Muslims have waged against neighbouring Infidels in many places and times; for example, all along the Mediterranean littoral during the entire Middle Ages and during the Renaissance and into the modern era, until the Muslim regions of North Africa were invaded and subjugated by Infidel powers who had, finally, had enough of paying extortionate protection money to (sometimes, but not always) buy off the Barbary pirates. – CM

Each of these is Jihad in Arabic, each is aimed at Jews just for being Jewish.

And, at other times and places, past and present, it is aimed at other sorts of Infidels, for the crime of being Kuffar, guilty ones, people who refuse to become Muslim and refuse to accept the near-slave misery of Dhimmitude. – CM

“I regret to remind you of the fact that this war began way before the establishment of the Jewish state [that was] declared in 1948.

“The riots and massacres of 1920, 1921, 1929, 1936-39 et al, were not due to a Jewish state or what our enemies call the “occupation” of 1948, and certainly not because of the 1967 “occupation”.

“The bloody and cruel massacre of the Jews of Hevron in 1929 was carried out against Jews who were not part of the Zionist movement, quite the contrary.

“The Palestine Liberation Movement (Fatah) was founded, may I remind you, in 1959 and The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1964, years before the 1967 “occupation” that was a result of Israel’s winning the Six Day War.

“I hate to point out to you that the shouts we heard, mainly in the 1948 War of Independence, were “Itbach al Yahud” – “Butcher the Jews” – and not “the Israelis” or “the Zionists”, because their problem (that is, the Muslim Arabs’ problem, and also the problem of all other kinds of Muslim, such as the Persian Shiite Muslims – CM) is with the Jews who refuse to be dependent on the mercy (sic – CM) of Islam, refuse to live as dhimmi, protected (sic – CM) ones, the way Islam mandates for Jews and Christians.

For more on the nature of that  utterly-unreliable ‘protection’, more on the crushing system of humiliation, degradation and constant physical peril that is Dhimmitude, with its final and consciously-intended goal being nothing less than to “kill the soul” of the Dhimmis, see Rev Dr Mark Durie, “The Third Choice”, and the monumental works of Bat Yeor. – CM

“In the Arab world  children still sing (in Arabic), “Palestine is our country and the Jews are our dogs”.

There are many earnest Christian persons, sentimentally swooning when they gaze upon carefully-posed photographs of doe-eyed ‘Palestinian’ Arab Muslim children, those sweet little ones like gazelles, who need to hear those same children chirping that song, and all the other songs that are like it, filled with even more virulent hatred than ever issued from the lips of blonde, shining-eyed rosy-cheeked little ones in Hitler’s Reich. – CM

“The dog, in Islamic tradition, is an unclean animal.

“Sharia law stipulates that if a Muslim is praying, and a dog, pig, woman, Jew or Christian walks in front of him, his prayers are worthless, and he must begin the entire ritual once again.

“It is not pleasant to tell you this, but Israel’s enemies’ most popular chant is (in Arabic) – “Khyber, Khyber (or, Khaybar – CM) O Jews, Mohammed’s army will yet return” Khyber (or, Khaybar – CM) is an oasis in the Arabian Peninsula that was populated by Jews until Mohammed slaughtered them in 626 C. E.

And Dr Kedar could have added that after Mohammed had attacked these peaceful Jewish oasis farmers he tortured to death a Jew named Kinana, and on the same day, in the evening, Mohammed took and raped Kinana’s beautiful young wife, Safiyya, and stuffed her into his harem as the latest slave-‘wife’.  And he could remind us that every deed and word of Mohammed the war-lord is held by pious Muslims to be eternally valid, worthy of admiration and emulation. Every deed and word.  Including the torture-murder of a Jew and the rape of the Jew’s wife. Mohammed is not judged by any external measure of morality; Mohammed himself is the standard, the model and pattern of ‘conduct.  Because Mohammed raped captive women such as Safiyya, the Muslim rape of female infidel captives is perfectly halal. – CM

The chant commemorates that event and threatens a repeat performance.

And meanwhile the rest of the non-Muslim world, if it ever hears of this antisemitic Muslim Arab chanted threat, sticks its fingers in its ears and chants la-la-la-la. – CM

“The Jews, according to the Koran (Sura 5, verse 82), are the most hostile enemies of the Moslems.

“Verse 60 states that Allah’s curse and fury upon them (the Jews) turned them into monkeys and pigs.  Since when do monkeys and pigs have the right to a state? Since when are they entitled to sovereignty?

“Despite what you think, peace with Egypt was achieved only after Sadat realized that despite Arab (that is, Muslim Arab – CM) efforts to destroy Israel in the 1948 War of Independence, the 1956 Sinai Campaign, the 1967 Six Day War, the 1970 War of Attrition, and even the 1973 Yom Kippur War that took Israel by surprise, the Jewish state managed to push back all the Arab (that is, Muslim – CM) armies and bring the war to their territory.

There is an important lesson here not only for Israelis, for Jews, but also for all other Infidel states, everywhere in the world, that are now suffering to greater or lesser degree from Jihad waged from within and/ or from without by Muslims. – CM

That is why Sadat understood that Israel is not conquerable, and that there is no choice other than making peace, even if this peace is temporary and based on the precedent of the 628 C.E. Hudabiyya (or, Hudaybiyya – CM) Peace  in which Mohammed gave a 10 year hiatus to the infidels of Mecca, but broke it at the end of two years when they fell asleep on the watch.

Every Infidel commanding officer and every Infidel head of state and diplomat everywhere in the world should be made to study the account of that so-called Treaty of Hudaybiyya, as analysed by clear-eyed persons such as Dr Mordechai Kedar; made to study it until they understand the principle involved and what it logically implies about their response, if they wish their infidel societies and states to survive. – CM

‘Yasir Arafat did not sign the Oslo Accords because he believed in peace, but because, calling it the “Hudaibiya peace”, he saw the agreements as a Trojan horse that would hoodwink the Jews.

“The only objective of the Oslo Accords was to create a Palestinian (sic – CM) entity with an army and weapons that would be used to destroy Israel when the time was ripe.

“He repeated this constantly, but our decision-makers explained that he is only saying it for domestic consumption, and when suicide bombers set themselves off in our streets, the victims were called “victims of peace”. Since when does peace require victims?  And when will the rifles we allowed them to obtain be turned on us?

Hudna, such as is obtained by Muslims via a “Hudaybiyya peace” with an Infidel power deemed too strong to immediately destroy, is a time-out for the purpose of regrouping and rearming, to strengthen the Muslim side until it feels strong enough to go back in… for the kill. – CM

“it saddens me to tell you that all of Israel’s efforts to please the Hamas Gazans failed, and Hamas went on from being a terrorist organization to becoming a terrorist state.

Gaza is probably best described as Jihad Armed Camp Gaza, Jihad Fortress Gaza; a mini-emirate. It is a magazine, an arsenal, a bomb-and-weapons factory, and a military base. – CM

“Deathly rockets, attack tunnels, suicide bombers – all are considered legitimate in the eyes of Gaza’s Jihadist government, so to hell with the lives of the men, women and children living there, and to hell with their welfare, health and assets.  The Gazans are pawns in the hands of Hamas, the Jihad and the Salafists, all of whom appointed themselves the liaison between the residents of Gaza and Paradise, having already given them a taste of hell on earth.

The Muslims of Gaza are, however, not merely pawns; they are also – and quite often enough willingly, because of their being steeped in Islam from birth – human shields.  And the jihadis come from their ranks, trained and taught from the moment they can walk and talk. – CM

“It pains me to tell all the soul-weary peace seekers in Israel and the world, that the concrete and iron that you forced us to give the Jihadists in Gaza in order to rebuild their destroyed homes, were used to build tunnels of death both to Gazans and Israelis.  Instead of building hospitals, schools and infrastructure, the jihadists built an infrastructure of death, suffering and disaster.

And I would bet my bottom dollar that the entrances to those tunnels, and the most important war bunkers, command posts and magazines, are carefully placed for maximum “human shield” benefit, right underneath hospitals and schools and other “civilian” buildings, as well as, of course, underneath those ‘sacred’ spaces, the mosques. – CM

“You were wrong again – basing your policy on pipe dreams, delusions and hopes instead of on facts and figures.

“Analysts, including me, are not entirely blameless: they said in wondrous harmony that when Hamas has to bear the responsibility for food, electricity and welfare in Gaza, its leaders will become more moderate, realistic and pragmatic.

“We were wrong: Hamas, despite leaving the opposition in order to rule, has not ceased its Jihad against Israel, and has not removed Israel from the top of its list of priorities, nor has it changed in the slightest its wholly negative view of the “Zionist entity”.

I hate to ruin the “two states for two peoples” party, but I must, because what is happening in Gaza today is exactly what will happen to the second Palestinian state (that is, to “the second Arab Muslim ‘Palestinian’ state” – CM) that you are trying to establilsh in Judea and Samaria.

“Hamas will be the winner of elections for the legislature, as they were in Gaza in January 2006, and will win the presidential elections as well.

“If they don’t, they will take over all of Judea and Samaria in a violent putsch, just as they did in Gaza in 2007.

“And when that happens, what will you say, “Oooops … we didn’t know… we couldn’t imagine..?”

“So now you know, and do not have to extrapolate.  This should be your working hypothesis.

“If Gaza’s Hamas is digging tunnels of death in the sand today, it will be digging through rocks to build them from Judea and Samaria – and let’s see you find them and blow them up when that happens.

It occurs to me to wonder what tunnels the Mohammedans might not even now be digging, from under the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem, and to where, and what sorts of things they may be stuffing into them. – CM

And to anyone with a short memory, let me refresh it: in July 2014, Hamas managed to shut Ben Gurion airport for a day by launching rockets from Gaza.  If and when they gain control of Judea and Samaria they will be able to shut Ben Gurion down with a slingshot, and wil be able to overlook all the runways from the Beit Arye heights.  Anyone who does not believe me should get into his car and drive to the top of the hills to the east of Ben Gurion airport, located in “conquered, occupied territory” (conquered, from whom, precisely?).

“Due to Israel’s wind conditions, most of the planes that land in Ben Gurion approach from the east, cruising right over those very same hills.  Will Hamastan allow planes headed for Israel to circle and approach landing from above its territory?  Just what price will Israel have to pay after an RPG or machine gun shoots down one El Al plane, G-d forbid? Will we offer them Jerusalem, so as to calm them down?

“And if we are already talking about Jerusalem, what will you do when the State of Hamas presents you with an ultimatum: Jerusalem, or war?

“The Temple Mount, or we shut down Ben Gurion airport?

“And when the world supports their demand for Jerusalem, letting Israel pay the price of calming down radical Islam (sic: he should have said, “the ever-enraged and inappeasable Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob” – CM) what will you say?

“And when the snipers go back to shooting at passersby on Jerusalem streets from the walls of the Old City, as their Jordanian (sic: “Jordanian Muslim” – CM) brothers did until 1967, where will you hide? Behind concrete walls? A security fence? Or will you simply move Israel’s capital city to Tel Aviv?

“I am sorry to disappoint you, but the worst thing that ever happened to Israel’s hopes for peace was the rise of the peace movements, those calling for Israel to establish a terror state (that is, “a jihad-waging Arab Islamic state of ‘Palestine'” – CM) in Judea and Samaria and give up East Jerusalem for it.

“In the Middle East (that is: “In the Muslim-dominated Middle East and throughout the entirety of the dar al Islam, the lands blighted by Islam” – CM) he who expresses a desire for peace, talks about his yearning for peace, and offers his land and country as bribery in exchange for a paper which has the word “peace” upon it, is looked upon as someone who has lost a war and is begging for his life.

“The peace movements turned Israel’s image into that of a weak and soft defeatist country, the exact opposite of the kind of country that achieves peace in the Middle East.  In the violent and radical (that is: in the crazed-by-Islam – CM) region where Israel is trying to survive anyone considered weak gets kicked, you know exactly where, and is sent to hell in the best case, or butchered and beheaded as a matter of course.

Because Islam instils in its adherents a ruthless bully mentality, an attitude of suspicion and aggression coupled with a ceaseless practice of deceit.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who grew up in Muslim Somalia, and experienced life also in the heartland of Islam, in Saudi Arabia itself, in both her books – “Infidel” first, and then even more acutely and perceptively in “Nomad” – analyses and describes this lethal mindset. – CM

‘In the Middle East (and in every other region suffused with Islam – CM) peace means that your enemies leave you alone because you are too strong, threatening and dangerous to start up with.

There is a word for this: darura, “Necessity”.  The Ummah will desist – temporarily –  from Jihad if there is absolutely nothing to be gained from it except failure and the loss of territory. – CM

“In the Middle East (that is, the Muslim Middle East – CM) only the unvanquished obtain peace.

“Anyone who does not accept these facts, who is not ready for “blood, sweat and tears”, he who impatiently demands “Peace Now”, does not belong in the Middle East.

“Here, we have room only for the brave, the strong, the steadfast and those who believe in the justice of their cause.

“Anyone who lacks these traits can find a suitable home somewhere else, where life is peaceful, quiet, prosperous and blooming.

“May we suggest Paris (where Muslims waging Jihad, enforcing the Sharia, murdered cartoonists deemed to have ‘insulted’ Islam and other Muslims murdered Jews in a kosher supermarket, and other Muslims waging jihad slaughtered Infidels while said infidels sat at outdoor cafes or attended a music concert – CM), Brussels (where Muslims waging jihad massacred Jews at a Jewish museum, and then later on, Muslims waging Jihad detonated bombs on board a train, and in the arrival-and-departure area of an airport – CM), Madrid (where Muslims waging jihad against the hated Infidels detonated bombs on trains – CM), Boston (where Muslims waging Jihad detonated pressure cooker bombs at the finish line of the Boston marathon – CM) or San Bernardino. (where Muslims waging jihad gunned down non-Muslims – the workmates of one of those same Muslims – who were holding a Christmas party – CM)..”

‘Kosher and happy Passover wishes to all the Children of Israel!”

The jihad arose in the Middle East, but it long ago spread far beyond it, across previously-Buddhist and shamanist Central Asia as far as the western borders of China, as far as the East Indies, as far as equatorial Africa, as far as Spain, and Poitiers, and Vienna in 1683 (where it was thrust back by main force) and the southern and southwestern borders of what is now called Russia.  And everywhere it went, and everywhere that it has remained, it has taught suspicion and aggression and deceit and ceaseless raiding and warring, producing palaces surrounded by slums surrounded by ever-widening and ever-worsening deserts.  And the only way that it has ever been forced into abeyance is when those it has attacked have fought back, resolutely and incessantly and intelligently and with overwhelming force unapologetically deployed. – CM

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  1. And, the solution is? Every individual Jew and Infidel must train in all aspects of warfare, every day, from now on. The “authorities” who are supposed to protect us are cowering in the corners or performing fellatio on moslems in dirty restroom stalls.

  2. Criminals, who can’t support their “Crime is good! Trust me!” rhetoric with facts, must substitute feelings!

    So Islam itself really only says:

    “Crime is good (but only for me, Muhammad, or on my behalf) and God says you should be my slave!”

    Then it goes out of context and order, mixes everything up to confuse people into going along with it!

  3. I might add also– If Muslims think that by bringing down the west or turning the West against Israel/Jews, That Israel will fall “automatically” by itself, They Are Wrong. !! PTL

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