“90% of Egyptians know that Israel was behind this…”

“The filthy and despicable Zionist entity is behind this, and I have presented the evidence.”–Egyptian Political Commentator Al-Wahsh

Thanks to MEMRI TV. The transcript is below the fold.

David Wood:

“Do you think you get to pick and choose which of Allah’s commands to obey, as if our religion is some sort of lunch buffet? Allah demands complete submission and, if you don’t obey, you’re not a real Muslim — you’re going to Hell.”

The Basics of Islam #7: 

Egyptian Political Commentator Al-Wahsh: Israel Behind Plane Crash, We Must Form Death Squads That Will Kill Israelis, Mutilate Their Bodies

Egyptian political commentator Nabih Al-Wahsh accused Israel of downing EgyptAir Flight 804, and called for Egyptians and Arabs to kill any Israeli they come across and to mutilate his body. Al-Wahsh, a lawyer, filed a lawsuit with Egyptian courts four years ago in an attempt to abolish the Camp David Accords. Al-Asseema TV presenter tried to stop Al-Wahsh from inciting to violence, but to no avail, as Al-Wahsh called for the establishment of “death squads” that would hunt down Israelis all over the world. The show aired on May 20.
Nabih Al-Wahsh: “All the evidence indicates that the filthy Zionist entity is behind the (EgyptAir) plane crash, and time will prove me right.

“The filthy and despicable Zionist entity is behind this, and I have presented the evidence.”
Host: “Did they plant a bomb?”
Nabih Al-Wahsh: “No. They used a missile.”
Nabih Al-Wahsh: “Sir, we do not want to bury our heads in the sand again. From here, I call upon any Egyptian or Arab man who comes across an Israeli person to kill him and mutilate his body…”

Host: “No, no, no…”
Nabih Al-Wahsh: “I take full responsibility for saying this…”
Host: “You are responsible but still, you must not call for violence.”
Nabih Al-Wahsh: “There is no such thing as ‘not calling for violence.’ We pay by the same token: Violence for violence and filth for filth. The despicable Zionist entity does not abide by norms or agreements. It exported AIDS into Egypt, as well as aphrodisiac bubble gum, and all kinds of catastrophes. I have filed a lawsuit, which has been in courts for four years now, to modify or abolish the shameful Camp David Accords. We have abided by it, due to our adherence to a monotheistic religion, and in keeping with our customs, but the despicable entity has not abided by it, so I call on anyone who comes across… No Israeli must come here. In Sharam Al-Sheikh, in Hurghada…
Host: “No, no, no…”
Nabih Al-Wahsh: “Sir, we must stop pampering them and patting them on the back…”
Host: “We do not do this, but we must not call for violence. That’s it.”
Nabih Al-Wahsh: “I call to form death squads that will hunt down any Israeli, anywhere in the world. We are fed up! The parliament must establish a commission of inquiry. The people have had it. The people are fed up. Well, most of them are. The plane crash overshadowed all the catastrophes; 90% of the Egyptian people are sure that Israel is behind it. Let me just say this: Today, Netanyahu accepted the resignation of the Minister of Defense, because the latter protested the downing of the plane.
“We must get rid of the cancerous Zionist entity.”

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    …..”Not unless we want to employ means that no civilized man would ever consider, and I’m not going to mention what I am thinking about here, but I’m quite sure that none of us would do such a thing”…….”we are certainly not going to make physical attacks on Muslims, that is outside of our culture”………..

    -The epitaph of a coward, collaborator and coattail rider, Lars Hedegaard

    How remarkable that the chin rubbers, the “intellectuals” , the academics, the “peace-mongers”, cowards, collaborators and coattail riders every single one, with breath reeking of Muslim ass and boot-tip, now call for “cohabitation” with the filthy Muslim.

    Lets meet one of the “educated and enlightened” academics.

    Lets meet Lars Hedegaard of Denmark.

    Lars Hedegaard needs no introduction really, at least not to anyone remotely familiar with the fight against Islam. Mr. Hedegaard is a writer, blogger and outspoken activist against Islam whose activities placed him on the Islamic “most wanted” list. Mr. Hedegaard is an active supporter of Geert Wilders and Lars Vilks.

    This activism came to the attention of a Muslim, Basil Hassan, who decided one day to make a special Islamic delivery to Mr. Hedegaard. Fortunately for Mr. Hedegaard this bumbling Muslim failed to ensure his weapon was in good repair and after firing one shot, grappled with Mr Hedegaard briefly, then fled. The Muslim escaped to Syria and was arrested in Turkey. Worthy of note is this little Muslim, Basil Hassan, is now free after being traded in a prisoner swap involving Turkish nationals held prisoner by Daesh.

    That was then.

    This is now.

    Sadly, owing to dementia or garden variety cowardice, I favour the latter, Lars Hedegaard has had a change of heart. Perhaps it was the special delivery that has convinced Mr. Hedegaard that Muslims really are a peace loving group and their needs, desires and demands must be accommodated immediately. Howsoever occasioned, Mr. Hedegaard, like Tommy Robinson et al, has decided that if you can’t beat’em, you might as well join’em. Sickening.

    As illustrated in the video below, Mr. Hedegaard, in a speaking engagement in Norway, demonstrates a complete 180 degree shift in his political opinion regarding the tyranny of the Muslim. Cowardice and capitulation abounds.

    Listen very carefully to Mr. Hedegaard and you hear the echoes of Hitler’s little French poodle, Marshal Petain.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard blanches at the prospect of meeting the violence of the Muslim with greater violence. Sickening.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard, presumptuous, sentences defenceless European women and children to a festival of Muslim, rape, sodomy and murder and all because European men should refuse “to employ means that no civilized man would ever consider”. How rich.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard whimpers, whines and pleads the Muslim case, telling us we must accommodate the filthy Muslim wherever and whenever it decides to establish an Islamic beachhead in our communities. Sickening.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard whimpers, whines and pleads the Muslim case, telling us that we must tolerate the Muslim in all of its loving acts of murder and madness as it smears the excrement of Islam on the entirety of Western civilization.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard, acting as an expert in military strategy, claims the West is completely powerless to stop Muslims and the illusion of an Islamic juggernaut.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard surrenders his kith, his kin, his heritage, his culture and his country to the verminous, violent Muslim.

    This is cowardice, pure, yellow, cowardice.

    This is the kind of cowardice that has the filthy Muslim wetting its pants with laughter as it cuts our throats.

    This is the kind of cowardice that has the Danish patriots, Bent Faurschou-Hviid and Jørgen Haagen Schmith (Flame and Citron) rolling in their graves.

    Lars Hedegaard lives and breathes, riding the coattails of courageous Danish patriots who refused to suffer Nazi tyranny. Lars Hedegaard is a coward and a collaborator. May the stain of cowardice be Hedegaards’ legacy. May shame and mocking laughter be Hedegaards’ life and may his life be long. At least until the next Islamic special delivery arrives.

    Remember Lars, the Postman doesn’t always ring twice.

    Wallace Carlson
    “Looking for Churchill and finding only Chamberlain”
    Somewhere down the Delaware
    North America


    1. You are too harsh.

      I wouldn’t call Lars Heegaard a coward, collaborator and coattail rider. He’s already survived one attack on his life. He is a decent man and a respectable collaborator in this fight.

      We are not “completely powerless to stop Muslims”, here I agree with you.

      I don’t think Heegaard condemns “defenceless European women and children to a festival of Muslim, rape, sodomy and murder and all because European men should refuse “to employ means that no civilized man would ever consider”.

      We know what must be done, but we are not conditioned to do it. It is simply too horrific to contemplate. (Jack Straw)

      The time is (still) not right and we don’t have the support of the general population that is necessary to do what must be done. We have powerful enemies. Rash actions by individuals would make our cause far more difficult for us than for them.

      1. @SHEIK

        Discourse is good.

        I disagree with your disagreement.

        Listen very, very, very carefully to Lars Hedegaard.

        Listen to his speech carefully, LISTEN AGAIN AND AGAIN.

        Now think, Lars Hedegaard is making a case, albeit very subtlety, for Europeans to prepare to surrender to the Muslim. Lars is saying the war is over. Hedegaard is saying we are now prisoners in our own countries, prisoners being forced into ghettos and awaiting our enslavement or execution.

        Lars Hedegaard is putting an intellectual coat of polish on a case being made for the surrender of Europe, you know this and I know this and as such, this is an act of cowardice and treason.

        Lars Hedegaard is not making a case for fighting back, he is not making a case for the expulsion of the Muslim, he is not making a case for the arrest of judges, bureaucrats and politicians on charges of high treason and sedition. Hedegaard is not rising to lead his countrymen.

        Lar Hedegaard is making a case FOR SURRENDER!!!!

        Sheik, in these times we need leaders not weaklings who capitulate and crawl. Yes, some of us who rise too early may be imprisoned or killed but that is war. As the landing craft headed for the beaches on D-Day, what would have happened if all soldiers refused to be the first off the boats when the front doors opened?

        And yes, as Lars Hedegaard is making a case for surrender and capitulation, you know, I know and Lars knows, he truly is sentencing European women and children to a festival of rape, sodomy and murder. To say otherwise is a baldfaced lie.

        Whatever Lars Hedegaard was he is not now and to allow him to speak of surrender, beguiling and misleading the uninformed and the frightened in soothing academic tones and then to legitimize that treasonous cowardice by waving his laurels in the air is ridiculous and unconscionable.

        Sheik, I agree that the time is not right, but I think you underestimate the anger of the masses. But what is the option. How will this be resolved peacefully? This will not be resolved peacefully, ever. This will come to blood.

        What do you think the chances of a formal laying of charges of high treason and sedition against Obama, Merkel and others?

        Slim or next to none.

        We are facing a battle on three fronts. The Marxist Media, a heavily Marxist government and the Muslim.

        This is why a civil war, military coup d’etat or a series of assassinations looms large as the only option.

        This is why, identifying each and every Muslim and Marxist in your local area, a course of action you objected to, seems to be an excellent option.

        You may not like it but reality is reality. This is why many are advocating that persons across the free world arm themselves and organize in small groups while showing active support for a larger organization like Pegida or a political party fronted by the likes of Norbert Hofer.

        I expect that Barack Obama will be evicted from the White House this fall. But in the event that doesn’t happen what is the option left to hundreds of millions of Americans? To watch the destruction of the USA for another 8 years?

        The crimes committed by the Obama administration, the crimes committed by Obama’s appointees like Lois Lerner. Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, Loretta Lynch et al, all cry out for indictment and prosecution.

        Should Trump or a Conservative not wrest the White House from the hands of these treasonous criminals the only hope seems to be in the hands of the US military.

        There would have to be a select group of young officers, commanded by an excellent field officer of lower general or full colonel rank. This command group would organize a battalion sized group of the elite selecting men from the Special Forces, Green Berets, SEALS, JTF and others. Mass arrests within Washington DC would commence with the entirety of the White House administration arrested on charges of high treason and sedition. This course of arrests would also include a purging of the Congress and Senate. Expedient military tribunals would be convened with immediate executions of the convicted. This, while dangerous, seems to be the only option.

        Now ask yourself a question.

        Would you object to the execution of two of Barack Obama’s closest friends, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn? These two communists are convicted domestic terrorists who, in the 60’s and 70’s plotted the destruction of the United States. These two criminals are among Obama’s closest friends.

        Would you object to the execution of Barack Obama, who at every turn, at every opportunity, with every means at his disposal, has empowered, equipped and emboldened America’s enemies while placing America on her knees with her throat laid bare to Muslim vermin? Barack Obama who has used the power of executive order to cover up a long list of serious crimes committed by his staff, including Valerie Jarrett, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

        Would you object to the arrest, trial and execution of Angela Merkel? This insane woman, treason personified, has done everything in her power to destroy Germany and Europe. This Marxist bitch has drowned Europe in human filth from the Middle East and Africa and then harassed and criminalized decent Germans who objected to the injuries sustained from her infinite acts of criminal treason.

        You and I both know the answer to all of these questions.

        We are nearing a point of critical mass. Globalists like Soros, with the cooperation of Marxist Mass Media, Marxist governments and bureaucracies are pushing heavily for the collapse of the West. They have almost achieved their goals. In a few months it will be too late, we will have passed the point of no return.

        This is why thinking globally but acting locally is crucial. Look to the cracks in the system on a national level but plan to assist a military seizure of federal power locally. This is why identifying your nations enemies on a local level is of the utmost importance. Identify judges and lawyers who support the Marxist/Muslim crimes. Identify law enforcement who support the Marxist/Muslim crimes. Identify politicians and bureaucrats who support the Marxist/Muslim crimes. Identify media personalities and outlets who support the Marxist/Muslim crimes. Identify all Muslims in your area. Identify all persons and business who are sympathetic to the Muslim. Know who they are. Know where they live. Know who they associate with. Know where they work. Know what they drive. Know how to find them at a moments notice. Then you wait. For it is these persons and organizations who are planning the destruction of the West. These are the persons who would dig mass graves and fill them with you and the entirety of your family. These are the persons who would put you and your family into Gulags until you died.

        If you think I am kidding, if you think this is a game, if you think this is “extremist rhetoric”, then history has taught you nothing at at, absolutely nothing.

        Look around you!!!!!

        Look at what is unfolding across Europe, the Middle East, the UK, Australia and North America. If you think that this is anything less than a full scale Third World War, then you are delusional and living on borrowed time.


        Or not, the choice is yours, but understand this, should you not act, should you ignore these warnings it will be to your eternal regret.

        To quote you Sheik,

        ……”We know what must be done, but we are not conditioned to do it. It is simply too horrific to contemplate. (Jack Straw)”………..

        The time is at hand to roll up our sleeves and stop being squeamish. Our countries are infested with Marxist and Muslim filth. It is now time to purge our legislatures, parliaments and courts of treason. The time has come to send the Muslim home, howsoever that trip is occasioned.

        Wallace Carlson
        “Looking for Churchill and finding only Chamberlain”
        Somewhere down the Delaware
        North America

        PS, watch the video, watch the video again, listen to Grathwols words very very carefully for this is what the Weather Underground was planning, this is what Barack Obama and his supporters like Bernadine Dorhn and Bill Ayers were planning. I think it is time for us to wake up!!

        1. I have seen this video. I am aware of what Ayers, Lynch, Dohrn & consorts are planning. It is astonishing that no one stands in their way. These creatures have turned the system inside out and they poisoned the minds of our youth.

          In a war between the savage and the civilised man the savage has the advantage, because he forces the civilised man to stoop to his level. Most of us cannot make that transition.

          Were it not for that, we wouldn’t have the situation we find ourselves in.

  2. HEY SHEIK!!!!!

    @MUslimissue Admin

    Perhaps a note on this…….


    The United States allows Saudi Arabia to vet Muslim Jihadist groups before they are allowed to visit the United States.

    At about 02:18 of the video this statement from the White House….

    …”we support those members of the HNC who have been vetted by the Saudis”..

    (HNC, High Negotiations Committee)

    Yet another example of treason that flows from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Dawson Phelps
    Fargo, North Dakota


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