Sunrise Bats For The Halal Racket

This morning the Weekend Sunrise program looked into halal certification and the controversy these rackets create in Australia.

Kirralie Smith, our lead NSW Senate candidate and also the founder of HalalChoices, was invited to be the lone voice opposing a cabal of five, who’d happily sell us out to Islam and profit. All in the name of diversity, tolerance and community harmony.

Ignorance and stupidity  is killing us. O’Keefe and his equally dumb sidekick do their best to piss on the truth tellers. As usual, its 5 against one.  Australians should not be forced to pay a religious tax on their food, period. Halal is an extortion racket, it has nothing to do with exports.  Islamic “charity” means money for  jihad. “Dr” Jamal Rifi is a Mohammedan agitprop. Latham’s arrogant psychobabble is beneath contempt. Can you believe that this primitive swine once ran for the office of PM?

8 thoughts on “Sunrise Bats For The Halal Racket”

  1. “O’Keefe and his equally dumb sidekick do their best to piss on the truth tellers.”

    He did the same thing to Gert Wilders when was in Australia

    1. O’Keefe must have spent the whole week researching Christian groups and some obscure certification schemes no one ever heard of. Its unfortunate that Kirralie didn’t tell him straight out that we don’t have a problem with Christians, whereas his problem seems to be entirely with Christians. And for Mark Latham, a primitive union has-been, to tell Kirralie that she’s a troublemaker who should rather watch the footy, just goes to show how deep they’re all corrupted by these halal racketeers.

  2. I have even sent an email to this ferkin clown OKeefe. Mentioning his role as “frontman” for White Ribbon. Which obviously is an organisation for child safety etc; As I quite candidly pointed out to this tosser, of the Moslems taking 6 yr olds for brides and 9 yr olds for sex etc;
    These mozzies are nothing but dirty, evil filthy scum, who have no place in western civilisation and should all be sent back to their own sandpits.
    They’re are brainwashed from birth, thus they do no wrong, and all us infidels need to be destroyed. What they collectively need is lead, and plenty of it. Because they will destroy us otherwise, particularly when we have wankers like OKeefe condoning their ways and existence!??????

    1. Wayne Miller, I have to say that I know a number of Muslims in Australia who are just as offended by the actions of the radical members of Islam as you and I. They don’t support the HALAL racket any more that you or I do. Unfortunately you will not see them on FB, now will they make their views public, because of the consequences for their families. This is exacerbated by our weak-kneed politicians and legal system that affords them little or no protection if they do speak out. They are also just as offended by the fact that our Government allowed many of these Islamists into Australia in the first place. Apart from that, your comments are spot on.

      1. Hi Vic, Thanks for your reply. Most surprised to receive it, but appreciative all the same.
        One thing I do want to make clear, and this is in part on the back of one of your comments.
        My comments at anytime are predominantly aimed at radical Moslems, and I am well aware of the fear tactics from these scum toward the decent assimilated ones.
        However, ‘these decent ones’ are still a target at any time to be radicalised through fear tactics. Even Erdogan made the statement that there is no such person as a moderate Moslem!!!

      2. Vic if these so called Muslims were offended then they wouldn’t be Muslims anymore as they’d see what their belief system is all about.

  3. O’Keefe is a preening s.o.b . He knows nothing about Islam and won’t be told . The sooner he is dumped on a deserted island ,with a mirror and a case of Tequila , the better.

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